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Australia - Australian Stock Exchange
Australia - Newcastle Stock Exchange
Great Britain - London Stock Exchange
United States - American Stock Exchange - (AMEX)
United States - Arizona Stock Exchange - (AZX)
United States - Chicago Stock Exchange - (CHX)
United States - Nasdaq Stock Market - (NASDAQ)
United States - New York Stock Exchange - (NSYE)
United States - Philadelphia Stock Exchange - (PHLX)

Futures or Options Exchanges
Australia - Sydney Futures Exchange
Belgium - Brussels Forward Market
Brazil - Bolsa de Mercadorias & Futuros
Finland - Finnish Securities and Derivatives Exchange
France - Marché à Terme International de France
Germany - German Futures and Options Exchange
Great Britian - London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange
Hong Kong - Hong Kong Futures Exchange
Japan - Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange
New Zealand - New Zealand Futures and Options Exchange
South Africa - South African Futures Exchange
Spain - Spanish Financial Futures and Options Exchange
Sweden - Stockholm Options Market
Russia - St Petersburg Futures Exchange

Other Commodity Exchanges
Canada - Winnipeg Commodity Exchange
Canada - Winnipeg Commodity Exchange Index
Japan - Tokyo Grain Exchange
Malaysia - Malaysian Monetary Exchange
United States - Chicago Board of Trade
United States - Chicago Board Options Exchange
United States - Chicago Mercantile Exchange
United States - Kansas City Board of Trade
United States - Minneapolis Grain Exchange
United States - New York Board of Trade
United States - New York Mercantile Exchange

Other sites with links to Stock Exchanges
The Australian Financial Services Directory

Austria - Vienna Stock Exchange
Bahrain - Bahrain Stock Exchange
Bermuda - Bermuda Stock Exchange
Belgium - Brussels Stock Exchange
Bogota - Bolsa de Bogota
Brasil - Bolsa de Valores de Rio de Janeiro
Brasil - Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo
Canada - Alberta Stock Exchange
Canada - Montreal Stock Exchange
Canada - Montreal Stock Exchange Index
Canada - Toronto Stock Exchange
Canada - Vancouver Stock Exchange
Canada - Vancouver Stock Exchange Index
Canada - Winnipeg Stock Exchange
Chile - Bolsa de Comerico, Santiago
Chile - Chile Electronic Stock Exchange
Crotia - Zagreb Stock Exchange
Czech Republic - Cesky Kapitalovy Trh
Czech Republic - Prague Stock Exchange
Egypt - Egyptian Stocks Exchange
Estonia - Tallinn Stock Exchange
Finland - Helsinki Stock Exchanges
France - La SBF Bourse de Paris
France - Nouveau Marche
Germany - Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Ghana - Ghana Stock Exchange
Greece - Athens Stock Exchange
Hong Kong - Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Hong Kong - Charles Schwab - Hong Kong
India - National Indian Stock Exchange
Indonesia - Jakarta Stock Exchange
Ireland - Ireland Stock Exchange
Italy - Borsa Italiana
Israel - Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
Jamaica - Jamaica Stock Exchange
Japan - Nagoya Stock Exchange
Japan - Osaka Securities Exchange
Japan - Tokyo Stock Exchange
Korea - Korean Stock Exchange
Latvia - Riga Stock Exchange
Lebanon - Beirut Stock Exchange
Lithuania - National Stock Exchange of Lithuania
Macedonia - Macedonian Stock Exchange
Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
Mexico - Bolsa Mexicana de Valores
Netherlands - Hebels Financial Website
Netherlands - Amsterdam Stock Exchange
Netherlands - Dutch Markets
Nicaragua - Bolsa de Valores de Nicaragua
Norway - Oslo Stock Exchange
New Zealand - New Zealand Stock Exchange
Peru - Bolsa de Valores de Lima
Portugal - Bolsa de Valores de Lisboa
Romania - Bucharest Stock Exchange
Slovenia - Ljubljana Stock Exchange
South Africa - Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Sri Lanka - Colombo Stock Exchange
Spain - Bolsa de Barcelona
Spain - Bolsa de Madrid
Swaziland - Swaziland Stock Market
Sweden - Stockholm Stock Exchange
Switzerland - Geneva Stock Exchange
Taiwan - Taiwan Stock Exchange
Thailand - Stock Exchange of Thailand
Turkey - Istanbul Stock Exchange
Venezuela - Caracas Stock Exchange
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