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The Eternal Champion
The Eternal Champion (Series Vol. 1)
The Eternal Champion The Sundered Worlds Phoenix in Obsidian To Rescue Tanelorn John Daker Urlik Skarsol Erekose

Von Bek
Von Bek (Series Vol. 2)
The Warhound and the World's Pain The City in the Autumn Stars The Dragon in the Sword The Pleasure Garden of Felipe Saggitarius short story Ulrich von Bek

Hawkmoon (Series Vol. 3)
The Jewel in the Skull The Mad God's Amulet The Sword of the Dawn The Runestaff Dorian Hawkmoon

A Nomad of the Time Streams
A Nomad of the Time Streams (Series Vol. 4)
The Warlord of the Air The Land Leviathan The Steel Tsar Oswald Bastable

Elric : Song of the Black Sword (Series Vol. 5)
Elric of Melnibone
The Fortress of the Pearl
The Sailor on the Seas of Fate
The Dreaming City
While the Gods Laugh
The Singing Citadel
The Vanishing Tower
The Bane of the Black Sword
he Weird of the White Wolf
Elric of Melnibone Elric : The Stealer of Souls (Series Vol. 11)
The Sleeping Sorceress Revenge of the Rose The Stealer of Souls Kings in Darkness The Caravan of Forgotten Dreams Stormbringer

The Roads Between The Worlds
The Roads Between The Worlds (Series Vol. 6)
The Wrecks of Time The Winds of Limbo The Shores of Death Clovis Becker

Corum : The Coming Of Chaos (Series Vol. 7)
The Knight of the Swords The Queen of the Swords The King of the Swords Corum Jhaelen Irsei Corum : The Prince With the Silver Hand (Series Vol. 12) [hb]
The Bull and the Spear The Oak and the Ram The Sword and the Stallion

Sailing to Utopia
Sailing to Utopia (Series Vol. 8) [hb]
The Ice Schooner The Black Corridor The Distant Suns Flux Jerry Cornelius Ulrich von Bek

Kane of Old Mars
Kane of Old Mars (Series Vol. 9)
City of the Beast Lord of the Spiders Masters of the Pit Michael Kane

The Dancers at the End of Time
The Dancers at the End of Time (Series Vol. 10)
An Alien Heat The Hollow Lands The End of All Songs Jherek Carnelian

Legends from the End of Time
Legends from the End of Time (Series Vol. 13) [hb]
Pale Roses White Stars Ancient Shadows Constant Fire Elric and the End of Time

Earl Aubec : And Other Stories
Earl Aubec : And Other Stories (Series Vol. 14) [hb]

Count Brass
Count Brass (Series Vol. 15) [hb]
Count Brass The Champions of Garathorm In Quest For Tanelorn

Jerry Cornelius
The Final Program A Cure for Cancer The English Assassin The Condition of Muzak The Lives and times of Jerry Cornelius The Entropy Tango

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