Episode 18 : The Missing Trexis

We exit the tavern and head towards the docks. On the docks there is an assembly of soldiers, in the center of which is a man in a red robe. We are brought before this man. "Governor Histous, these are the strangers.", says the soldier. Governor Histous looks us over. He speaks, "I have heard rumours from a variety of sources, reliable sources, that a number of you are spellcasters. That is of course apart from the good priest of Lumina. Plain and simple, let us get to the heart of the matter, I required you to go into the hills and rescue the Trexis. This is of vital importance as the Trexis is a gift for the King and was to be shipped to Rombyosus on the morning tide. As you know it has been kidnapped by the pirates, who have the aid of some spellcasting allies. They were no match for my men, and escaped into the hills. Since I am desperate ...". Heinz Meier says, ."... and we are expensive.". Governor Histous continues, "I must enlist your aid. I will bestow the greatest gift we have upon you. I will allow you to drink from the Trexis.". Heinz Meier speaks, "And what does that do?". "The milk of the Trexis cures all wounds, breaks all curses, and they say there is a slight chance of gaining a wish. Now as no ships will be leaving this island until the Trexis is returned I know that you will be more than happy to aid me.". Heinz Meier mumbles, "Ok, we are the men for the job. How do we tell which cow is the Trexis?". "It is the one with two udders.". "Sort of a Pamela Bovineson, you might say.". Governor Histous responds, "You might say that, but you don't.".

We are escorted up into the hills by a troop of soldiers. They point out a cave to us. The squad leader says, "This cave leads to an underground cavern. The Trexis is down in there. There is another entrance, we will guard that, so they cannot bolt out.". Heinz Meier asks, "Any idea of how many are down there?", the squad leader responds, "We know that there are five pirates and their leader down there, but there may be more.". Heinz Meier said, "There's more, and a couple of magic users too.", we prepare to descend.

Stefan cast intuition and heads down the tunnel, it comes to a cross tunnel. To the left are steps up, the central passage keeps its gradual descent, and the right has steps going down. Stefan moves down the central passage and is knocked out from behind. Stefan repeats the process in the next intuition and avoids the arrow trap that is in the ceiling facing down the tunnel. He looks about and a few steps down on the right he sees a piece of cow manure. He turns down the right tunnel and descends. He rounds a bend and sees three stalagmites on the bend. From their concealed positions two archers step out from behind the stalagmites and fire arrows into Stefan. Stefan ends the spell and relates his story.

{He who goes unnamed} cast phantasm and creates a wall of silence which advances before us as we advance down the right hand passage to the bend in the tunnel. This is how Heinz Meier, Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt and Wilhelm Schults queue to charge into the room. Heinz Meier goes into frenzy and plunges his morning star deep into a surprised archer's chest, the heart still beating falls to the floor and the man folds. Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt similarly in a dazzling combination strikes with his longsword and shortsword, stuns and cuts deeply into the second archer. Heinz Meier turns on this man and again plunges his morning star into the man's heart. Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt catches the falling heart. A third man comes up behind Heinz Meier only to be struck by Wilhelm Schults, who breaks the man's hip with his warhammer and sends him unconscious to the floor. Stefan cast calm on Heinz Meier who calms from his rage.

Stefan again cast intuition and heads further into the tunnel. He advances into a cavern. There are five men and a woman. One man is milking the Trexis, another is sleeping on a bunk, a third is standing near an exit tunnel, two more are playing cards at a table, one is a black man and the other flamboyantly dressed, and the woman is standing by a bed. Stefan enters the room saying, "I surrender, I surrender.", the woman raises her hand and Stefan dies. His intuition spell is cut short. We prepare for battle. The silence phantasm moves to position itself just at the entrance to the cavern. {He who goes unnamed} cast silence on Heinz Meier.

Werner Faßenberg cast leaving on Heinz Meier, who appears behind the woman. Heinz Meier's morning star strikes her neck, severing the artery, she collapses spraying blood all over Heinz Meier. To his right there is a bright flash of light as a spell engulfs him. He turns to see another woman appear from behind a screen, her hand raised. She mouths the word, "Shit.". Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt fires his bow at the black man, the arrow chinks off his armour. The woman casts again, she mouths the word, "Pain.". The spell falls silently off Heinz Meier, again she mouths the word, "Shit!". Heinz Meier smiles and is at her side, his morning star thumps silently into her side and she collapses.

In a whirl the black man has his net and trident and has crossed the distance between himself and Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt. He strikes Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt in the thigh, bright red blood gushes forth. Stefan throws his spear at the black man but misses. {He who goes unnamed} cast tear cloud, a mist settles about Heinz Meier and the Pirate Captain. Werner Faßenberg cast leaping on Wilhelm Schults. The flamboyantly dress man rushes towards Heinz Meier's back. Wilhelm Schults leaps behind this man and with his warhammer knocks him into the tear cloud. The Pirate Captain strikes at Heinz Meier, who parries, the Pirate Captain still delivers a glancing blow with his shortsword. Electricity arcs down its length and shocks Heinz Meier's shield arm. The tear cloud solidifies and fingers of mist envelop Heinz Meier, the Pirate Captain and the flamboyantly dressed man. Of these three the Pirate Captain alone staggers out from the icy fingers of the tear cloud. Heinz Meier remains caught, coughing and wheezing, inside the terrible mist, as does the flamboyantly dressed man.

