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Cletus a slightly crippled military scholar who is writing a series of books on tactics and strategy and decides to prove just how right he can be. What follows a series of battles where Cletus wins easily due to his better powers of manipulation and strategy, although in every instance nobody seems ready to believe things are the way he says they are. Eventually he takes on the task of remoulding the Dorsai into a more efficient fighting force.

On the sixteen colonized worlds, mankind had changed, evolved into something that was slightly more than human... and slightly less. Men of War on the Dorsai worlds, men of Faith on the Friendly Worlds of Harmony and Association, men of Science, the Exotics of Kultis and Mara, and the Splinter cultures which had produced even stranger new talents. Those who knew said it was the Dorsai who supplied soldiers to the sixteen worlds. The Friendlies supplied cannon fodder, common soldiers who could be relied on to obey orders at all times yet even cannon fodder can sometimes produce genius. Jamethon Black is a true soldier, and a true man of faith. Now he must face a deadly enemy whose defeat will forever separate Black from the only woman he has ever loved.

We follow Donal Graeme as he rises up the military ranks from Senior Cadet to higher levels of responsibility. He is different as well, with talents that amaze even his fellow Dorsai. And once he ventures out into the stars, the future will never be the same...

Amanda Morgan must face a military force bent on the destruction of Dorsai culture. This book explains how the old men, women and children defended the Dorsai world by themselves without Cletus Graeme in 'Tactics of Mistake', then fast forwards to the details of Kensie Graeme's Death and Ian Graeme's revenge of his brother in 'Dorsai!'. It also introduces us, by way of conversation, to Amanda Morgan, Hal Mayne, and the Final Encyclopedia.

There are many legends on the planet of the Dorsai, the breeding ground for heroes. Here are two of them Lost Dorsai and the short story Warrior. Plus a Concordance of the Childe Cycle that details in which books or stories a person or place is mentioned and provides a brief biography that explains their significance in the Cycle. A Who's Who of the future.

In The Final Encyclopedia the human race is split into three Splinter cultures: the Friendlies, fanatic in their faith; the truth-seeking Exotics; and the warrior Dorsai. But now humanity is threatened by the power-hungry Others, whose triumph would end all human progress. Hal Mayne is an orphan who was raised by three tutors: an Exotic, a Friendly, and a Dorsai. He is the only human capable of uniting humanity against the Others. But only if he is willing to accept his terrifying destiny... as savoir of mankind.

The action is slim here as a frustrated Mayne, stymied in his efforts to conceive a strategy to save Old Earth from its overwhelming foe, the Others, visits the secretive, quasi-religious Chantry Guild on the planet Kultis. While absorbing their teaching, he helps the Guild evade local soldiers and has an unexpected meeting with his nemesis, Bleys Ahrens.

Two Classic Novels of the Dorsai: 'Dorsai!' and 'The Spirit of Dorsai'. Dorsai introduces Donal Graeme, a warrior in a culture of fiercely independent men and women who discovers within himself talents that will help him change the course of history. The Spirit of Dorsai tells two stories of Dorsai heroes: Amanda Morgan must face a military force bent on the destruction of Dorsai culture, and Ian Graeme, who struggles to avert a disaster while he wrestles with grief and rage over his brother's murder.

It is a combination of Lost Dorsai and the Spirit of Dorsai with a lot of extra material on the Dorsai and the Childe Cycle as well. There is a promising concept of avoiding or minimizing violence through the control and channelling of force, which renders the Dorsai a sort of Zen warrior.


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