Episode 25 : The Dragon Wakes

Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "We will rest now and I will dream.", he cast his dream spell and falls asleep. A roar wakes Grimwold Mindbreaker, he is standing in the Great Staircase at a turning, everything about him is smashed, rock is crushed and crumpled, bits of troll are scattered about the floor. The area has wisps of black smoke lingering about it and the rich smell of cordite hangs thick in the air. Grimwold Mindbreaker sees that one of the stones at his feet glows yellow with heat against the floor. A screeching resounds about the area. Grimwold Mindbreaker turns to see a huge face, covered with reddish scales, towering over him. A small and ancient Dragon stares down at him just as the dream ends.

When we wake Grimwold Mindbreaker tells us of his dream and what awaits below. Axel Rohansson says, "You can probably talk to the Dragon.". Grimwold Mindbreaker turns to him and says, "Is there anything more that you could tell us that might help me in my next dream?". Axel Rohansson says, "Well, I think I covered everything last time. Lets see, there was the Gate to Hell. The fact that I believe that the two lieutenants of the Elfin Sorcerer Fyndarenöl went down this Great Staircase to the very bottom. They were a Bard and a Mystic. Now the legendary Spear of the Elfin Sorcerer Fyndarenöl presumably died on the field with him.". Harry Mata spoke up, "Na, its on Pentyce Island with all those wyverns.". Axel Rohansson raised an eyebrow and made a mental note. Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "We are not sure if my vision was of that island or another, we were not able to pick up any reference points from the dream.". Axel Rohansson continued, "Well anyway those two would have taken what remained of Elfin Sorcerer Fyndarenöl's hoard with them. Of the two, I pray we don't met the Bard. I see that as unlikely because I am sure that he would be friends with the Dragon already. I think that covers my knowledge on these matters.". Grimwold Mindbreaker thought to himself, "But none of your knowledge on the Wand, does it!".

At this moment we could hear very faintly the sound of jingling coming from outside. The halfling put his ear against the door, "Nope its not coins jingling together, its chainmail.". Grimwold Mindbreaker cast presence and picked up five trolls passing up the Great Staircase. Grimwold Mindbreaker cast mind typing and determined that there were three normal cavetrolls and two ranger cavetrolls. Grimwold Mindbreaker used mind store to memorize their patterns for later use if he needed them. After they had passed from hearing, Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "I will do one more dream and after I have done it we will be fully rested and ready to go on.". Grimwold Mindbreaker lay back and cast dream.

Grimwold Mindbreaker did dream of the Wand of the Elfin Sorcerer Fyndarenöl, particularly, where is it? Grimwold Mindbreaker awoke to find himself in a cavern. He was walking over piles of gold and silver coins, he scooped up a handful, they were ancient and covered a huge variety. Standing again he looked over to a hill of coins, at the top of which was a silver battleaxe. The hill of coins stood about as high as the one in the wyverns cave. Grimwold Mindbreaker looked about himself, to his left he could see the shiny reddish scales that were the back of the Dragon. It was the same Dragon he had seen in his first dream. To his right he could see another hill of coins, at the very top of which there was a chest, 2' long and ', wide and high. Grimwold Mindbreaker knew that inside rested the Wand of the Elfin Sorcerer Fyndarenöl. The dream ended.

We kitted up and left the Temple to the Troll God and began our trek downward again. Again we either flew or were carried by down by those that flew. The subjugated Wartroll was 40' ahead of us as we went down so that at least we would have some warning of a trap before the rest of the group ran into the area. This Wartroll flew down and was suddenly surrounded by a 20' burst of light, that left him singed. He landed and looked about himself. The Wartroll noticed that there were spikes projecting from the ceiling except on the left handside of the Great Staircase. We tried going down this way and quickly continued upon our way. We were about 2 miles below the Troll outpost now and we could see up ahead the flicker of light and movement in that light. We had arrived at the next troll guard post and they had been alerted to our presence by the trap having gone off. Time to go invisible, the magic users burned their power points to make it so. Only one Wartroll, Grimwold Mindbreaker, now remained visible, he went down the Great Staircase.