In an instant the Pirate Captain using leaving is across the room and in front of {He who goes unnamed} and Werner Faßenberg. {He who goes unnamed} cast phantasm strike and punches the man. Werner Faßenberg lowers his Wand of Ice Bolts and fires at zero range. The ice bolt rips into the Pirate Captain's shoulder, breaking his collar bone, and staggering him backwards. The man milking the cow has his weapon in hand and strikes at Wilhelm Schults, who knocks the sword aside. Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt strikes at the black man with the trident, he wounds him in the lower leg. Stefan attempts to strike this man too but he fails. {He who goes unnamed} cast another phantasm strike at the Pirate Captain, thunk. Werner Faßenberg cast leaping again on Wilhelm Schults. This time Wilhelm Schults leaps behind the man who was resting in the bed, but who is now standing with a loaded bow.

Yiros Fetta Uzo cast shock bolt and knocks the black man with the trident from his feet onto the ground. Heinz Meier tries to stagger from the tear cloud but instead falls over unconscious. Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt goes berserk and strikes at his now downed foe delivering a solid blow. The man that Wilhelm Schults is behind turns about and fires his bow into Wilhelm Schults, sending an arrow into his leg. Again {He who goes unnamed} cast phantasm strike at the Pirate Captain, again another solid punch connects. Wilhelm Schults strikes at his opponent, again a solid blow. Werner Faßenberg cast sudden light encompassing the flamboyantly dressed man and the former milking man. They both groggily stagger towards the other exit from the cavern. {He who goes unnamed} cast wall of fire, sealing these two in the cavern with us.

Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt strikes again at the black man with the trident, the stunned man tries to defend himself but has his leg severed from under him, he slumps unconscious to the floor. Yiros Fetta Uzo cast shock bolt at the flamboyantly dressed man and delivers a solid blow. Wilhelm Schults catches the former milking man and drives his warhammer into his hip, forcing the man unconscious. Werner Faßenberg cast sudden light and in a flash the flamboyantly dressed man drops also. The fight is over. Only the black man and one of the magic using women have been slain, the rest of the pirate crew lie unconscious.

We strip our captives of their weapons and armour. They have two sets of chain armour, and a number of magical items which include a trident, a shortsword delivering electrical criticals, two rings, a headband, a wand and some 750 gold pieces. {He who goes unnamed} and Werner Faßenberg talk about the questioning of our prisoners. {He who goes unnamed} cast facades and creates the illusion of a prison cell, Werner Faßenberg cast charm kind on the prisoner and finally Stefan cast intuition and listens to the proceedings.

The prisoner, the Pirate Captain is awoken by Werner Faßenberg standing at the prison cell door whispering, "My friend, I am here to help you, I have little time before others return. I have access to the equipment your fellows were wearing, would anything amongst that collection assist you in getting us out of here?". The Pirate Captain responds, "My ring would be useful, it is a multiplier. The wand would also be useful it can transmute stone to earth.". "What about the sorceress's ring?". "That will only help those who go all the way along the dark path. If you assist me in escaping I will reward you with 5000 gold. If you join me, I can lead you to the Lord Mage's Staff. It is an artefact of great power that my order stole many centuries ago. Consider it, only I know the way there and it is but a weeks travel from here.". The spells end. {He who goes unnamed} takes the wand and the second ring.

We bring forth, into the sun, our prisoners and the Trexis from the tunnel complex. The guards at the entrance are surprised at our reappearance, one goes so far as to say he did not expect to see us again. We are escorted back into the town and to the central square. Governor Histous awaits us. The prisoners are presented before him. He cuts the throats of all bar the Pirate Captain. Governor Histous turns to the Pirate Captain, "Heromus, you have long been a thorn in my side but today, no more!", with that the Pirate Captain Heromus is taken to a hastily erected gallows and hung in the public square. Governor Histous publicly thanks our group for our efforts in bringing these renegades to justice and saving the Trexis. For this service we are each allowed a cup of milk, freshly milked, from the Trexis. We make arrangement to continue our journey and board a ship that will be going to Rombyosus. The celebrations marking the Trexis's safe return continue into the night, we retire early to our berths.

During the night we have visitors. The cabin door creaks open and two dark figures slip into the room. Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt and Wilhelm Schults roll silently out of their beds and grab their weapons. {He who goes unnamed} cast tear cloud at the first figure and he is paralysed in a fit of coughing and wheezing. The second figure silently approaches Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt and prepares to strike. {He who goes unnamed} again acts and illuminated the room and this figure in a pillar of fire. The man screams and leaps out of the pillar. Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt and Wilhelm Schults strike at their opponents but both deliver only glancing blows. Werner Faßenberg and Yiros Fetta Uzo cast shock bolt at the first figure, he is illuminated. Heinz Meier also fires a sling slug at this figure, the slug rips into his chest and the man collapses to the floor. Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt finishes off the second figure with his longsword. The bodies are searched to reveal nothing. There are a further two dead sailors on deck. All four bodies are silently pushed overboard to the awaiting sharks below.


(c) 1999 Hammerstein Rolemaster Campaign Journal by Ross Stopford  
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