Episode 1 : The Quarrel

Day 1. The party wakes in the 5 Dragons Inn. Hildegard goes to check on The Quarrel in the next room and finds them all gone. Their room shows signs of a fight, there are spatters of blood, the door was locked, the window is closed but unlocked, the belongings of The Quarrel are gone except for a few sundry items. One member of the party is very sleepy and declines to get up, as he sleeps with an axe, nobody bothers him much.

The innkeeper, Emaline is very concerned that they are gone and urges the party to find them. Her daughter, Yasmith takes a liking to the very polite Hildgard. The party searches the Inn, Moon bribing Emaline to look in the guest register, nothing out of the ordinary is found. The party talks to other guests, some complain of waking because of the noise coming from the room early this morning, but it was over quickly and so they went back to sleep.

Shiloh casts detect magic in the masters room and manages to discern the faint afterglow of some very powerful magics, but she is unable to determine their nature.

Emaline tells the party a little of the town of Pashin. The town has been taken over by the cruel justice of Dark Knights, what is left of the town police has fallen into corruption, the Mayor (Emilian Togh) is almost powerless. She warns the party that the Dark Knights are no friends of The Quarrel and to keep quiet, the Darks Knights have ears everywhere and would not take kindly to associates of The Quarrel. She give the party a simple map of Pashin and a rough sketch of the surrounding area.

The party spends the afternoon talking to Micah ib'n-Gar, an acolyte of Zivilyn and now cleric of the Temple of Stars. This temple has been erected to the entire pantheon of gods, and Father Micah appears to favour no interests - instead he welcomes any and all who come to his church. He does not know the fate of The Quarrel, but again warns the party (in the interests of town peace) not to speak freely of them. The party returns to the Inn, Hildegard leaving a donation of 1 gp to father Micah.

The party sleeps in the room of The Quarrel, cleaning it and losing any remaining clues.

Day 2. At breakfast Moon is kind enough to tip Emaline 3 gp, for which she is thankful. The party decides to go to the bazaar just outside of town. On the way they intervene in an altercation between an Ergothian named Hogart and two Kender - Kelwick and his daughter Mayleaf. Hogart accuses Mayleaf of stealing his purse, she denies, Kelwick attempts to defend her. As Hildegard tries to find a peaceful solution to the argument, Hogart looses patience, draws a blade and attacks. Two of his friends appear and join in.

Hildegard is injured but manages to beat Hogart senseless; one of his friends is put into a magical sleep and the other runs away. The party heals Hildegard and ties up the two sleeping forms without searching them. Kelwick thanks the party for his life and for that of his daughter and promises them aid whenever they desire it, he marks the location of his hovel on their map and then takes Mayleaf home. The party takes the two bodies to the home of the mayor, a guard is mystified that they would help a Kender but still takes the bound bodies and records Hildegard's name and where he is staying.

The party enters the Bazaar, Moon buys some crossbow bolts from a bowyer. The party carefully attempts to find information about The Quarrel but is unsuccessful, all they hear is rumours of trouble around the world, armies are moving and massing. They speak with Halthorne the Wise, a blind gnome who has a tent at the centre of the bazaar. He says he may be able to discern some information on the masters of Pecan and Hildegard, even though the trail is rapidly cooling. He charges 12 gp, asks for a personal item from the masters, and tells the party to return tomorrow.

Late in the day the party visit Kelwick, he confirms that the best person to visit for information is Halthorne the Wise, but privately states that the gnome is quite mad.

The party returns to the 5 Dragons Inn that evening. Emaline is upset that they have not found The Quarrel, a messenger has arrived during the day - short, hooded and with a hissing accent he did not identify himself but left immediately after leaving a note for the party.

A ragged piece of parchment is scrawled upon with blood, Moon is able to identify it as the handwriting of her master. It reads "Great Peril - You can not follow, your destiny awaits not here".