Grimwold Mindbreaker continued down the Great Staircase until he came to a gate set across the Great Staircase on the very last step. Axel Rohansson was right behind him. At the gateway Grimwold Mindbreaker saw three trolls ready with polearms, as he had expected. They looked jumpy waiting to see what would be coming down the Great Staircase, what had set off their trap and warning system? They saw a single Wartroll march up to them. Axel Rohansson snapped at the cavetrolls, "Open the bloody gate, now!". A troll rushed back to where the key hung from a spike, grabbed it and opened the grill type gate that sealed this room from the Great Staircase. Grimwold Mindbreaker advanced and stood where the gate had been when shut. Axel Rohansson snapped, "Stand to attention.". The trolls snapped to attention, "I want that trap reset now!". Immediately one of the trolls rushed up the Great Staircase avoiding the invisible party that floated near the ceiling. Our group floated past the gate and slightly down into the Great Staircase that folded upon itself. Axel Rohansson snapped, "Status report.". A troll replied, "Two wagons have gone past, nothing else to report.". The troll sent upstairs returned. Grimwold Mindbreaker stepped from the gateway and allowed the trolls to lock it shut again.

Grimwold Mindbreaker looked about him, this landing of the Great Staircase, where it folded about itself, also intersected along its back wall, at an angle, the Great Underground Highway. The Great Underground Highway was 50' wide, 30' high and the ceiling was domed. The floor was flat and had a thin covering of sand. The Great Underground Highway was lit every 100' with a torch, the torches extended off into the vast distance, fading to points of light. A noise started to come from the north passage of the Great Underground Highway. One of the trolls had a looked up the passage. Axel Rohansson said, "What's that?". The troll replied "Another wagon on the way.". Ten minutes later the wagon arrived.

The wagon was a huge six wheeled troll sized wagon designed to carry 50 to 60 trolls. This wagon was packed to capacity. The trolls on board were a range of different types, they included some Wartrolls, some female trolls, and a host of other trolls of various shapes and sizes. The trolls had with them pots and pans, bedding and other items for mining. This was not a war party on the march but more a small troll village on the move to a new area to colonize. Pulling the wagon was a giant lizard, its jaws had been muzzled firmly shut, it kept up a steady pace despite what it dragged on the wagon behind. Grimwold Mindbreaker thought to himself, "If I were in the giant lizard, what havoc I could make.", he did however resist the temptation.

We turned and flew down the Great Staircase. After about half a mile the wind from below picked up and became a howl. The howling grew louder and louder until our lead troll suddenly flew up into the ceiling and slammed into a row of spikes before falling back onto the Great Staircase. Just before us was a 20' wide hole in the Great Staircase. From this hole a wind howled and blew with great force. Any attempt to cross would send a flying person into the spikes above. Vernon Zarck cast air stop and slowed the howl of the wind slightly. Vernon Zarck cast airwall blocking even more of the wind that howled from the hole. In front of the hole, as is usual with the traps, is a keyhole in one of the Great Staircase sides. This time however the keyhole was set in the middle of a strip of wall that ran from floor to ceiling and was covered in dart holes. If you made a mistake picking the lock you would know how a porcupine turned inside out feels like.

Blue Bigfoot had a good long look at the lock. Serra Ibin Raaviat cast locklore on him as well to help. With great apprehension the halfling came forward to pick the lock. The subjugated troll held a medium shield in front of the halfling so that only a few darts could possibly hit him. Blue Bigfoot twiddled the mechanism in the lock, heard that distinctive click and stepped back. A slow grinding sound came from near the hole. A slab of stone stretched out from just under the lip of the edge and made its way across the hole. It came to rest at the other side and locked itself into place. The howling wind changed pitch with this stone slab now firmly across the hole. We all gingerly walked across and continued flying down the Great Staircase. The stone slab returned to its original position. Shortly afterwards we reached the next Great Staircase landing, where the Great Staircase folded back on itself.

