Episode 17 : The Port Of Illioupious

The two sailors, Alexius and Nicolas, who were the last minute additions to our lifeboat, tell us, when they have their breath back, that this is their home island of Illian and that the port city of Illioupious is only a few hours walk away. Nicolas indicates that the Captain would be expecting us to meet up at the "Blue Mermaid Inn.". We walk to the port city of Illioupious. From a distance this city seems much more primitive than the port of Robi. The buildings are mud packed upon wood. There is an outer wall which, we discovered later, comprises the first six inches of stone and the rest packed earth. There is a gatehouse on the track leading into the city. We approach, to be confronted by a soldier. Before we could utter a word the soldier puts his arms high into the air and rushes to embrace our two sailors, "Nicolas, Alexius! You are alive, my cousins, my cousins. Your mother was so worried when the report of your ship came in.", these three jump for joy for a number of minutes before the soldier invites us into Illioupious. "Strangers, you have saved my cousins, you are most welcome in this town.", with that we enter the little port town of Illioupious.

We make our way through the streets of Illioupious to dockside. At the docks five vessels are moored. We seek out the harbourmaster in search of another vessel to take us the few days journey necessary to reach Rombyosus. Of the five ships, three are fishing vessels, who sail on the next tide, one is a "Privateer.", so to speak, and the last is a whaling vessel which is in the process of preparing to go to sea as whales have been sighted in the area. We make some preliminary inquiries as to the cost of chartering one of these vessels to take us to Rombyosus. The cost we find is a mere 500 gold. We decide to ponder the question and wait for the next ship that is due within the next few days. During this time soldiers appear on the docks and check our papers, they also inform us of the midnight to dawn curfew due to the fighting flaring again in the northern part of the island. We acknowledge their orders and adjourn to breakfast at the Blue Mermaid and some much needed rest.

Stefan did dream. He sees a shop in the heart of the town, an old lady sits at her chair rocking away. Bundles of cloth line the wall and tables that are in this shop. The dream focuses on one particular roll of cloth. It unwraps to reveal a quiver with arrows. The dream ends.

Meanwhile downstairs while sitting quietly. We hear the rumours that are flying about the town relating to a group of strangers who are here on a mission to kill Governor Histous the Butcher, raise the dead, burn the town to the ground, let the menace in through the front gates at night, turn the townsfolk to toads, raise demons from the pits of hell, cast spells that are banned, and so the stories grow ad infinitum. We do however notice one who is separate from this crowd and watches us intently from a distance. As we make our way through the streets we duck into an alley and nab the boy as he comes past. Within moments he confesses that he has heard all the rumours that are now running rampant through town, that there are a group of users of forbidden magic in the town. "I am Yiros Fetta Uzo, a person taught in arcane ways, who may be useful to your group. I have been hiding in the forest on the outskirts of town, but when I heard that you were here I had to take the risk and come and meet you.". Heinz Meier turns to Werner Faßenberg and {He who goes unnamed}, "Another mage of the highest order, I suppose.". Werner Faßenberg replies, "Is there any other!". Yiros Fetta Uzo is now a part of our merry band.

We make our way through the streets to a little cloth shop run by an old woman. Stefan cast intuition and enters the shop. "I have been sent by Lumina, this bundle here contains something that will greatly aid us in our tasks in this world.", the old woman cackles back, "Gods, I don't believe in gods, you are nothing but a bunch of thieves. If what's in here is so important then you will cough up 500 gold for it.". Stefan unrolls the bundle to reveal a set of six obsidian arrows, each has carved down the shaft in ancient Elvish, "Death to the spellcasters.". The spell ends.

Stefan again cast intuition and enters the shop. "You have illegal magical items on your premises in that bundle there, I am empowered to confiscate them immediately.", at which point a net drops from the ceiling, Stefan finds himself entangled and being thumped by an old woman with a large stick. We decide to go in using option number one. We bargain with the old woman and come out with all six of the mage slaying arrows at the cost of 500 gold.

We check out the other shops in the town. There is a small alchemist shop which contains all manner of curiosities and scrimshaw. Our entry with symbols of Lumina prompts the store owners memory and he retrieves from his back room a box with lumina symbols. The box is from off world and contains a +30 medical kit. The pity was that Stefan had already got an identical item. Next took us to the Weaponsmith, he brought out his one special weapons that he thought that we might be interested in, it was a spear used by the gods, the spear has three times it normal range and ignores all armour. Again the pity was that we had no one in our group who had any proficiency in spear wielding or throwing.

The afternoon drew on and drew us back to the Blue Mermaid Inn for dinner. We ate whilst the sun was setting. The peel of bells came from the docks. A patrol of soldiers is seen running towards the dock. Stefan cast intuition and quickly sprints after them. At the dock he sees the privateer ablaze. Stefan stops at an onlooker, "What happened here?". The man replies, "The pirates, they stole the Trexis!". "What's the Trexis?". The onlooker looks at Stefan in amazement. "I'm not from around here.", Stefan says. The man replies, "It is the sacred blessed cow of Illioupious. Those favoured by the gods who drink of its milk have their wishes granted.", at this point Stefan sees a group of soldiers come from the pirate ship and head towards the gate through which we first entered the town, here the intuition ends.

Stefan quickly relates his tale and casting intuition again he moves to the gate at which we first entered Illioupious. Here he intercepts the group of soldiers from the ship. They have joined up with a second group of six soldiers. The commander of the squad is relating his tale to the ones newly arrived. "The ambush failed, the pirates were able to fight their way through with the Trexis and they went up into the hills.", the squad leader points to the hills behind the city. The squad leader in a hushed whisper says, "If it wasn't for foulest sorcery, we would have had the lot.", at this point the intuition ends. Stefan relates his tale. Heinz Meier speaks, "Well, what do you think? We going to be asked to help or what?", on queue two soldiers walk into the Inn. The taller soldier speaks, "Governor Histous wants to see all of you immediately!". Heinz Meier said, "He requires our assistance no doubt.". "That is correct, I believe. You will now come with us.".


(c) 1999 Hammerstein Rolemaster Campaign Journal by Ross Stopford  
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