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Ink by Terisa Green Five Stars
For anyone who's considered joining the tribe of the tattooed. This fun, fact-filled, fascinating guide includes information on choosing the perfect tattoo, finding a tattoo artist, staying health-conscious, long-term effects, and much more.

Tattoo by Dale Rio & Eva Bianchini Five Stars
Tattooing is a reflection of the basic human desire to decorate the body, and tattoos have held many different meanings throughout history. The practice has existed since ancient Egypt, and in our society has become a popular way for people to express themselves. Tattoo presents hundreds of photographs documenting the highly complex ritual tattoos of various subcultures and the fantastic designs of modern tattoo artists.

Bushido by Takahiro Kitamura & Katie M. Kitamura Five Stars
The Samurai spirit, Bushido, is an integral component of Japanese tattooing that is traced through the imagery and interpersonal dynamics of this veiled subculture. This is based largely on Takahiro Kitamuras experiences as client and student of the famed Japanese tattoo master, Horiyoshi III. Over 200 beautiful photos by Jai Tanju capture the breathtaking tattoo artistry of Horiyoshi III. Including five original unpublished prints by Horiyoshi III.

Japanese Tattooing Now! by Michael McCabe Five Stars
Here is a glimpse of Japan's urbane youth culture, proudly creating and wearing this ever changing art form. Over 530 color photos display Japanese tattoos, from traditional full-body forms replete with classical images steeped in symbolism, including Horimono, to modern One-Point style, heavily influenced by Western culture. Including personal interviews and stories of Japanese masters, including Senseis Horihide, Horiyoshi III, Horitoshi I, Horiyasu, and Horikoi.

Tattooing From Japan To The West by Takahiro Kitamura Five Stars
Here are interviews with 26 leading contemporary tattoo artists, like Don Ed Hardy, Doc Forest, Horiyoshi III, Paul Jeffries, Bob Roberts, and Mike Malone, and over 425 color photos. These pioneers shed light on the tattoo's evolution from a sub-cultural phenomenon to a mainstream trend, and explore tattooing as a "finer" art form. The artwork runs the gamut, from full Japanese body suits to traditional Americana hearts and roses. Including some of the best, established contemporary tattoo artists like Freddy Corbin, Theo Jak, Grime, Scott Sylvia, Chris Garver, and Horitomo.

The World of Tattoo by Maarten Hesselt van Dinter Five Stars
This book conveys the richness of the history of tattooing from antiquity to the present day presenting an overall picture with of the tattoo history and practices of the seven continents. By combining empirical history, powerful cultural analysis, and a highly readable style, the author adds an important step to the ongoing effort of writing a meaningful cultural history of tattooing.

Mitch O'Connell : Tattoos : 250 Designs Five Stars
Containing 250 tattoo designs, the best of O'Connell's 3 sets of tattoo flash titled Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed (2001), Done While Drunk (2002), and From the Bottom of the Barrel (2006). Each limited edition set sold for $100, and is now out of print. This book collects all the images in one easy-to-flip-through book. Mitch O'Connell's art is reminiscent of the Old School tattoo art, from masters such as Sailor Jerry Collins and Don Ed Hardy, but uses more contemporary themes with a distinctive style.

The Tattoo History Source Book by Steve Gilbert Five Stars
An exhaustingly thorough, lavishly illustrated collection of historical records of tattooing throughout the world, from ancient times to the present. Collected together in one place are texts by explorers, journalists, physicians, psychiatrists, anthropologists, scholars, novelists, criminologists, and tattoo artists. A brief essay sets each chapter in historical context.

Ancient Marks by Chris Rainier Five Stars
Seven years, seven continents, and thirty countries, from the African Savannah to Los Angeles, New Zealand, Egypt, Brazil to Burkina Faso, Chris Rainier documents the traditions of tattooing, scarification, piercing, and other forms of body altering art, the origins of which date back to the dawn of humankind. Ancient Marks reveals the haunting beauty of these often mystical forms and connects them to humanity's enduring efforts to tell stories, forge identity, and create links to the divine.

Dorothy Parker's Elbow by Kim Addonizio et al Five Stars
Previously considered the domain of bikers and a rite of passage in the army, tattoos have crawled out of society's fringes and into contemporary society. While still risque enough to raise a mother-in-law's eyebrow, tattoos have come to be one of the most popular forms of personal expression. This brings together some of the most erotic, humorous, and vivid fiction, essays, and poetry that explore the mysterious fascination and the intensity of emotion attached to the act of being tattooed.

A History of Japanese Body Suit Tattooing Five Stars
In Japan, tattoos are primarily associated with the yakuza organized crime. The book discusses the artistic influences on these designs. It profiles tattoo artist Horikazu and includes numerous examples of his sketches and work, with explanations of Japanese motifs and techniques. It covers the history of the Asakusa temple complex and the Sanja Matsuri, the Shinto festival held in Asakusa which showcases full body-suit tattoos adorning members of the various yakuza gangs in the district.

