Episode 7 : Hashem, A Cat No More

The halfling went out and bought some sandals and a fine Eastern silk robe and returned to the Inn. Hashem had decided that he would transform today back into human form. He required someone to assist him in the carrying his equipment. Thor Frekwaldson volunteered and first put the piece of Dragonbone into his pocket, picked up Hashem's chest and the Crystal Ball. On top of all this the halfling placed sandals and a fine quality robe for a tall Easterner. It was never wise to cross this cat. That morning Hashem assisted by Thor Frekwaldson went to the fisherman's docks. Their progress was completely untroubled, no one ventured a second look at Thor Frekwaldson. Once below the fisherman's docks Thor Frekwaldson set down his burden and Hashem instructed him to depart and let him be left to his own devices. No one of the party dared venture anywhere near the fisherman's docks all morning.

Returning to the Restless Pig, Thor Frekwaldson went past a market. He stopped at one of the stalls and inquired as to getting a paper card printed. A man came over and said, "What exactly are you after my friend, I know just the person to have something like that made up.". Thor Frekwaldson looked at him and said, "I want a business card which says, Thor Frekwaldson, Fighter to the Stars!". The man paused and put his arm around Thor Frekwaldson shoulder. "What about Thor Frekwaldson, Astrologer to the Stars!", moving his other hand across the sky. Thor Frekwaldson said, "No, no, not Astrologer, Fighter to the Stars!". The man said, "Don't you mean, Astrologer, we both know what happened up town last night. I can keep a secret.". Thor Frekwaldson quite emphatically said, "No, what I want is Fighter to the Stars!. A fighter is what I am and that is what I want my business card to read! Thor Frekwaldson, Fighter to the Stars!". "Fighter, not Astrologer.", "Yes, that's right.".

The man looked at Thor Frekwaldson again, "Fine, I'll get that card printed up for you. Now how many do you want to give out?". Thor Frekwaldson thought for a moment. The man said, "How about 20, that's four hands worth, would that be enough?". "Yes, that would be good.". "Now, lets see that would be cost you about one silver.". "One silver is good, here it is.", handing the man a single silver coin. The man said, "Right I will meet you here tomorrow with twenty cards saying, Thor Frekwaldson, Fighter to the Stars!". Thor Frekwaldson said, "Great, see you tomorrow.", and he returned to the Restless Pig. The other man walked in the opposite direction, he flicked the coin into the air, caught it on the way down and pocketed it. He whistled as he continued on his way, it was the easiest silver piece he would make this day.

Later that day the docks were hit by the fist of god. Hundreds were killed or injured when the docks just exploded. Hashem had transformed into an Eastern man and cast cataclysm. This same force then entered Zandhurst the Astrologer's house, fired (literally) his housekeeper and bodyguard and left Zandhurst the Astrologer at the point of death. The party heard as one the voice of Zandhurst the Astrologer "What have you done?", which was abruptly cut short. Hashem now stood before the Gate, he spoke the names of all three Nameless Gods and stated where he wanted to be. The Gate's rippling static inner surface slowed and became stasis. Hashem stepped through and was gone from this world, he had other pressing matters in need of his attention.

The party began to regroup at Zandhurst the Astrologer's house, what they found was this. They came upon the front door it had been split asunder and hung limply from its hinges. The remains of the bodyguard and the house maid were blackened forms against one wall. The body of Zandhurst the Astrologer lay in the centre of the room, gasping slow breaths, but he was slipping fast. Grimwold Mindbreaker put healing resin over his open wounds, which then closed. Serra Ibin Raaviat cast regeneration which helped stem the loss of health. Healing herbs administered to his mouth began to work in healing Zandhurst the Astrologer's body. Zandhurst the Astrologer was stopped at the door of death and held there. Meanwhile Thor Frekwaldson and Crayg Rydorsson had gone down stairs to the home of a Doctor and brought him racing back medical bag in hand.

All the while the halfling was left to his own devices and had started to explore the rooms of Zandhurst the Astrologer. Blue Bigfoot had seen the trinkets upon the fireplace shelf but as this room had the distinct odour of burnt human throughout, decided to go into the next room. The halfling entered the room and saw standing in the middle of the room a Gate. The Gate stood 8' tall and 4' wide. The outer rim of the Gate was of polished onyx and inside a glazed surface. The halfling stepped closer and the glazed surface started to whirl and white static filled the scene. A compulsion hit the halfling, step forward, step through, come closer, but the halfling paid no attention as his mind was set on finding gold so he stepped back. Looking about the room Blue Bigfoot saw a 2' Crystal Ball holder with crystal shards and crystal dust piled below. So this is what became of Zandhurst the Astrologer's Crystal Ball.

The Doctor was fully in charge and he instructed that Zandhurst the Astrologer was to be taken down to his chambers below. Crayg Rydorsson suggested that this place was not good to leave unattended and that Zandhurst the Astrologer's belongings should be moved as well. A team was formed and all his valuables were moved downstairs for safe keeping even the 17 gold hidden in a pouch of his robes. The party returned to the Restless Pig for the night. However a watch was set on the residence of Zandhurst the Astrologer to see who might come calling or if Hashem were to return.

That night Crayg Rydorsson and Blue Bigfoot stayed guard outside the now abandoned residence of Zandhurst the Astrologer. About midnight the halfling became bored and thought that the most likely place to see Hashem if he did come back would be outside the Restless Pig, so the halfling went back there and found a quiet and secluded spot to watch the rest of the night through.


(c) 1997 One Night in Middleburg Rolemaster Campaign Journal by Ross Stopford  
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