Episode 2 : The Outlaw Pegrin's Key

Day 5. The party leaves town early in the morning and walk east all day. They meet a horse trader travelling to Pashin, he has a well guarded caravan of 18 men and figures that each of his fine war-horses will sell for about 5000 gp in the Bazaar at Pashin. The party spend an uncomfortable night camping without a fire.

Day 6. The party spend the day walking. Pecan tries to talk to a local hawk, however it is cold and hungry and in no mood for the trivialities of men. The party collects wood during the day and manage to build a fire for the camp that night.

Day 7. The party continues walking, about midday they spot the location described to them by Kelwick. Hildegard climbs a tree but can not see Pegrin's camp, he then moves stealthily up a hill where he spots the camp a short distance from the road. Pecan also observes the camp from the hill. The camp contains several tents, a large fire and 9 men - two of which appear to exert authority over the others.

The party move a short distance away and camp, making plans into the evening.

Day 8. The party rise before dawn and assault Pegrin's camp. They are spotted almost immediately and a fight begins at the outskirt of the camp. During the fight Derg (Pegrin's Lieutenant) is severely injured and retreats - he is later followed but his trail goes cold where it meets the road. Pegrin himself fights from the front, a young mage provides support from the rear.

Several characters are injured during the fight, Hildegard being healed by Moon - eventually Pegrin and the young mage are killed, one guard is captured and the other five are killed. The bodies are searched and some items recovered - including a key from Pegrin. The tents are searched - Hildegard falling into several pit-traps scattered around the camp.

A small chest found in Pegrin's tent is opened with the key by Moon - setting off the associated poison trap - luckily she avoids taking permanent damage. The chest contains, amongst other things, a small hand-crafted Silvanesti elven music box - this is identified by the party as the key that is being sought after by The Herald.

The party takes what they want from the remains of Pegrin's camp. The captive is identified as Albert, a simple mercenary for hire but with no real skill or knowledge. Grog hires him as a bodyguard for 3 silver pieces. Moon pays Albert one silver piece to show the party the location of Pegrin's horses, but they are gone. The party travels back to town, Grog pays Albert one silver piece to take his watch.

Day 9. The party continues to travel to Pashin. An attempt is made to detect evil on Albert but none is found.

The party camps and is attacked overnight, tents are slashed, Albert is killed and Pecan is gravely injured. The attackers are all killed or flee, the leader is identified as Derg. The party takes what it can from the bodies, including that of Albert, and continues to Pashin.

The party camps.

Day 10. The party reaches Pashin. On the walk into town they encounter Jacob, a self declared freedom fighter and Legionnaire. He has just destroyed a Dark Knight warehouse and has been injured in the explosion; he offers the party 200 steel to take him to the Five Dragons Inn - quickly. The party believe him and take him to the inn; here Jacob is met by his two sons - who take him away to a safe house. As he departs, Jacob gives the party a starjewel medallion and tells them to take it Old Omars Oddities for a reward.

The party buys two nights worth of accommodation (10 Steel a night) and sleeps.

Day 11. The party rests in the inn. Emaline mends Hildegard's tent for 1 gp. The party pays for an extra night in the inn.

Day 12. The party goes to Old Omars and retrieves Jacobs reward in exchange for the starjewel medallion. They also sell the carvings found in Pegrin's camp. The party goes to the Bazaar - they realise that they are being followed but are unable to catch their pursuer.

In the Bazaar they deal with Blackaxe the Weaponsmith. Items are bought and sold, strangely the selling prices are very poor, buying is exorbitant.

The party decide to go to the wounded crow, but learn little at the tavern. On leaving they are confronted by a hooded figure who hisses the following words:

The stars are set into motion, a plan both cunning and divine; beware of spectres in the night, beware of unseen designs; the key you hold, others desire; protect yourself from obsession's FIRE!

With the last word the figure catches fire and explodes, injuring Pecan and Shiloh.


(c) 2007 Dragonlance Roleplaying Campaign Journal by Chris Burton  
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