Tattooing New York City by Michael McCabe Five Stars
In New York City the electric tattoo machine was developed, and has had a unique influence in modern tattooing worldwide. The technical and artistic values that first coalesced here during the early 20th century now are intrinsic to the art form. This creative process was pushed underground in the early 1960s when tattooing was banned in New York. After 35 years of marginalization, the city re-legalized tattooing in 1997 in response to the unprecedented surge in public enthusiasm and demand.

Tattoos of the Floating World by Kitamura Four Stars + Half Star
Tattoo artist Takahiro Kitamura discusses Japanese tattoo art in the context of Ukiyo-e, concentrating on the parallel histories of the woodblock print and the tattoo. High quality illustrations show the tattoo as highly reliant on & linked to the woodblock print. Typical Ukiyo-e motifs in the Japanese tattoo are discussed and illustrated by the original Japanese prints, sketches, drawings and tattoos by tattoo master Horiyoshi III.

Maori Tattooing by H. G. Robley Four Stars + Half Star
This classic of ethnography describes Maori tattooing (moko), which communicates the bearer's genealogy, tribal affiliation, and spirituality. This definitive study relates how moko first became known to Europeans and discusses the distinctions between men and women's moko, patterns and designs, and moko in legend and song. Features 180 black-and-white illustrations.

Tattoo Traditions of Hawaii by Tricia Allen Four Stars + Half Star
This classic of ethnography describes Maori tattooing (moko), which communicates the bearer's genealogy, tribal affiliation, and spirituality. This definitive study relates how moko first became known to Europeans and discusses the distinctions between men and women's moko, patterns and designs, and moko in legend and song. Features 180 black-and-white illustrations.

Tattoos from Paradise by Mark Blackburn Four Stars + Half Star
Traditional tattooing designs are depicted from the exotic Pacific Polynesian cultures of Easter Island, Hawaii, the Marquesas, New Zealand, Samoa, Tahiti and Tonga. The actual process and ceremonies involved in tattooing are described and illustrated with over 250 drawings and color illustrations of native people. Included are actual 19th century photographs as well as early exploration art, paintings, drawings, engravings, and artifacts all relating to tattooing.

The Hawaiian Tattoo by Philibert F. Kwiatkowski Four Stars + Half Star
Intricate geometric designs distinguish traditional Hawaiian tattoos from other Polynesian tattooing. Hawaiian tattoo explores the origins, practice and significant of this ancient, wearable art form. With historical photos and pen and ink drawings. It covers Hawaiian tattoo history, techniques and terminology, designs and their origins, evolution, and also has a bibliography.

The New Tattoo by Victoria Lautman & Vicki Berndt Four Stars + Half Star
This 1994 book provides an excellent overview of modern American tattooing. Berndt's photos are what make this book, and the collections are well grouped. Sections include tribal, painting, portraits, imagination, fantasy, neotraditional, and "all the rest." This is tattooing as post-modern art, with tons of art school influences and present-day tribal interpretations throughout.

Stewed Screwed and Tattooed by Madame Chinchilla Four Stars + Half Star
This is a unique treatise on the history, practice, and art of tattooing, whether in the military, prisons, tribal rituals, or far-off lands. Enhanced with illustrations from the C.W. Eldridge Tattoo Archive and the Triangle Museum, this book balances its unique history with fascinating vignettes ranging from the ethics of responsible tattooing, to dealing with modern-day social stigma attached to tattooing, to a variety of amazing and colorful tattooing anecdotes.

Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia Volume II Four Stars + Half Star
Danzig Baldaev's father was an academic, an ethnologist who found himself imprisoned under Soviet rule as an enemy of the people. In fact much of Baldaev's family moved through the Soviet prison system, while he became a guard. At his father's suggestion, he used his access to document and study the tattoos that were pervasive among the truly criminal portion of the prison population, the vory v zakonye, or legitimate thieves, a semi-professional class who keep their own brutal laws.

The Japanese Tattoo by Sandi Fellman Four Stars
A collection of photographs of the Irezumi, a secretive group of people drawn from the Japanese underworld who have chosen to have themselves transformed through tattooing into living works of art. This book is a great reference for tattoo artists or anyone that enjoys the art of Japanese tattooing. It displays full page photographs, including close ups, so you can see the detail and subject matter quite well.

Pagan Fleshworks by Maureen Mercury & Steve Haworth Four Stars
This work sees the contemporary cultural trends of tattooing, piercing, implanting, and branding as a quest for a transformative psychic experience. Features 30 unforgettable color photographs and introduces a subculture that has gone far beyond the realm of simple tattooing. This book reveals that the prevalence of body modification, tattooing, piercings, brandings, and implants, is a postmodern way to enliven the soul.

Bodies of Subversion by Margot Mifflin Four Stars
Bodies of Subversion traces the history of women and tattoo in Western society from the early 1880s to the present, charting the special significance tattooing has for women as a powerfully transgressive form of self-expression.

Tattoo : Magazine Four Stars
Brings the artistry and history of tattooing to the reader. Contains featured artists and samples of their work.

Flash : Magazine Four Stars
Brings the artistry and history of tattooing to the reader. Contains featured artists and samples of their work. This magazine is a spin off of "Tattoo" magazine.

