Episode 1 : Dave's Runequest Campaign

RuneQuest Campaign Dairy

Start date

Freezeday 1616

Waterday    -    Party leaves Dykene in pursuit of Gondo Holst's Caravan. (Channi, Whitestar, Alex, Slenya and a Dwarf).

Clayday    -    Party attacks Gondo Holst's caravan and is nearly beaten, but a group of Dragonewts save the day.  King's son is rescued.

  Wildday    -    Party goes to Elkio, finds a heap of pure gold, Channi shows signs of greed (its her Yelmalio side!)  Party gets run out of Elkio by the Lunars for spying.  They tell the Kings of Trilus and Dykene of Lunar plans.

Wildday    -    Adventures into the Elder Wilds.  Party desecrates a Troll Hero's tomb, Whitestar saves the party!  The mummified Troll Hero Gork Trag begins tracking down his desecrators.....

Wildday    -    Hired by the King of Dykene to rid a nearby village of chaos living nearby.  Party is joined by Kavalin a Pavis initiate and Jondar a Humakti.  Expedition is a success but Whitestar is killed!

Freezeday    -    Party ventures back into the Elder Wilds.  Attacked by Gork Trag and his trolls, party drives off the survivors.  Then goes to the River of the Damned and destroys a chaos nest - Festering Island.  Rescue a Yelmalio Rune Lady Aran and finds a pair of lightning bands.


Year 1617

Fireday    -    Party leaves Dykene for the Elf Sea in search of a ruined temple.

Fireday    -    Party finds ruined temple. "Raiders of the Lost Temple" adventure.  Adventure a success, but on their return they are attacked by three Walktapi and Channi is killed.  She is cremated at Yelmalio Temple.

Wildday    -    Party leaves Dykene, Jondar and Kavalin leave the party to return to Pavis.

Waterday    -    Party leaves Balazar and go into Sartar to find Channi's brother Johran to tell him of her fall.  Party meets Jilly and she leaves short after.  Attacked by Wyvern and Slenya the panash'e is slain.  Alexander releases Firshala the fire spirit and begins to worship her.  Johran leaves for home.  Party returns to Balazar and is ambushed by Lunar patrol, Tarnya appears to rescue the party.


Year 1618

Freezeday    -    Party meets Bonnie in Dykene.

Waterday    -    Party meets Jaqueline who has a map to an adventure.  Bonnie meets Sylvanthi Brighteyes and begins having an affair.

Windsday    -    Party leaves for Jaqueline's adventure and is followed by a party of Cacodemon worshippers.  Party destroys the Cacodemon party in an ambush.  Adventure is and success and Jaqueline runs off with Roger.

Tarnya and Slenya begin their affair.

Fireday    -    A beam of light from the sun impacts the earth, "The Coming".  Party investigates and finds Channi lying on the burnt ground, party is stunned!

Fireday    -    Channi, Slenya, Aran, Throgar, Anatolia, Paygor and Bonnie leave Dykene in search of ear rings.  Gork Trag and his trolls attack the party, trolls are beaten and Gork Trag beheaded.  Paygor goes away with Gork trags head.

Party finds Water Wyrm Island and kills two Wyrms a thrid slinks off wounded. 

Party find the Dryad who has the ear rings, she requests the party yo pick her windberries from Griffin Mountian.

Godday    -    Party arrives at Griffin Mountain and ascends to pick berries.  Griffins attack and the party wipes them out!  Aran finds the Windsword.

Party meets Kalad, Sasha and Jerico on return trip.

Clayday    -    Dryad gives ear rings to Channi.  party meets Shalagran the Destroyer! 

Godday    -    Tarnya and Slenya leave.  Alex later follows.


Year 1619

Freezeday    -    Bonnie meets Ric (aka Shalagran) and Aran tries to kill him.  Bonnie, Aran and Anatolia leave the Ric's tent.  Ric leaves Dykene.  later Bonnie finds a map to next adventure and the party prepares to leave.

Fireday    -    Party has a successful adventure, except that Aran is killed.

Waterday    -    Party returns to Dykene.

Fireday    -    Channi meets up with Kalad in Trilus and go to the Tower.  Lunars are defeated!

