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The New Age Dragonlance Campaign
with Shylow a Mystic Theurge (2007)
0. Dragonlance Characters
1. The Quarrel
2. The Outlaw Pegrin's Key
3. The Dark Knights of Pashin
4. Journey to the Shattered Ruins
5. The Ruins of Hurim
6. The City of Ak-Khurman
7. The Port of Balifor
8. The Desolation
9. Kendermore
10. Desolation's Return
11. Dark Haven
12. Dragon Highlord Toade
13. The Ruins of Micah
14. The Lost Continent
15. Prisoners of the Kuo-toa
The World's Largest Dungeon (2005)
0. The Characters
Lady Catherine's Journal
Gareth's Journal
Karbine Soze's Journal
Kyras Shakati's Journal
Malachi the Younger's Journal
Tathal Spellblade's Journal
Armania Campaign
with Risus a Dwarven Fighter (2000)
0. Armania Characters
1. Armania Rex Falls
2. The Great Southern Gate
Hammerstein Campaign
with Werner Faßenberg a Mage (1999)
0. Hammerstein Characters
1. The Prickly Pair
2. Looking For Business
3. Mopping Up The Axraam Temple
4. Hannibal The Barbarian
5. As Big As Pussy Cats!
6. The Howling
7. Freddy's Corner
8. Rumours To Be Verified
9. Rumours Of Dragons And Trolls
10. The Forest Of Hexenbosche
11. Taking Caer Of Business
12. Without A Caer
13. Taking Caer In The Dark
14. The Lake Of Sorrows
15. Distant Shores
16. The Port Of Robi
17. The Port Of Illioupious
18. The Missing Trexis
19. The Port Of Rombyosus
20. Stormy Bay Island
21. The Sorceress At Last
22. The Temple Of Shaam
23. Let Sleeping Dragon's Lie
24. Dicing With Shaam
25. Yet Another Shaam Of A Deal
Middleburg Campaign
with Blue Bigfoot a Halfling (1998)
0. Middleburg Characters
1. A Cat Named Stinky
2. Boarding Of The Ibn-Fatwaani
3. Roses In The Night
4. The Sewers Of Middleburg
5. Spider, Spider, What Webs You Weave!
6. The Crystal Ball Of The Noble Astrologer Mordred Vaarnsson
7. Hashem, A Cat No More
8. The Lady Koormana Jafnari
9. The Trial Of Crayg Rydorsson
10. The Lady Sabritee Jafnari
11. Grimbol - Sorcerer And Dilettante
12. The House In Orchard Row
13. Running Up Debts
14. How Much Trouble Can A Scrying Device And A Halfling Be?
15. Passage On The Al-Hawaal
16. The Beast Of Pentyce Island
17. Lunch! Walks In The Front Door
18. The Noble Warriors Of The Temple Of Wendinni, Goddess Of Justice
19. The Congress Of Animalia
20. The Fortress City Of Tornburg
21. The Backdoor To The Troll City
22. Axel Rohansson - Verifier Of Legends
23. The Great Staircase
24. The Temple To The Troll God - Or - All That Glints Is Not Gold
25. The Dragon Wakes
26. The Remains Of The Dragon's Hoard
27. Dreams Of Far Away Places
28. Gorennibad
29. Karmalier And The Ibn-Fatwaani
30. Agastar Strikes Back
Dave's Runequest Campaign
with Paygor (1985)
0. Runequest Characters
1. Runequest Chronicles
2. Chanii Lanfleur's Diary
3. Paygor's Diary
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Andrew's D&D Chronicles

Andrew's D&D Refugee Chronicles

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