The Tattoo Encyclopedia by Terisa Green Three Stars + Half Star
Contains concise descriptions of nearly 1000 tattoo symbols both common and unusual and sheding light on their historic, religious, and cultural significance. Organized in a convenient A-to-Z format, cross-referenced, indexed by category, and illustrated with 300 samples of authentic tattoo line art. Symbol definition includes the widely accepted interpretation based on historical fact and cultural source and various interpretations.

Tattoo by Dale Durfee Three Stars
Today, tattoos are worn by celebrities and an increasing number of people in the street. Tattoos are a permanent expression of individuality, and tattooing has finally emerged from the backstreet parlour to become high fashion. Dale Durfee has persuaded a variety of people from every walk of life to show their tattoos there are some 65 superb color and black-and-white photographs specially taken for this book.

The Tribal Tattoo Pack by Andy Sloss Three Stars
The art of decorating the body with tattoos dates back as early as the Ice Age. Each design in this pack is unique and carries its own special meaning which are clearly explained, whether as religious symbol, talisman, charm, indicator of status or position, or simply an adornment. This includes instructions and materials to create spectacular tribal designs, four paints in vibrant, earthy colors, transfer sheets, and a brush.



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Other Books that maybe out of print
New York City Tattoo by Michael McCabe Five Stars
New York City Tattoo takes you back to a different era, when tattoo shops were only on the rough side of town, and the tattooers were salty old dogs who took no guff from anyone. Full of humour in the recollections of many well respected old-timers. This documents the lively, humorous and often violent history of the art from the early years of the 20th century, in the words of the men who 'pushed the pins' in places like Coney Island.

Dragon Tattoo Design by Don Ed Hardy Five Stars
Illustrations of dragon tattoos by a tattooing master, including design, mythology, portfolio and notes. Every page is filled with detailed dragon drawings. This is a great tattoo reference as well as a great art reference on dragons. It also has some historical information on the dragon style of the drawings.

Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash by Norman Collins Five Stars
Between 1940 and 1973, Norman Sailor Jerry Collins became known as the greatest practitioner of classic American tattooing. His masterful designs-featuring ships and beautiful girls, eagles, hearts, roses, and other now-familiar motifs-were widely imitated but rarely matched for boldness, elegance, and clarity. This wonderful collection of Sailor Jerry's own working patterns, known as flash art, is a treasure trove for tattoo fans as well as students of Americana and folk art. Each sheet of flash art is reproduced in full size in order to show the subtleties of detail and shading for which Collins was renowned.

Tattooing the Invisible Man by Don Ed Hardy Four Stars + Half Star
Don Ed Hardy has become one of the world's leading tattoo artists, inspired by traditional Japanese work, he was instrumental in developing the medium's fine art potential and fueling the late-century international tattoo boom. Here is a survey of Hardy's paintings, etchings, lithographs, drawings, photographs, and elaborate tattoos, over 500 color illustrations, most never before published. This chronicles a uniquely extreme self-expression.

1000 Tattoos by Hank Schiffmacher Four Stars
From 19th century engravings to tribal body art, from circus ladies of the 20s to classic biker designs, 1000 Tattoos, a co-production with The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, is a unique collection of designs and photos giving a fascinating insight into the art of tattooing. drawn from his enormous photo collection and given us 1000 tattoos, of all types, including some historical shots.

Tribal Tattoo Designs by Maarten Hesselt Van Dinter Four Stars
Tattooing is found all over the world from Arabia to America. It has been in decline among tribal cultures, even as it becomes fashionable in the first world. Illustrated are the rich variety and sometimes surprising similarities of these disappearing tribal tattoo designs, both representative and abstract, employed as religious symbols, talismans, charms, indicators of status or position, or as adornment.

The Art of the New Zealand Tattoo by Anne Nicholas Four Stars
New Zealanders are the most tattooed people in the world. The popularity of this art form has inevitably led to sophistication. With the strong Polynesian influences and the renaissance of Maori culture in New Zealand the tattoo has developed in a way unmatched anywhere else in the world. A wide range of tattoo is presented from full face Moko and Samoan traditional to modern fantasy, floral and pictorial images.

The Customized Body by Ted Polhemus & Housk Randall Four Stars
This book covers tattooing, piercing, scarification, branding, hair dressing (head and pubic) and shaving, finger and toe nails, body building, plastic surgery and gender identity. Every section of photo's has an introduction explaining histories and psychologies on the subject.

Moko by Hans Neleman Three Stars + Half Star
Moko is the striking facial tattoo of the Maori. This text presents a collection of portraits, assembled as a testament to the Maori heritage and culture. The plight of the mokomokai became a significant factor in engaging Maori support for this book, the barbarous and illicit trade in preserved heads of Maori ancestors. Maori are determined to retrieve these heads and lay them to rest.

Art of Tattoo 2002 by Richard Chesler Three Stars
The rich, sensual, Japanese-style tattoo paintings of Richard Chesler have fascinated art collectors for over 20 years. Twelve striking images of tattoo art are presented once again by popular demand in a collector's calendar. Original paintings are oil on canvas, average size 36 x 48.


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