Fireday    -    Channi marries Kalad and becomes a Priestess of Yelmalio.

Freezeday    -    Party meets up at Tarshford.

Clayday    -    Party is attacked by Shalagran's men.  Paygor is killed, two Claws DI to the Gateway Mostali Temple.

Waterday    -    Party attacked by Trolls, Gerag Miden is finally killed.  Kara is killed, but Alex DI's for her!

Freezeday    -    Party arrives at Old Wind Orlanthi Temple.  Dwarves go to Boldholme.

Freezeday    -    Party arrives at Adari.  Channi, Kalad and Sasha go to the Sable camp.  Rest go into Adari.

Bonnie, Alex, Alfuka and Jondar go to Pavis.  Paygor and Dwarf companion arrive.

Clayday    -    Bonnie, Alex, Alfuka, Jondar and Paygor arrive in Pavis.

Windsday    -    Channi, Kalad, Sasha and Kara arive in Pavis and meets up with the rest of the group at Gimpy's.

Fireday    -    Party hire to search for Balastors Axe.  But mission is later called off.

Godday    -    Party hired to search for Eiritha's table in Troll lands of the Big Rubble.


Year 1620

Freezeday    -    Party gets applicable information to find table.

Windsday    -    Sasha, Alex and Kavalin enter the Garden in the Rubble.

Waterday    -    Party returns to Pavis victorious after taking out Krangs Stronghold in Troll lands!  Kavalin was killed but later resurrected.  Sasha and Channi finish their quests.

Clayday    -    Channi goes to Stronglands and kills 20 trolls, Kalad arrives to find her near death, but heals her.

Fireday    -    Jenni arrives.  Channi and Kalad go to Sun County for a holiday.  Rest of Party goes to Puzzle canal.  Garrath dies!

Wildday    -    Party returns to Canal and ends up entering the Hero plane in error.  DI's back!!

Fireday    -    High Holy day of Yelmalio

Waterday    -    Party finally enters Balastors Barracks.  Takes heavy casualties, Kalad falls to the Basilisk... Channi DI's successfully for him.  Party returns to nurse its wounds.

Godday    -    Party takes gold and iron to Corflu for the Humakti and Yelmalio temples.  Attacked by Dragonewts.  Roshlaw and Kavalin are killed.  Kavalin now a Runne Lord of Pavis DI's.

Windsday    -    Party meets lone Yelmalio, only survivor of Broo attack.  Party hunts for the Broo's and finds them.  Kills all the chaos creatures but at a high cost.  Kalad, Kavalin, Paygor and Alex are killed.


This is the end of the campaign dairy that as GM I was writing, For some reason I stopped!  It was probably my longest and favourite campaign I ever GM'd.  I  think it went for some 18 months.

The adventures continued, most people achieving Rune level status.  The party continued to enter the Big Rubble and eventually the River of Cradles campaign with the giant baby in the Cradle that came down the Zola Fel river.  That was a pretty awesome time.


There where many players bringing characters in and out of play which was great from my perspective, it only added to the scope of play.


The Players and their Characters.


Tony    -    Alexander Rhanan the Panash'e

Kev    -    Channi Lanfleur the Yelmalio, Katy the Android & Krag the Cleaver

Phil (aka Hob)    -    Whitestar, Tarnya, Sasha and Roshlaw

Len    -    Bonnie the Orlanthi

Ross    -    Paygor of Mostal & Dangly

Keith    -    Alfuka & Anatolia

Aran    -    Geoff

Phil    -    Aerain

Robert    -    Oladahn


All the other characters in the dairy are NPC's. 

One interesting thing of note is Paygor the Dwarf, who is not actually a Dwarf but a very short human who wore a disguise.  He and his "companion" played a very careful role throughout.  You may note in the diary that he takes the Troll hero's severed head away?  No one ever found out that he was secretly a Thanatari!

We have a little more for this interested in this. The surviving diary of Chanii Lanfluer.

But there is more! The surviving diary of Paygor

See the most of the campaigns characters!







(c) 1985 David Knowles - Dave's Runequest Campaign  
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