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Player?s Guide to Eberron describes important locations, events, organizations, races, and features of the Eberron campaign setting, organized in an accessible and easily digestible format so that players can use the book as a handy reference guide. In addition, this book provides new feats, prestige classes, spells, and magic items. Secrets Every Hero Should Know.

Experience swashbuckling adventure and explore mysterious new territories. Designed to introduce a new, fresh world with unlimited possibilities for exploration, the Eberron Campaign Setting includes everything to develop characters and run campaigns in an exciting new arena. It includes new character races, monsters, prestige classes, feats, organizations, and equipment unique to the world, and introduces a new base class to the D&D game. It contains substantial information on new elements of magic, including spells, domains, items, artefacts, and more. Historical and cultural details of the world, along with extensive illustrations and a wealth of maps put the setting into vivid context.

Races of Eberron provides an in-depth look at the new races of the Eberron Campaign Setting, including changelings, the kalashtar, shifters, and the warforged. The book includes extensive information on each race, plus new race-related feats, prestige classes, spells, and equipment. In addition, this book highlights the other major races of the Eberron world, including elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, half-elves, half-orcs, and drow.

The ultimate sourcebook for players wishing to explore the world of Eberron. The Explorer's Handbook showcases the multi-continental aspect of the Eberron setting. The chapter on travel discusses instantaneous and played out travel and provides deck plans for airships, the lightning rail, and galleons, and other methods of conveyance. Explorer's Essentials offers information on travel papers, preassembled equipment kits, how to join the Wayfarers' Foundation, and more. It encourages players to explore the entire world rather than remain fixed in one region.

All about dragons, Argonnessen, and the Draconic Prophecy! A supplement that delves into the mysterious Draconic Prophecy and various draconic organizations. It introduces the continent of Argonnessen, homeland of the dragons, and describes various adventure sites and other places of interest. The book explores dragons on the continents of Khorvaire, Sarlona, and Xen'drik and provides several ready-to-play dragons, complete with stat blocks, lairs, encounters, and adventure hooks.

The shattered cities and vast dungeons of Xen?drik hold the secrets of countless fallen empires. Legends speak of titanic landmarks, sunken treasure vaults, and forgotten places suffused with powerful magic. Beyond the walls of Stormreach, an entire continent waits to be rediscovered. But beware! Terrible monsters rule Xen?drik now, and explorers searching for gold or glory often find death instead. Here is everything you need to adventure in the shattered continent of Xen?drik.

Faiths of Eberron details established pantheons, secret cults, and other religious organizations of Eberron. It includes new rules material for the player, such as prestige classes, feats, spells, and magic items, while the details on the various organizations give Dungeon Masters many new options for their campaigns. It additional details on the various religions of Khorvaire, from the Sovereign Host to individual druid sects.

Magic of Eberron explores the variety of magic available in the Eberron world. It introduces a wealth of new arcane and divine spells, and artificer infusions. Chapters explore the more unusual manifestations of magic in Eberron, such as elemental binding, dragonshards and dragon magic, and the corrupted magic of the daelkyr. A chapter on lost magic explains how to make the discovery of new magical secrets a central feature of any Eberron campaign. The typical run of feats, PrC's, spells, items and creatures including two new races (half-Daelkyr and psiforged). The feats are mostly related to Dragon totems, Draconic Prophesy, grafting parts onto people, and psionics (specifically relating to Quori). The spells, powers, creatures and magic items were generally related to these themes. There is information on Daelkyr, Quori, Karrnath, and Aerenal magic.

A Dungeon Master's screen designed especially for the Eberron campaign setting, including a bonus poster map of Khorvaire. Includes all the tables from the D&D Deluxe Dungeon Master's Screen, with modifications and additional material appropriate for game elements unique to the Eberron setting. The front showcases a beautiful widescreen-format piece of Eberron artwork, never before seen in its full glory. Also included is a poster map of Khorvaire, the primary setting of the Eberron campaign, with borders, trade routes, and other details not printed on any previous full-sized map.

The thirteen different houses of the Dragonmarked are introduced in vast detail. You'll learn the rich history of each of the thirteen houses including its greatest members, notable events, house organization, guilds associated with the house, entry requirements, notes on playing as a member of that house, advancement, and more. They afford players a chance to play within a very rich tapestry of past history and current associations, something that most starting players are usually lacking. They also allow a player to join a house that closely fits his class and personality. The houses are associated with certain races such as the House of Jorasco, populated by halflings, and House of Kundarak is made up of dwarves.