We are now 3 miles below the troll outpost. The platform here is completely barren. In the distance from down below we distinctly hear a growl followed by a screech and swallowing. The halfling gulped. Domund Garsson cast pathlore and determined that in the last 5 hours two cavetrolls dressed differently from other trolls had passed this way. They had been dressed in leather and had a shrouding of darkness about them. We decided to rest here and ponder what to do with the Dragon just downstairs. Grimwold Mindbreaker made the suggestion that, "We could always feed the Dragon one of the Wartrolls and have it carry or have swallowed poison or maybe even the dream dust, that would put the Dragon out of action.". Serra Ibin Raaviat said, "But that is only if the Dragon does not just fry the Wartroll.". Axel Rohansson said, "From here on in, I will be putting a silence spell up so we make no sound for the next mile down. Dragons are reputed to have exceptional hearing and can also see invisible people as well.".

Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "Time for a couple of intuitions.". Grimwold Mindbreaker cast intuition and then, still as a Wartroll, had Serra Ibin Raaviat teleport him down to the level where the Dragon resides. Grimwold Mindbreaker appears at the next landing. The landing is strewn with broken stones and troll body parts. The reddish scales of the Dragon reflect in what light there is, the Dragon resides in a cave just off the landing. Behind the Dragon comes the glint of gold. The ears of the Dragon flick up and zero in on Grimwold Mindbreaker. Grimwold Mindbreaker, using leaping, leaps across to stand by the Dragons head. Grimwold Mindbreaker whispers in Ancient Elvish, "Do you want to get out of here?". An eyelid rises, the Dragon speaks, "Go on.". Grimwold Mindbreaker continues, "We can remove you from this place to the outdoors.". The Dragon replies, "And what go you get for this selfless act, this treasure? Why don't you show me your real self Northman?". Grimwold Mindbreaker says, "I left my real body up the Great Staircase.". The Dragon continues, "What if I were to say no to your offer?". "Then we would ask to pass this spot unharmed.". The Dragon says, "How many?". "A small group, about a dozen.". "Then feed me half your number and you may pass. I eat at least two trolls a day.". The intuition ends.

Grimwold Mindbreaker cast another intuition. He used teleport to get down again, appearing where he did before. The Dragon's ears prick up. Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "Dragon I come to trade?". The Dragon raises an eyelid, "Come closer.". Grimwold Mindbreaker steps closer, one step, two steps, three steps and he is surrounded by flame. The spell ends. Grimwold Mindbreaker does not know what hit him but he does know that the Dragon did not breath on him. There was something else.

Grimwold Mindbreaker cast yet another intuition. He stands in human form this time. He used teleport to get down again, appearing where he did before. Grimwold Mindbreaker asks, "Do you need to feed?". The Dragon's ears prick up and the Dragon raises an eyelid. Grimwold Mindbreaker continues, "I am prepared to assist you if you want to leave. I would only ask a minor selection from your treasure.". The Dragon replies, "I don't think you are able to do this mentalist.". "I have friends upstairs.". "How many?". "Two hands worth is their number.". "I doubt you would be able to get my whole hoard up. What would you desire from it.". "There is a silver box amongst your hoard. That and a magical item for each of my group.". "Would you feed me one hand of your number? I eat at least two trolls a day.". "There are two trolls in our group. You could have them.". The intuition ends.

Grimwold Mindbreaker cast another intuition. He uses teleport to get down again as he did before, this time he stands there as an invisible troll. He also has a bucket of water and Hashem's silver coin. The Dragon's ears prick up and the Dragon opens its eyes. The Dragon draws breath and raises up. Grimwold Mindbreaker drops the coin in the bucket. Grimwold Mindbreaker cancels his transferral spell and instantly appears in his own body. Serra Ibin Raaviat prepares a second teleport spell and sends Grimwold Mindbreaker down again, this time behind the Dragon. Grimwold Mindbreaker sees ashes where the troll had once stood. The Dragon is munching away on a headless Ice Demon, in an area that is blacken and steamy. The Ice Demon is burnt and the Dragon has a layer of frost over its reddish scales. Grimwold Mindbreaker, using leaping, leaps across the treasure piles to the Wand box. He opens the box and grabs out the Wand. The Wand is a gnarled wooden stick, reddish in colour, lacquered many times over. The Wand's tips end in gold knobs with spidery writing runs about the ends. Grimwold Mindbreaker finds out later from Serra Ibin Raaviat that the script is unknown to all here but with her comprehend languages spell she determines that one end reads something like 'light' and the other "Dark.".

