Episode 26 : The Remains Of The Dragon's Hoard

Grimwold Mindbreaker says to the others, "Bring the Wartroll, we will be needing his strength.". Serra Ibin Raaviat first cast an illusion on the entrance of the chamber depicting the Dragon asleep. The rest returned a short time later, Wartroll in tow. The halfling headed straight for the gems and found himself disorientated moments later from a leaving cast by Vernon Zarck. "Wait till we have the magic items then you can get to work here.". Serra Ibin Raaviat cast a magical flourish and picks up six areas with magic. Blue Bigfoot, Harry Mata, Domund Garsson and the Wartroll start filling bags with gems and gold in other areas. Grimwold Mindbreaker, Vernon Zarck and Serra Ibin Raaviat quickly isolate the magical items and in a series of detect essence, detect mentalism, detect channeling, detect curse, and detect traps spells to find their properties.

The magical items were the following and were quickly split amongst the party.

A small metal target shield enchanted with essence

Serra Ibin Raaviat

A small sack that is enchanted with essence and also cursed

Serra Ibin Raaviat

A shortsword enchanted with essence

Harry Mata

A broadsword enchanted with channeling, which has carvings of wolves running along the blade

Domund Garsson

An ivory crown enchanted with mentalism, a 3x multiplier and a free command spell

Grimwold Mindbreaker

A small wooden box enchanted with essence, trapped and cursed

Serra Ibin Raaviat

A scroll in the same spidery Elvish script of the Wand

Serra Ibin Raaviat

A scroll of the magical spelllist for lesser illusions

Vernon Zarck

We also took the time now to go over the items that were in Axel Rohansson's group.

A longsword that glowed blue when waved over a trapped item

Blue Bigfoot

A shortsword

Blue Bigfoot

A dagger

Serra Ibin Raaviat

A shield

Domund Garsson

A headband that was a 3x multiplier and a 3x adder for mentalism

Grimwold Mindbreaker

A set of chain armour


A quiver of arrows

Blue Bigfoot

Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "We will have to test the Wand to see if it can be used by non mentalists, volunteers?". The halfling's arm shot into the air, "I'll try.". As one Grimwold Mindbreaker, Serra Ibin Raaviat and Vernon Zarck turn to the halfling and said, "I don't think so!". Vernon Zarck adds "If you do actually need to be a mentalist to use the Wand and if you ever become a mentalist it will be the shortest career there has ever been!", as his tongue flicks out between his teeth.

We started to separate parts of the Dragon's hoard into groups and divided it up amongst the party. There were a total of 23 gems, 43 precious stones, 6 small jewelled boxes, 3,500 gold, 12,000 silver and 3 books. With six in the group and a Wartroll we were able to easily carry everything out.

Out of the corner of his eye the halfling spots movement at the back of the Dragon's cave. A concerned stare reveals that there are about a dozen bird like creatures moving in the shadows. The halfling said, "Hey look. Birds!". The others turned and had a look at where the halfling was pointing. Domund Garsson moves toward them closely followed by Vernon Zarck. In a flutter of wings the golden birds come speeding out of the back of the cave and head straight towards Domund Garsson. Serra Ibin Raaviat cast vacuum just in front of him, it implodes, sending three of the creatures to the floor. Three more slam into Domund Garsson in quick succession. He fends of the two directly in front of him and swipes at the one to his right. They rip into his armour and draw blood from half a dozen wounds.

Vernon Zarck cast sudden light and in the flash two golden birds drop to the floor disorientated. Domund Garsson slashes wildly at the three golden birds about him. They flit through the air dodging his sword which only cuts air. The dominant male bird shoots up to Domund Garsson's head and, with well told practise slices off his right ear. Domund Garsson holds his head with his hand, blood gushes forth from the wound where his right ear used to be and he collapses. The birds press their attack, flying over the two people in front to the other three they see just behind them. One bird on the ground raises its wings and brings its head back, opens its beak and aims at Vernon Zarck. Vernon Zarck, using leaping, leaps back behind our group. The spot where he was moments before is engulfed with flame.