A Geographical sourcebook for play in the Five Nations of the Eberron world. A detailed history explains how these were once united into one kingdom with a tradition of choosing a new successor to the throne. But when five rulers chose to ignore the rules of succession a hundred years war erupted, tearing the lands apart into the five distinct kingdoms of Aundair, Breland, Mournland, Karrnath, and Thrane. The individual nation chapters include information on culture, geography (including maps), guilds and factions and, new prestige classes, equipment, creatures, spells, magic items, and adventure sites. The book provides several new prestige classes like the Knight Phantom, Dark Lantern, and Cyran Avenger.

Secrets of the Last War finally revealed! The continent of Khorvaire was ripped apart by a hundred-year long war of succession. Explore the battles, campaigns, and heroes of the Last War with this richly detailed Eberron campaign supplement. The Last War includes a comprehensive outline of the course of the war, extensive new character options for war-torn heroes, a variety of campaign options, and detailed descriptions of military forces, fortresses, and battlefields.

Sharn : City of Towers illustrates and characterizes the most important city in the entire Eberron setting. A source of great intrigue and adventure on Eberron, it is the launching point for most campaigns and adventures. This book describes how Sharn looks and works, from power and politics to trade and commerce, and with four-color illustrations throughout. There are detailed geographical descriptions of every part of the city, with a complement of maps for visual reference. Monsters and villains prevalent in the city make an appearance, and there is detailed information on what characters can do and obtain in Sharn to improve their adventuring skills. Dungeon Masters will find a wealth of information on running campaigns in Sharn, and adventure hooks are provided for immediate gameplay.

The Eberron setting for the continent of Sarlona. There are a lot of NPCs and political information as well as some weapons and feats that may prove useful. A few new prestige classes, feats, and weapons are on offer. There is additional psionic content. Ideas that the dreaming dark present as villains and this book expands on those ideas, both how they would be used, and how to use those who would oppose them. There is the inclusion of new quori that can be used with empty vessels to make enlightened.

A campaign book designed for the Eberron setting. It is designed for four 5th level characters and is a good old fashioned quest adventure with the players seeking an artifact called The Dragon's Eye. The ancient artifact was created during the age of Demons and it is said the Eye can give the holder total domination over dragons. The dragons are none to happy about someone finding the artifact that had been considered mere legend so they set out to find the Eye for safekeeping. Meanwhile, the Lich Queen Vol is dead set on finding the Eye for herself and has set her agents about finding the artifact. The journey will take the group over 5,000 miles in their travels. The players will be drawn into their adventure with the promise of a great treasure, hired by a Silver Dragon named Sur'Kil, who will appear to them in the form of a middle-aged human. The first target is the Temple of Kha'shazul, located in the jungles of Q'barra, and home to various tribes of Lizard Folk. Sur'Kil speaks only of ancient relics to be found within the temple but does not mention the Eye specifically.

Stormreach is a city rich with adventure and is the most important frontier city of Xen'drik in Eberron. Opportunity and peril walk hand-in-hand. It builds on the plots and characters featured in Dungeons & Dragons Online : Stormreach and introduces new adversaries and new locations to explore. It describes the shadowy ruins, sinister organizations, and treasure-laden dungeons that make Stormreach such an appealing destination for player characters, and provides Dungeon Masters with a richly detailed city for their Xen'drik-based campaigns, this supplement presents information on the movers and shakers of Stormreach, ready-to-use adversaries, adventure hooks, and location maps.

The Golden Dragon, conceived as a skyfaring warship, now serves as a symbol of peace among the Five Nations. Even before the luxurious airship embarks on its maiden voyage, nefarious pirates, thieves, and saboteurs conspire to defame, steal, or destroy it. Resourceful adventurers are needed to protect the ship and its passengers, but can they uncover the secret enemy lurking in their midst? This is a stand-alone adventure for the Eberron campaign setting. Designed to challenge 7th-level characters, it takes heroes on a perilous journey from Sharn to Stormreach and serves as a launching pad for adventures the world over.

This full-length adventure for the Eberron campaign setting is designed to showcase many of the most unique traits of the Eberron setting. It plays out across the entire face of the Eberron realm and is designed to either be a stand-alone adventure or an immediate follow-up to the short adventure Forgotten Forge provided in the Eberron Campaign Setting.

The second adventure for the new Eberron campaign setting. It plays out across the entire face of the Eberron world and is designed to either be a stand-alone adventure or an immediate follow-up to the first published Eberron adventure, Shadows of the Last War. The plot hooks, villains, edge of your seat action, excitement and the race against time atmosphere provide great enjoyment as the players chase the villain through four encounters.

The third stand-alone adventure for the new Eberron campaign setting. It plays out across the Eberron world and is designed to either be a stand-alone adventure or an immediate follow-up to the first and second published Eberron adventures, Shadows of the Last War and Whispers of the Vampire's Blade.

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