The Dragon has snapped around, dropping the Ice Demon and filling its chest with air. It is the Wand's end with the word 'light' that Grimwold Mindbreaker is holding when he points the Wand at the Dragon. As he does this Grimwold Mindbreaker puts all his remaining power points into the Wand. Between Grimwold Mindbreaker and the Dragon a rift appears, a portal to elsewhere. The Dragon screeches with joy and jumps into the rift, vanishing. Grimwold Mindbreaker jumps though a moment later. He stands upon a desolate black plane, mist surrounds his knees, the sky is black as midnight, no stars at all, the portal behind him the only light there is here. Grimwold Mindbreaker hears high above him the flap of the Dragon's wings and he picks out the Dragon's image in the black sky. The portal snaps shut. The voice of the Dragon speaks to Grimwold Mindbreaker in his mind, it says quite simply, "Welcome to the void!". The intuition ends.

Grimwold Mindbreaker cast another intuition. He used teleport to get down and first cast mind typing on the Dragon giving him the Dragon's race, level and profession. The spell returns the following race Dragon, level 37, and profession Dragon. Grimwold Mindbreaker, using leaping, leaps across the gap between himself and the Dragon and touches the Dragon as he cast his spell master of kind. The Dragon chuckles then roars with laughter till tears come to his eyes. Grimwold Mindbreaker looks embarrassed. The intuition ends.

Grimwold Mindbreaker does his last dream for today concentrating on what the Dragon wants most of all. He sees the Dragon in the great outdoors. Around the Dragon is a marsh through which he is travelling, up ahead there is a small cottage in the middle of the marsh. Out of the front door comes an Elf wearing armour. He looks up at the Dragon and says, "I thought I got rid of you.". These were his last words as he is engulfed by a huge Dragon flamestrike and burnt to a crisp. The dream ends.

When Grimwold Mindbreaker woke we had a discussion of what we would do, this lasted for well over an hour. Should we let Axel Rohansson use his magic to talk with the Dragon? Should we allow him to do any talking at all? Who should go down to do the talking? In the end Grimwold Mindbreaker chose to go down and talk with the Dragon using his controlled Wartroll body. This way at least Grimwold Mindbreaker would not be fried in person. It also allows us to do all the talking as we do not really place any trust in Axel Rohansson.

Grimwold Mindbreaker flies down the Great Staircase with our group. Burning and scorch marks start to appear at the 250' mark up the Great Staircase from the Dragon. This is where we call a halt and Grimwold Mindbreaker continues until he comes to the corner around which lies the Dragon. Grimwold Mindbreaker turns the corner and floats over to the sleeping Dragon. In ancient Elvish he said, "Hello Dragon.", in his mind comes the response, "Go ahead Northman.". Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "Do you want to be free to carry out your revenge?". The Dragon said, "What would you want for this?". "We would ask only a small portion of your hoard and a magical item of relevance to each party member.". The Dragon said, "How many do you number.". "Nine.".

The Dragon said, "How can you help me mentalist?". Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "Why Dragon you hold within your hoard the means for your release, yourself.". The Dragon opens its eyes and rises, he says with surprise, "I do?", and then, "What items do you want?". Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "I do not know all that is within your hoard.". The Dragon said, "Come now an intuition casting mentalist does not know what is in my hoard?". "We did not want to pry to deeply into your hoard or spend the time we would need to do so.". "But what is time.". "I think you mean what is time to a Dragon. Time is fleeting to a mere mortal as myself and all too brief.". "I want some variety in my diet, can you provide that also?". "Dragon if you are free you will have whatever you wish to eat.". The Dragon said, "If I am to accept your offer, tell me what is this item I have been sitting on for all these years that could have brought my freedom?".

Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "Let us make a pact then and you will have your freedom.". "Promises, promises. Again if I agree to your wishes by what means would I leave this place?". "Dragon you would leave by way of a portal between the planes, to the void.". "Well I promise each of your party an object from my hoard, if you open the portal for me. I also promise not to eat you or your party either. You have the promise of a Dragon.". Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "When you say eat, do you mean harm?". "Eat, harm, I view them as one and the same.". "We would also ask to retain the Wand that gives you your freedom. We have some members of our party that are not of a trustworthy nature, if they take more than one item, you can eat them.". The Dragon said, "So, the deal is your group gets one object apiece, the Wand that opens portals and I get my freedom. I will think about it. Next time we negotiate I want to see you here mentalist.". The Dragon draws a deep breath, Grimwold Mindbreaker breaks the spell and a Wartroll floats in midair as the Dragon breaths upon it reducing the Wartroll to cinders. Where we stand the air rushes down and then warmer air rushes back up. There is screeching and flapping before the sound of munching.

Grimwold Mindbreaker turns to Axel Rohansson and says, "I think you should talk to us about the Wand of the Elfin Sorcerer Fyndarenöl.". Axel Rohansson begins, "I collect things that have a specific power or use. The Wand of the Elfin Sorcerer Fyndarenöl is for travelling between the planes. About its ends is writing in a language I have only just begun to learn. I have only heard of this language three times, first in a painting, then on an axe and now on this Wand. I have seen the painting, it depicts people of this world but has been painted in another world. The painting is of a figure wielding a silver axe with this writing inscribed along its shaft. I hoped to find this Wand and so visit this other world. I had no intention of walking back up these stairs. I don't give a rats ass about any other items or treasure. As I have said to my six companions when we first started all other items or treasure can be split between whoever is left standing at the end. I say this to you now as well, my only interest is in the Wand of the Elfin Sorcerer Fyndarenöl, that's it. Now I have heard lots of stories of Dragons, in none of these stories has a Dragon ever kept a promise. It is usually a case of the Dragon being tricked and then killed. I don't want to fight this Dragon, I want to survive.".

At this moment from down below came the bellows of the Dragon, it was in Tradetalk with a thick accent, "Have you forgotten me, mentalist?". Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "Time to go.". He grabbed the box of dreams and took it with him. We left the remaining Wartroll bound and gagged upstairs and we started our decent. The parting words of Domund Garsson went along the lines of, "All for one and one for toast!". We came to the corner 100' from the head of the Dragon and stopped. Grimwold Mindbreaker floated on. The Dragon had cleared a spot just in front of its snout for Grimwold Mindbreaker to sit. In this cleared space rested the Wand box. He floated over to the Dragon and sat down in the spot prepared for him.

Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "So what do you want me to do?". The Dragon echoed his words in Grimwold Mindbreaker's mind, "So what do you want me to do?", he paused as he breathed in, "So you use the Wand and open a portal for me. You take nine items and the Wand and you and me travel to the next plane.". "I don't think that was the original deal.". "I think its a good deal though. I don't harm you, you come through with me, you get nine objects and the Wand. You hold the portal open long enough for me to push my hoard through, as I don't see myself coming back here.". "Tell me Dragon, who is the Elf that you want vengeance upon?". "A long story that I don't wish to tell. I think we should be going, now.".

Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "If you must have a companion for the crossing through the portal there is one in our party that does desire to go to the other side. I do not see it as being in my best interests to go with you.". "I will ensure that you get back to a mortal plane.". "Why do you want me to go with you?". "That is your reward for helping me. It would not be healthy to remain here once I leave. Tell me who in your party is interested in coming to the next plane with me?", the Dragon said to Grimwold Mindbreaker in his mind as all of this conversation had been. "Our party member is Axel Rohansson. He is a bard.", replied Grimwold Mindbreaker.

The Dragon roared out loud with surprise, "Bard!", and then with disgust, "A Bard!". The Dragon's voice echoed up the Great Staircase and sent shivers through the party. The party at the corner started to back up the Great Staircase rapidly, the halfling stayed mesmerized by the sight of the Dragon's hoard. At the head of the retreat went Axel Rohansson closely followed by his companions Ham Stollsson and Fentor Pearlson. A gap formed between our group and theirs in our rush up the Great Staircase. The Dragon had raised itself on its forelegs, its head reached the roof, its tail was swishing from side to side with great agitation. The Dragon said, "You have a bard with you!". A wall of flame sprung up around Grimwold Mindbreaker and the Dragon blocking the halfling's view. The Dragon said, "Let me have the bard and we will strike a deal!". The Dragon's head touched the roof.