The golden birds are now in the midst of our party. From left to right there are two on Harry Mata, three centred on Serra Ibin Raaviat, one on Blue Bigfoot and behind three on Vernon Zarck. Grimwold Mindbreaker thanks his invisibility. One after the other the birds slam into Serra Ibin Raaviat, one slashes her calf muscle, another pecks deep into her chest, the dominant male at her head height slices off her left ear. Blood gushes from these three wounds and Serra Ibin Raaviat collapses unconscious. Blue Bigfoot kneels and slaps a poultice to the left side of her head stemming the bleeding and gives her a healing tablet, but this does not bring her round. His attention draw to Serra Ibin Raaviat, Blue Bigfoot does not see a bird dart at him. The bird plunges its beak into the halfling's side slashing a major wound, blood spurts forth at a voluminous rate. The halfling is stunned but is the only one that can take this amount damage and keep going.

The birds around Harry Mata and Vernon Zarck attack. Both people are hit in the forearms. The birds inflicting deep slashes. Harry Mata chops at the one next to him, wounding it. The bird flees to the back of the cave. He slashes at the one next to Vernon Zarck and sees its explode in golden feathers and blood as bloody fist passes through it. Three birds are on Harry Mata, two on Blue Bigfoot and another two on Vernon Zarck. Vernon Zarck, uses leaping, leaps away as the two birds claw the air where he had been just seconds before. Harry Mata is clawed and pecked, blood spurting from his wounds. Blue Bigfoot is also clawed and pecked but only lightly. Grimwold Mindbreaker cast sudden light, in the brilliant flash five of the birds fall from the air slamming into the floor. Only one stands, it shakes its head orientating itself.

Harry Mata wounds a bird in flight and chops off the head of the bird on the ground. Grimwold Mindbreaker attempts to cast a spell, the spell swirls off into the cave floor and explodes stunning him. Vernon Zarck tries to apply a bandage but only manages to stop the blood supply to the wrong portion of his forearm. Harry Mata strikes again knocking a bird from the air and lopping off its head as it tries to stand from the floor. The dominant male being the only bird mobile flies up and into the back of the cave.

Blue Bigfoot is right next to Serra Ibin Raaviat, he reaches down and drinks from her cup of healing. The bleeding out of his side stops and he is restored. The halfling hands Vernon Zarck a poultice and Harry Mata another two. The halfling puts a healing tablet into Serra Ibin Raaviat's mouth before going to Domund Garsson who is lying in a pool of his own blood. The halfling applies two poultices to stop his bleeding. Serra Ibin Raaviat comes over and cast regeneration on everybody who has been hurt.

Vernon Zarck cast stun cloud and sends in into the back of the cave. From the back comes two sets of "Squawk, squawk, clunk.". Checking out the back of the cave Vernon Zarck finds hundreds of severed troll ears. Domund Garsson thinks a necklace of troll ears might be appropriate for him. He recovers both his and Serra Ibin Raaviat's lost ears and places them in safe keeping. We decide to rest before working out what we will do next.

Grimwold Mindbreaker takes some of the herbs from the Temple of Wendinni and chews on it. Grimwold Mindbreaker did dream. Grimwold Mindbreaker sees people, dark yet tanned, dressed completely alien from any he has ever seen before except in his visions. There is again the King with his assembled soldiers. The noble and regal man again holds the Wand. He grasps the 'dark' end of the Wand. He says, "Bhajara Ashee.". A portal rips through the fabric of space, beyond is an opening into another world. Beyond the portal is a courtyard of a castle containing people similar to his own. His surprise attack works and he conquers all. He then executes the rival King. He says, "Menhi Basha.", a portal opens this time it leads back to the room from which he left. Next he is seen discussing with his councillors, there discussion centres on Shyronel. Again using the Wand he opens a portal, "Shyronel Ashee.", and enters with his army and conquers. Again he returns with the words, "Menhi Basha.". Next Grimwold Mindbreaker sees him arguing with an adviser, who is trying to convince him to do other than what he is about to do. Again an army is assembled. The noble says, "Sellivanor Ashee.". A portal opens, this time not to a world but instead to a void. The noble, his adviser and a dozen troops are sucked through before the portal snaps shut. Grimwold Mindbreaker distinctly makes out the sounds of screaming, cool roaring and demonic laughter. The dream ends.

Grimwold Mindbreaker notes that the noble always grasped the 'dark' end of the Wand before speaking the command words. He is also able to make out that Ashee means simply go in their tongue. Grimwold Mindbreaker also knows that the Wand works as all wands do on the basis of charges and power points that the wielder puts in to activate it. Serra Ibin Raaviat casts a series of detect essence, detect mentalism, detect channeling and determines that the Wand is essence based magic, so anyone can use it.

