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Revisit a classic D&D adventure, now expanded and updated! A 224-page D&D adventure that harkens back to classic 1st-edition adventure, Ravenloft. This expands on the original adventure and introduces some never-before-seen threats. It features a new encounter format designed to make running the adventure easier for the Dungeon Master. This new layout includes such details as more graphics and readily available stat blocks, both of which can shorten preparation time and gameplay.

Here, in this volume, is the complete history of Ravenloft and Count Strahd, the exact effect Ravenloft has on the individual classes and their magic, descriptions of the domains of the entire core and most of the islands and clusters, and many other details that will go a long way towards dispelling a great deal of the setting's mystique. On the other hand, if you plan on running a native campaign, giving your players access to this book may be all but essential.

Designed to allow DMs the ability to shape their Ravenloft campaigns as they see fit and set the mood for a truly creepy delve into the Dread mists. The book offers advice on everything from creating your own misty domains and darklords to what types of music can be used to set a perfect gaming atmosphere.

This is designed for use by the DM, at least for the most part. In the beginning of the book there's a couple of pages detailing a new Ravenloft-specific prestige class called the 'witch-hunter'. A fun to play class, especially for people who enjoy role-playing rather than roll-playing. The rest of the book describes a great variety of villains from various domains. The villains (mostly 'Darklords') are described in great detail: stats, background, current sketch, etc. are covered. Special rules are also presented, such as how a 'Talon' (an elite troop of Vlad Drakov) differs from the ordinary soldier, and how a vampire can feed without exhausting his 'cattle'. The background stories are nicely done, and are very likely easy to follow even for DMs new to the Ravenloft setting.

There are a total of seven new monsters and a couple of extra subtypes for Dread Golems, Skeletons, Zombies and Different Strains of Vampire Spawn.

Sometimes it was really good. The new feats and prestige classes were amazing.

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