The Dragon said, "You are lucky Northman, I will let you live for the moment. I will eat the bard first.". Harry Mata said softly to Vernon Zarck, Domund Garsson and Serra Ibin Raaviat, "Lets kill the bard.". Vernon Zarck really did not need convincing, he lowered the Serpent Staff of Mahaaran and said the magic word. "Bang, Bang.", went the Serpent Staff of Mahaaran. Axel Rohansson and his companions were engulfed by two fire ball spells. The first fire ball hit Ham Stollsson, who was last, in the back of his chest, his chainmail melted and his chest was left a smouldering and blackened hollow. Ham Stollsson fell forward onto his face and did not move. The second fire ball stunned both Axel Rohansson and Fentor Pearlson leaving them scorched and bleeding. Next round Vernon Zarck acted before his stunned victims and the Serpent Staff of Mahaaran went "Bang.", and sent another fire ball at the two. Fentor Pearlson caught the main force of the blast, knocking him out, his life pumped out of his body from his many wounds. Axel Rohansson faired better he was only stunned with a light singeing.

Axel Rohansson tried to draw his sword. Harry Mata and Domund Garsson were upon him in a flash. Harry Mata stabbed Axel Rohansson in the side of his chest with his new shortsword, bloody fist, bright red blood stained Axel Rohansson's side. He slashed again and severed a tendon in Axel Rohansson's left arm, the shield dropped from his grasp. Domund Garsson brought his broadsword down upon Axel Rohansson's neck, breaking the bone and severing an artery. Axel Rohansson collapsed, bright red blood sprayed from his neck wound all over the Great Staircase and onto all about him. Axel Rohansson saw his life slipping away. Serra Ibin Raaviat grabbed the metal helmet from Ham Stollsson and placed it on Axel Rohansson head to stop him casting mentalist spells.

Grimwold Mindbreaker turns to the Dragon, "From the sequence of Bangs, I think Axel Rohansson could be no more. Do you want him dead or still with some fight left in him?". The Dragon roared up the Great Staircase, "I want the bard. Alive. Here. Now!". This came across loud and clear to those on the Great Staircase. They quickly grabbed the known magic items and Axel Rohansson and flew them all down the Great Staircase. Harry Mata manhandled Axel Rohansson to in front of the Dragon and retreated post haste. From his position prone on the ground before a Dragon, Axel Rohansson's face was filled with absolute horror. The Dragon's face was filled with delight. The Dragon dismembered Axel Rohansson with screeching and laughter. The Dragon sat there licking his lips, smiling. Grimwold Mindbreaker looked up, "Tasty?". The Dragon smacked his lips. Harry Mata asked, "Cigarette?".

The Dragon spoke to Grimwold Mindbreaker, "So Northman are you interested in taking up my first offer? Tell you what you can carry as many items as you can and I get to eat the rest of your party.", the Dragon's tail started to flick back and forth. "I tell you what, you get the Wand, the Chariot, I get to eat the rest of your party or I just eat you! I think you are looking tastier by the minute.". Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "It could be a thousand years before anyone else comes along. You might be denied your vengeance. Someone might kill the Elf in that time.". The Dragon let out a groan and his tail stopped flicking. Grimwold Mindbreaker continued to sit there quite calmly. The Dragon said, "My final offer, grab the Wand, open the portal, I push all my hoard through and we leave. I'm going to count to ten. One.". The Dragon breaths in, "Two.", another breath, and so on. "Seven.", a breath, "Eight.", a breath. Grimwold Mindbreaker opens the box.