Moon is upset by the content of the note and absents herself. Grog wakes up finally and introduces himself. The party retires again to the Masters room.

An unexpected guest arrives during the night, asking for The Quarrel. Emaline fetches the apprentices to the common room. Hildegard is initially suspicious of the guest and tempers flare, but eventually it is clear that the guest has a familiarity with The Quarrel. He identifies himself as The Herald, a human male in his mid-sixties, he is upset that The Quarrel has disappeared and only reluctantly tells his story. The Herald has travelled widely and is at the moment in the service of an unnamed party, but insists that it is service for good (rather than evil).

The Herald reveals that he is chasing Pegrin, a former squire of the Dark Knights, who has stolen an artefact from the palace of Quinari in the kingdom of Silvanesti. Pegrin is currently camped near Pashin, waiting out winter before travelling on. The Herald has many pressing matters to deal with and can not stay, he had hoped that The Quarrel would be able to locate Pegrin's camp and return the artefact before he returns to town in a week or two. The artefact is known as the key, and is described as "a key that is not a key".

The Herald views the note from The Quarrel and identifies it as genuine and disturbing, he can not stay but will attempt to find more information on the disappearance during his travels. The party agrees to hunt down Pegrin and recover the key, at the same time they are urged to discover more about the role of the Dark Knights in Pashin. The Herald leaves into the night.

Day 3. The party returns to talk to Halthorne the Wise. The mad gnome is frightened by something he has scryed, saying only that The Quarrel appears to no longer be of this existence. Hildegard tips 2 gp and the party go to talk with Kelwick the kender.

Kelwick is very excited to see the party and knows a little of Pegrin and his lieutenant, Derg. They come to town occasionally for supplies, but not very often. Kelwick warns the party that these are not nice people but also agrees to find Pegrin's camp for them.

The party saves a group of street entertainers (acrobats) from being lynched by an unhappy mob. Their leader, a kender named Grace, tells the party that the elves in Pashin have gone underground with a strange disease, one that requires them to wear heavy robes. The Dark Knights are attempting to hunt them down. The group of acrobats decides to leave Pashin.

After hearing that Pegrin has been seen with a key around his neck, Grog buys an ornate key (4 gp) and chain from Kerg, a key salesman in the Bazaar.

The party visits Old Omar's Oddities. Shiloh buys 4gp of spell components from Klaudia Lorn, a female half-ogre. Klaudia is impressed with Grog, and his stylish key.

The party visit The Wounded Crow, a tavern near the Black Knights enclave, but discover little.

The party visit the Temple of the True Gods and talk again with Father Micah. He directs Pecan outside to tend the vegetable garden, as this is similar to a grove. Father Micah tells the party that the Dark Knights have recently fled the Silvanesti Forest, forced out by minotaurs, and are know the dominant force in this region - keeping a grim order over the city. However the members or the Dark Knights are not happy in Pashin, and desertions are on the rise throughout their ranks.

The party leaves Father Micah and helps a courtesan, Dove, from three pimps who want money. After a fight the party take the money and possessions they find on the pimps and leave Dove to continue her trade.

Day 4. The party returns to the Bazaar to sell the items it has collected, dealing with Blackaxe the Weaponsmith. They contact Kelwick who has the information on Pegrin - he has a camp with up to 9 men about a days ride to the east of Pashin. Kelwick describes the camp and the location well enough for the party to find and identify it. Hildegard gives Kelwick 1 gp for his troubles.

The party reaches second level.

The party prepare to travel. Grog buys a fancy blanket from Bert the Outfitter in the Bazaar - he is assured that it does match his key. After much deliberation Shiloh buys a variety of stores from Bert - apparently he managed to travel to Pashin with no supplies, but he looks much warmer now. Emaline agrees to pack rations for the group, 10 gp finds each member of the party supplied for 6 days.


(c) 2007 Dragonlance Roleplaying Campaign Journal by Chris Burton  
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