Episode 3 : Paygor's Diary

Paygor's Campaign Dairy

Paygor's Diary - 26th February 1985

After a long absence Slee's world started up again. Paygor joined in when the party was being wiped out by the undead Troll Hero, Gork Trag and his Zorak Zoran troll followers. The reason for this attack was that they had just raided the troll's tomb and he was seeking revenge on party from beyond the grave. The party comprised Chanii Lanfleur (Kevin), Salenya (NPC), Aron (Jeff) and Alex (Anthony). Gork Trag was eventually killed (again).

The party then journeyed towards an old ruin to raid it of its treasure. We were ambushed by Walktapi who we defeated. We entered the complex, killed the occupants of this once Vivamort Crimson Bat Temple and then exited. Chanii (Kevin) was the first to leave and was attacked by a Walktapi and killed before help could arrive. We journeyed back to town with her body. Paygor had Chanii's body wreathed by flowers on the funeral pyre and she was set on fire, Yemalio style.

The party travelled towards an old temple, following some Cacodemon worshippers. We fought them in front of the temple entrance, they were defeated but fell back into the temple complex after the initial attack. We entered the temple complex and Paygor was set upon and killed by a wraith. Tanya (Phil) then DI'ed Paygor alive. We progressed further into the temple complex but the worshippers had fled even deeper. Alex (Anthony) DI'ed bringing Firshala (a minor God, he worshipped) into play, she wiped out all that were inside. Later when we returned to the surface, a beam of light brought Chanii (Kevin) back into play again - she was wearing a 120,000 Lunar piece of heirloom jewellery. Chanii (Kevin) came back to collect some gold earrings for her god, Yelm.

We began our journey back towards the Dryad's grove (The dryad had the earrings). Once again we were attacked by Gork Trag! This time instead of being slain outright he was knocked unconscious and Paygor said he would take the body and 'lay this spirit to rest'. Paygor separated from the party and took the troll back to his temple in the Bear Woods, where he made his first Thanatari head. Paygor travelled back to Darkflower the Dryad at her grove to find out where the party had gone. They had been set a task to retrieve windberries from Griffin Mountain. On finding where they went Paygor too headed towards Griffin Mountain, meeting the party just before they entered the mountain complex.

We entered Griffin Mountain through a cave in the northern woods and we went through rising passageways towards the caves at the mountain's peak. We got the windberries for the Dryad and were attacked by the Griffins. We killed them, plundered their treasure and found within their caverns, the Windsword and the Chaos detecting ring. We took these items, Aron (Jeff) taking the Windsword and we travelled back to Pavis without incident.

During the next weeks Paygor's dwarves enter Pavis and set up an Alchemist shop and discover gunpowder the hard way. After completing our training the party headed back to the old chapel - an abandoned Humakti Temple - within we slew all the undead and the other creatures of chaos but Aron (Jeff) was slain as well. Searching we found the treasure room and the rest of party found a paper on which a prophecy was written. They didn't bother to continue to search so Paygor pocketed the Alchemist's flask he found but split rest of the treasure with the party. We had an uneventful return to Pavis.

Paygor was now fast approaching Rune Lord level and is already a Doomed One. With Aron (Jeff) dieing on the last adventure while fighting chaos, the Windsword was transferred to Bonnie (Len). Paygor speaks to the High Priests of Dark Truths about the Windsword and had five Blackfang renegades are placed under his command with orders to snatch the Windsword.

The wedding of Chanii (Kevin) to Kalad (NPC) is announced and Paygor immediately places an order for a Silver Suit of Armour from the dwarves and then leaves Pavis. Next day Bonnie's Windsword was stolen by Eldran, a Blackfang member, who teleported into her room and snatched it. She also left a message incriminating Paygor. Two days out of town Bonnie (Len) stops Paygor and searches all his baggage, bar the box with the head. The Orlanthi's with her, look furious but they do not find the Windsword and there is nothing further that they can do. The Lord then DI's and returns the Windsword to Bonnie (Len).

The dwarves arrive back in Pavis, as does Paygor, he takes his suit of unattuned silver and also a ring with a 5000 Lunar ruby. Paygor is the bestman at the wedding and Alex gives Charnii away. The wedding goes exceptionally well and they leave for the honeymoon. Bonnie (Len) checks that they are not followed and she too leaves the next day with Keith and a swordbearer but doesn't check that she is not being followed. They are then attacked by the Blackfang thugs, Keith dies and Bonnie's sword is taken, never to be retrieved. Paygor meanwhile orders the dwarves to make him dwarven armour, weapons, pistols, grenades, and three silver boxes for the heads (all of which are trapped and poisoned).

Paygor "retires" and heads back to his temple taking the head of the Dwarven Lord that he had captured. He has Tisha (his guardian) transferred into the body of another captured dwarf. Paygor returns to Pavis, where he gets his dwarven armour and equipment. Using his disguise skill, Paygor now appears as a new character in dwarven form, Dangu.

Dangu (a.k.a Paygor) and Tisha (NPC) were to meet and join the party at Tarshford just before heading into Prax. This town however had just had an outbreak of child-napping. We detour to a mansion up the river and are attacked by 5 Talons, 3 Claws and 20 Initiates of Cacodemon. Dangu's guardian is killed but is able to DI the two remaining Claws into the Thanatari Temple, where they don't get out again. The cost however is high, his entire power, he returns to his God.

We arrive at the mansion and enter. On the second floor is a Knight of Chaos who engages us in combat. Alex (Anthony) is zapped by reverse chaos and appears exactly like the Knight of Chaos. Dangu unfortunately mistakes Alex (Anthony) for the real Knight of Chaos and shoots him in the arm and he later goes down through the effect of the poison, Dangu walks up and snaps his neck.

As we go back down the stairs, a spell is cast and some of us are slept and tumble down the stairs. Two vampires attack us, Jacqueline (Kevin) and Rodger (NPC), but they are quickly driven off while the Knight of Chaos chases Keith out of the building. Eventually we are all healed and come around.


Much later in the campaign Charnii Lanfleur was to notice something strange about Dangu and confronted him about it. At this Dangu slowly stripped his disguise from his face to reveal his true identity - Paygor.


Paygor was a Thanatari who had a number of geases one of which was to slay all non-Thanatari Chaotic Beings. You can't get a better anti-chaos fighter than that! He was an ogre who was the black sheep of the Sartar royal family (what was left of them) and was hunted by the Lunars because of those links.


I will send Dave the character sheets I have, as well as, the front of the "Folder of Infinite Grossness"! Still got that. :-)


I have to say that this campaign and its characters is one that I have fond memories of and really enjoyed. Going through all my RQ material certainly brought back some great memories. As Dave said a true blast from the past!


(c) 1985 Ross Stopford - Dave's Runequest Campaign  
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