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One of the funniest Britcoms there is... in a sci-fi format. It is side-splittingly hilarious. The complete series 1-8. These DVDs have many extra features, edited and extended scenes, numerous extra bits, hidden features, and humorous additions which provide countless hours of entertainment. No matter how messed-up the world is, or how much the daily news can ruin your day, this Boxed set of Red Dwarf episodes and Bonus materials will brighten your life! If you do not find the series humorous, you might want to check your pulse.

All Lister remembered was going on a birthday celebration pub crawl through London. When he came to his senses again, he was living in a locker on one of Saturn's moons, with nothing in his pockets but a passport in the name of Emily Berkenstein. So he did the only thing he could, he joined the Space Corps, and found himself aboard Red Dwarf, a spaceship as big as a small city that, six or seven years from now, would get him back to Earth. What Lister couldn't foresee was that he'd inadvertently signed up for a one-way jaunt three million years into the future, a future which would see him the last living member of the human race, with only a hologram crew mate and a highly evolved Cat for company.

The four members of the Red Dwarf crew, Dave Lister, the hologram Arnold Rimmer, the Cat, and the service mechanoid Kryten, are trapped in the ultimate game, where the player creates one's own paradise out of one's greatest dreams, or, as things turn out later for Rimmer, one's worst nightmares, and is addictive to the point that they eventually die because their real selves die. Reality, though, does not welcome them back with open arms. Among the crises the crew of the Red Dwarf must now face are the virtual death of the onboard computer, an impending collision with a very large planet, the capture of their ship by a black hole, a crash-landing on a planet used as a system-wide garbage dump, time dilations, and even death.

The basic premise of Red Dwarf is to take two people who drive one another crazy, insert them in a space ship millions of light years from Earth, and turn them loose. Lister is a lovable slob who wants to do nothing but eat prawn curries and drink Glen Fujiyama beer. Rimmer is an uptight jerk who wants nothing more than to earn the gold bar of Officer-hood. Add in the service droid Kryten (very good if you need a cucumber sandwich, but useless if you are mining uranium), and the Cat (good for seventeen minutes work per 24 hours), and you have intergalactic mayhem. Sharp wit, terrible puns, laziness, drunkenness, and a homicidal hologram all make for a very funny book that ends with a surprising and memorable twist.

If there is a problem with Backwards, it's that the book doesn't have a lot of heart. But it definitely has an adrenal gland. Rob Grant's book shoots Lister, Rimmer, the Cat and Kryten on an adventure through time, space, death, and reality that never, ever lets up. Just when they've evaded the police, or made it back to Red Dwarf, or escaped the deranged killer space robots, there's always a fleet of crazed mutants, a rogue computer virus, or an amorous hillbilly just around the corner. It's all insanely exciting stuff, but in the end you feel sorry for Lister & Co. By this point we're so emotionally invested in the space bum that it's sad to see him go through so much when all he wants to do is go home, which by this point is three million years and an alternate universe away.

This is a large size hardcover book mostly consisting of the scripts to the 8 episodes in series 8. The scripts include original lines that were dropped from the show, many wonderful photos, and best of all, some introduction by Doug Naylor.

If your an Red Dwarf fan then this is the book for you. It has lots of information on the show, the books, the merchandise, and more. Episode guide if filled with little titbits of info you might not of known. The A-Z list is long but the writers keep it interesting.

In this book Rob Grant and Doug Naylor have chosen what they consider to be "the least worst" of the "Red Dwarf" scripts. There are six episodes altogether: "Polymorph", "Marooned", "Dimension Jump" (my favourite), "Justice", "Back to Reality" and "Psirens". The episodes chosen here are from the first five years of "Red Dwarf", before the budget became too extravagant, making it possible for these episodes to be "remastered". You can read these scripts and still laugh while your other self discovers there are no batteries for the torch either. Enjoy the lunacy.

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