Episode 0 : The Middleburg Characters
CraigasCrayg Rydorsson - a Rogue
John asGrimwold Mindbreaker - a Mentalist
MurrayasSerra Ibin Raaviat - an Eastern Sorceress
RossasBlue Bigfoot - a Halfling Rogue and Chronicler
SeanasMartin Astonsen - a Fighter
Garack- a Former Guardsman
SteveasDomund Garsson - a Warning Ranger
Stuart asVernon Zarck - a Magician
WarrickasThor Frekwaldson - a Northman Fighter
Bobo Fettsson - a Bounty Hunter
Harry Mata - an Assassin
DominicasAll The Rest Of The World Of The Black Rose

  And Their Favourite Saying

Crayg RydorssonHumzaar, Humzaar, are you there?
Grimwold MindbreakerDo you know what damage I could do inside a Wyvern?
Do you know what damage I could do inside a Wartroll?
Serra Ibin RaaviatI don't cook!
Blue BigfootGold, did someone see some gold?
Scrying Device, Show me Hashem. Oops
Scrying Device, Show me the most beautiful Elfin woman beyond the Eastern veil. Oops, err, Western veil
If I had the Wand of the Elfin Sorcerer Fyndarenöl, I promise to be good
Martin AstonsenGot a light?
I wonder what this does?
GarackPraise be to, err, what's his name?
Bloody Halfling!
Domund GarssonI don't think I want to be with this group somehow
Vernon ZarckWhat's the grouping? ... Bang, Bang, Bang!
Thor FrekwaldsonWhat has the blink monkey stolen now?
Bobo FettssonLife is short, then you die
Harry MataWow, what a neat poison to add to my collection
Does anyone have a spare shortsword?
GodLady, Gentlemen and Sean are we ready to start
No legends turns on the table please


(c) 1997 One Night in Middleburg Rolemaster Campaign Journal by Ross Stopford  
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