Episode 2 : Chanii Lanfleur's Diary

Chanii's Campaign Dairy

Prior to Resurrection
Chanii Lanfleur,
Barbarian Sable Rider from Adari in Shadows Dance
Yelmalio Initiate (Kuschile).  Runes: Sun+Truth
Born: 1596 Sea/Harmony/Godday

[snip childhood]
... at 20 took to travelling, wishing to become a warrior priestess.  During attack on chaos caravan was fatally wounded - again Yelm was kind - a shaman was able to return spirit to body.  Vowed to actively fight darkness in any way possible [snip]

In Elkoi a wish for attuned gold was granted by Yelm the Almighty and I had a gold spear head worked by dwarven adventurers...

Betrayed by baboons - turned on the party. Heard that Lunars were trying to take of Dykene, Trylos.  Raid trolls tomb (died - but resurrected [with Selenya] by healing bracelet).  [snip]

Rescue Rune Lady from festering isle.  [Lost 2pt App from Gorp - later cured]

Desecrate Vivamort Krimson Bat Temple in mountain (for king).  Left to find money - old Vivamort tomb.  Successfully desecrated.  Found money (and fire crystal).  [Killed by Walktapi]  Fireday / Truth / Fire 1617

After Resurrection
Diary - Chanii Lanfleur (extracts)
1618 Fi/Tr/Sea:
The date from which I can remember.  Before that my life is dim and seems unimportant.  I must find the crystal necklace.

1618 Wa/Ha/Fire:
Learnt first Rune Spell (Catseye).  Start of dreams.  I feel there is something I must do.

1618 Wi/Fe/Fire:
They have let me take the fire crystal.  now I am forced to obtain  a gold earring - [it feels like] whatever manipulates me knows my weakness.

Found Islet with treasure, guarded by wyrms (I attacked Selenya).

Selenya leaves with Tornya to find here home.  I feel I have lost more than my memory tells.

Earrings worn by Dryad, must collect berries from Griffin mountain (Hostility toward me rises).

I have had a Vision from Yelm.  They will not believe me, they do not trust me.  I have no friends.

Sometimes at night I feel that [I] would rather be dead than live this life, I do not feel [that] it belongs to me.

One day I will release the Sun's fire.

Undated: [Ea/De/God: ?]
I cannot remember writing the previous entry - I wish I was free (met Kalad).

Undated: [Ea/St/Clay: ?]
On the return from Griffin Mountain we are attacked by Griffins, then by undead led by a creature called Shargran.

Learnt 3 more Rune Spells - Trained for 21 weeks.  I think now I can trust Sasha the star "warrior" and Kalad.

Donate 100W to temple

1619 Go/Ha/Sea:
Turn 23.  Become eligible to be a Rune Priestess, decline for the moment.  I would like to [...becomes illegible]

Bonnie, Aran and the other woman found that Bonnie's man was Shalgran and a map.  We leave to investigate

The place was an old temple.  We found a page with a strange message - it seems that Sasha is on this quest too.  Today I also found who I could trust:  A broo, hideously deformed fought against us - Bonnie would not fight and the others were slow in coming to aid me.  Aran was mortally wounded twice - and then to die later from the sword that sucked his soul from his body.  I feel I should grieve more than I do.

Get back to Dykene.  Wish I knew what to do

[Personal entry]

[Personal entry]

I've decided to follow after Selenya.  My memory is returning - I remember Selenya, the gold from the sky.  Remember the river-bank wondering who I would marry...

[Personal entry]

1619 Fi/De/Fire:
Saw him [Kalad] today - we fight in the war tomorrow.  I asked him to marry me - he accepted.  We set the date for Fi/Tr/Fire.

We Won!

Asked Alexander to give me away at the wedding.  He fought well in the war. The dwarves will be there too. [snip]

Donated 200W to [the] temple in exchange for gold - Dwarves take it to be worked.

Sasha returned, she was upset - we talked.

1619 Fi/Tr/Fire
Today I was married to Kalad.  Reception was a great success, also I became Rune Priestess

Spent two weeks away from [everyone else].  Visited Kalad's parents.

Began journey to Prax.  Met rest of of Party in [name obscured].  Paygor has left.  Met two dwarves who invited themselves along.

Went on expidition to return missing children

I'm in Pavis - I haven't attacked one troll - and I'm several months behind on my diary.

1620 Wa/Di/Fire:
We return to Pavis with the gold ring. [snip]

1620 Wa/Di/Fire + 1:
[Personal Entry.  On this day Chanii returns to the troll stronghold, narrowly surviving the experience]

1620 Fi/Tr/Fire
Went to Sun County, stayed here for High Holy Day.  Received a grant of land.  Arrange to have house build (5000L invested).

1620 Wa/De/Earth
Went to Ballastor's Barracks.  A prayer to Yelmalio restores him to the Temple in Pavis.  I wonder if we should continue this - perhaps it is time to settle down.

1621 Wi/Fe/Earth
Anarion Anor [Lanfleur] was born.

Odd note at bottom of character sheet:
Yelmalio to Wed Firshalla on Fi/Tr/Fi 1621

A pity I haven't any notes from the Cradle - that was a pretty epic (and gross) adventure as I recall.  :)


(c) 1985 Kevin Spencer - Dave's Runequest Campaign  
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