Grimwold Mindbreaker grabs the Wand of the Elfin Sorcerer Fyndarenöl. He points the Wand at the Dragon. The Dragon's tail wiggles. Grimwold Mindbreaker cast item vision. A significant event in the Wand's life comes forth. Grimwold Mindbreaker sees people, dark yet tanned, dressed completely differently from any he has ever seen before, they are searching all the lands. One comes upon an old tree and becomes exceptionally excited, he breaks off a small branch and takes it back to the others. In a darkened chamber six alchemists work their magic. They take the twig and dip both ends into a cauldron filled with molten gold. As the gold sets the spidery writing is impressed into the gold. The finished Wand in presented to a noble and regal man, he has assembled 50 soldiers bearing weapons the likes of which Grimwold Mindbreaker has never seen. The noble grasps the 'dark' end of the Wand and points it into space. He says, "Humaara Ashee.". A portal rips through the fabric of space, beyond is an opening into another world. The noble and his soldiers enter and the portal snaps shut. The item vision ends.

The Dragon tail starts flicking. Grimwold Mindbreaker says, "Its a complex item, it takes time to work out how to send you to a world and not a void.". "Oh shucks I'm devastated! But I have every confidence you will try!", said the Dragon licking his lips. Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "Tell me Dragon what is the name of this world.". "It is the world of the Black Rose or the Rose Haarn world.". "I intend to name a place and see if it works. I need the name of the world and plane, and the next world and plane. But I still cannot guarantee it will work.". The Dragon said, "Try, Rivienna.". Grimwold Mindbreaker thinks to himself that he does not have the power points to get things wrong. The halfling calls out "Try an intuition.". Grimwold Mindbreaker says, "Not a bad idea.", and cast intuition.

Holding the 'dark' end of the Wand Grimwold Mindbreaker said, "Rivienna.". Behind the Dragon a portal opens, the Dragon's tail immediately starts shovelling his hoard through the portal. Beyond the portal is void with mists and darkness. Again Grimwold Mindbreaker opens another portal this time he speaks "Humaara Ashee.", again another portal appears, again this one is a void but much darker than the first void. Grimwold Mindbreaker turns the Wand around and grasps the other end, the 'light' end. He points the Wand at another wall "Humaara Black Rose Haarn.", a third portal appears, beyond the portal is jungle and daylight. The Dragon howls with rage. Grimwold Mindbreaker can see unearthed a winged golden chariot in the Dragon's hoard. The Dragon takes a deep breath. Grimwold Mindbreaker opens a fourth portal with the words "Humaara Rivienna.", beyond the portal lies snow capped mountains in the night.

Grimwold Mindbreaker asks "Rivienna?". "No, I have not been there before.". "Its the best I can do for the moment.", as he steps behind a portal. The Dragon flames shoot right through the portal to the other world, leaving the mentalist unscathed. The first portal begins to waver, the Dragon jumps through and is gone. Grimwold Mindbreaker looks about the chamber. Half the hoard is gone but now there is no Dragon. The intuition ends.

Grimwold Mindbreaker looks up at the Dragon. "I think I have worked it out. I will give you a choice of two portals they may be worlds or voids, your choice.". "I want a world.". Grimwold Mindbreaker turns the Wand around and now holds the 'dark' end. He waves the Wand and mutters, "Humaara Black Rose Haarn.". A portal appears beyond is a jungle at dusk, palm trees, rolling sands and the cries of seagulls. Grimwold Mindbreaker waves the Wand again and mutters "Humaara Rivienna Ashee.". A portal appears beyond is a courtyard, in the morning light, in the centre is a statue of Agastar, King of the Gods, about the statue are two Elvish cleaners. A look of horror appears on their faces as they look into the portal and see the Dragon, they both scream. The Dragon said, "This is Rivienna.". The Dragon uses his tail to propel great piles of his hoard through the portal. His tail whips about the Chariot and he hurtles it through killing both cleaners with the impact. The peal of bells and yelling comes through the portal. Grimwold Mindbreaker creeps behind the other portal for cover.

The Dragon speaks to the whole group, "This is my new home my friends. You all have done me well. Come with me now and you will be my lieutenants.". A round passes, the first portal starts to waver and winks out of existence. The second portal another round later starts to waver, the Dragon sends his flaming breath through and jumps through himself. We hear the Dragon's last word "Food.", come through the portal just as it winks out of existence. Silence falls. Most of the Dragon's hoard is gone. Coins are still piled up in the corners of the chamber and a few scattered coins remain on the floor.


(c) 1997 One Night in Middleburg Rolemaster Campaign Journal by Ross Stopford  
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