Grimwold Mindbreaker did dream on how to get out without using either the Wand or the Great Staircase leading up. He sees our group in a carriage on the Great Underground Highway ahead is an army of 150 trolls, behind are another 150 trolls chasing. Vernon Zarck fires the Serpent Staff of Mahaaran repeatedly. The dream ends.

A small portal opens in the Dragon cave and through it drops a small silver canister. The portal closes. Serra Ibin Raaviat detects magic coming from the coming from the canister, going over she sees a silver scrollcase. She cast detect mentalism and is proved correct. Serra Ibin Raaviat turns to Grimwold Mindbreaker and says, "Its for you.". Grimwold Mindbreaker says, "I don't want it.".

Grimwold Mindbreaker cast intuition. He goes over to the silver scrollcase and opens it up. Out falls a mass of freshly hewn flesh. The mass hits the ground and rolls over revealing a large Dragon's eye. An image appears next to the Dragon's eye. An Elf stands 2' tall and looks wounded, he speaks to Grimwold Mindbreaker, "We will find you all! Revenge will be taken on you all! I, Senwyn, High Priest and Regent of Rivienna will come and get you!". Grimwold Mindbreaker whips out the Wand and holding the 'dark' end puts in all his power points and three adders into the Wand. He cries, "Rivienna Ashee.", a portal opens in front of him, beyond is void. The intuition ends.

Grimwold Mindbreaker cast another intuition. He holds the 'light' end of the Wand and says, "Rivienna Ashee.", a portal opens in front of him, beyond is the devastated city of Rivienna. It is evening and the portal opens onto the courtyard. The statue of Agastar has been reduced to stumps of feet, the wall beyond is gone and reveals jungle further on. To his right Grimwold Mindbreaker sees that again the wall is gone and reveals a pond or moat, huts of a village that is burnt out. There is a huge pyre in which a mass of bodies burn, the smoke choking the air. To the left is a solid building with a large chunk missing. To his right again, Grimwold Mindbreaker hears cries and sees 15 spearmen rising from the ground. There are shouts of surprise. Grimwold Mindbreaker, using leaping, leaps through the portal and bounds towards the spearmen, he cries out, "Senwyn.". The Elves hurl abuse and spears back at him. He uses leaping to jump over their heads and towards the tents. He bounds over the tents and sees behind them the destroyed remains of the Dragon. The intuition ends.

We decide that we will be leaving this place. We will return later and continue our journey down further to the Man's house just before the Gate to Hell. Serra Ibin Raaviat decides that the Great Staircase should be sealed. She goes down the Great Staircase and cast stone to earth and aims her spells so that they are in sheets so severing the roof stone from the stone above. The ceiling stones collapse into the Great Staircase sealing 500' with packed earth and stone. It will take the trolls a while to dig through that. For good measure Serra Ibin Raaviat flies up to where the wind roars up from the chasm below. She activates the stone bridge across the span. She again uses stone to earth to carve out the lock mechanisms and watches them fall into the chasm below. She cast stone to earth on the bridge itself and watched as the wind rips through it spreading the earth across the Great Staircase. Serra Ibin Raaviat returns to the Dragon's cave.

There is much talk on where to go and what to see. There is the world of Myzios where a Temple to the Nameless Gods was situated. This is the next plane beyond the veils to the East, it is where the minotaurs are located. There is the next plane to the West, the world of Rivienna, where the Elves are located. There is a magical well where each drop of water gives one power point, in the lands that Serra Ibin Raaviat is from on the Eastern continent. There is Middleburg, or Tornburg, or Pentyce Island, or the Congress of Animalia, or the Warning Islands. So many places to see. In the end Grimwold Mindbreaker says, "The Congress of Animalia Ashee.", a portal opens and beyond is the centre of the Congress of Animalia. We all pile through. It is night and all were asleep. The druids come rushing out to see. Their expressions go from shock and concern, to recognition. When they set eyes on the Wartroll, there expressions repeat. Grimwold Mindbreaker says, "Don't mind him that's just Choppy Chop, my Wartroll.".


(c) 1997 One Night in Middleburg Rolemaster Campaign Journal by Ross Stopford  
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