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The Art of Mehndi by Sumita Batra & Liz Wilde Four Stars + Half Star
The Art of Mehndi delves into the history and symbolism of the art as well as mehndi in the fashion world of the 90s, and offers practical instruction on how to make and apply henna paste. More than 30 original designs, 125 color photographs, and 150 line drawings make this the must-have guide for both the fashion conscious and the spiritually conscious.

Mehndi by Loretta Roome Four Stars + Half Star
Loretta Roome traces the origins and meanings of traditional designs, demonstrates how to create them on the skin, and reveals the recipes, tools, and techniques to paint simple and complex designs. This book offers practical information, creative inspiration, and suggestions for enhancing the playful, intimate, sensual, erotic, and spiritual aspects of the ancient art of mehndi.

Henna's Secret History by Marie Anakee Miczak Four Stars + Half Star
How much do you know about this incredible botanical? Was it sensual Mehndi body adornment or Cleopatra's favorite perfume? An aphrodisiac or treatment for leprosy? An ancient Roman currency or a last right for the dead? This book takes a fascinating look at one of the most popular botanicals of all time. Never before has a book been devoted to henna as a whole.

Henna from Head to Toe! by Norma Pasekoff Weinberg Four Stars + Half Star
Body decoration using dyes made from natural henna has never been more popular. This book offers complete instructions, recipes, and designs for henna skin art. It provides information about how to prepare the skin, how to mix different ingredients for different effects, detailed step-by-step designs and explanations of how and why for everything. It breaks things down to simplicity, without losing any important information.

Traditional Henna Designs Four Stars + Half Star
Henna body decoration is generally practiced on festive occasions, religious ceremonies, most notably, weddings. In all cultures that practice henna painting it is the hands and feet that are commonly decorated but for weddings the designs can extend onto the arms and legs. Design motifs vary from culture to culture.

Original Earth Henna Body Painting Kit Four Stars + Half Star
This beautiful art form, known as Mehndi, is made simple with this easy-to-use kit featuring safe, natural, superior quality henna from the fields of Morocco. Each Earth Henna Body Painting Kit contains 1 cone of henna powder, Earth Henna solution, eucalyptus oil, applicator squeeze bottle, screw-on applicator tip, 15 reusable stencils, cotton swabs and toothpicks.

Original Earth Henna Body Painting Kit and Mehndi Book Four Stars + Half Star
This easy-to-use kit featuring safe, natural, superior quality henna. Each Earth Henna Body Painting Kit contains 1 cone of henna powder, Earth Henna solution, eucalyptus oil, applicator squeeze bottle, screw-on applicator tip, 15 reusable stencils, cotton swabs and toothpicks. Mehndi, the Art of Henna Body Painting features 140 illustrations and photographs.

Earth Henna Body Painting Kit Four Stars
This kit comes with wonderful, easy-to-use stencils that include feminine, flowery armbands, tribal symbols, little butterflies and circular symbolic suns. These designs have something for everyone, but you can always make your own design with the henna, which is pretty easy to do with the metal applicator.

The Art of Henna by Pamela Nichols Four Stars
This henna book and kit contains everything you'll need to make your own beautiful temporary tattoos at home. The kit includes, A lushly illustrated book with complete instructions and history and culture of henna tattoos, Six "starter stencils" on hypoallergenic paper, One tube of premixed henna paste, and One packet of powdered henna with applicator cone. Packaged in a "museum" style, reusable box. 80 photos, 60 in color.

Mehndi Body Painting by Mirza Zaynab Four Stars
No longer simply the preserve of Asian brides, mehndi body painting has crossed cultures to become a popular accessory for Western women, seen everywhere from rock stars to models on the runway. Mehndi Body Painting enables you to create and apply traditional or modern designs, which will gradually fade with washing. With over 100 illustrations to copy and to inspire you, Mehndi Body Painting is a true East-meets-West experience.

Mehndi by Carine Fabius & Michele M. Garcia Four Stars
Mehndi has been practiced for centuries in India, Africa, and the Middle East. This complete resource, packed with inspirational photographs of traditional and contemporary mehndi, offers everything to create your own beautiful henna designs. It includes dozens of practice exercises and sample illustrations, a foolproof recipe for mixing the henna paste, step-by-step instructions on how to apply your design and tips from professional mehndi artists.

The Return of the Tribal Body Adornment Kit Four Stars
The perfect way to Go Tribal! This allows you to experience the body adornment movement firsthand. Contains a rainbow of safe, nonpermanent body adornment items, ornate bindi from India, cosmetic piercing, henna, kumkum body paint, and tribal tattoo designs, and instructions for applying each item, suggestions for your own designs, and discusses the history and significance of these body adornments.

The Henna Body Art Kit by Aileen Marron, Halawa Henna & Emma Peios Three Stars + Half Star
This kit will commence your initiation into the mysteries of the ancient practice of henna adornment, a safe, non-permanent, beautiful art form. Each kit contains two packets of henna powder with application cones to allow you to create intricate designs, Mehlabiya oil capsules and six transfer sheets of ancient and contemporary patterns to guide you.

Mehndi Designs by Marty Noble Three Stars
166 lovely designs, adapted from authentic images used in the ancient art of henna body painting, incorporate scores of lovely patterns. Used to cover hands, forearms, and feet during celebrations, the designs include fine line, lacy, and paisley motifs, as well as assorted floral borders, heart-shaped insets, and repeat patterns.

Mehndi Designs CD-ROM and Book by Marty Noble Three Stars
The 166 intricate and exotic black-and-white patterns in this set allow artists, designers, and hobbyists to add a trendy edge to their next project. Choose from fine line, lacy, and paisley motifs, detailed images of exotic birds and human faces, assorted floral borders, and more.



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Other Books that maybe out of print
Everything You Need to Know About Mendhi, Temporary Tattoos, and Other Temporary Body Art by Stefanie Iris Weiss Five Stars
This book describes the rich history and significance of mehndi. It also touches on other fun ways for teens to adorn themselves, such as using temporary tattoos, cosmetics like body glitter, and nail decals, so that they may find a fashionable alternative to permanently altering their bodies.

The Art of Mehndi by Jane Glicksman Four Stars + Half Star
The Art of Mehndi provides a basic primer on the art of Mehndi body painting, from lists of needed supplies to instructions on how to make your own henna paste for producing them. Sample designs and tips on original designs are geared to young adult audiences but many an adult interested in body painting will find this excellent.

Henna Paintings by Sabine Kuhne Four Stars
With step-by-step instructions, Sabine Kuhne shows how to work with henna powder, using stencils or painting freehand, and looks at more temporary alternatives to henna such as eyeliner pens, face paints and tattoo ink.

Mehndi by Marie Anakee Miczak Four Stars
In practical and easy-to-understand form, every detail on creating fantastic Mehndi designs using natural henna is revealed. It unlocks the mysteries of henna's medicinal uses and the beautiful Mehndi art. Discover the rich history of Mehndi and how easy it is to do. It contains henna paste recipes, complete details on applying henna, and easy to follow authentic designs. This contains illusive information not found elsewhere.


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