Episode 29 : Karmalier And The Ibn-Fatwaani

After resting for eight hours we left Middleburg and again went to Gorennibad. Grimwold Mindbreaker chose to have us appear between the Temples of Synvaarna and Nestor. His aim was true as the portal opened in an alleyway near the two. Serra Ibin Raaviat cast an illusion over the alley as we all came through. We went to the Temple of Nestor first. Serra Ibin Raaviat found out that there had been some commotion on the roof that day and that a group of people were being sort for questioning. They were made up of a person with strange skin and a golden staff, a Synvaarna priest, a little man, and a couple of Vikings.

When asked to explain, Serra Ibin Raaviat did so, she indicated that Achmed's men had stolen Brother Hameth's holy weapon and this had been why the fight had erupted. The fight had involved getting his holy morning star back. Brother Hameth said, "The thief had to die, my morning star is a symbol from my god.". The priest indicated that he would be able to arrange a meeting with a representative of the Horselord, for the next morning. We were allowed to stay in rooms offered at this temple, which we took up. Serra Ibin Raaviat and Brother Hameth went to their respective Temples to worship that night.

Fez told us how he wanted to join our group and to see the vast expanses of water. He told how Sven Strong-Arm had promised to show him the world and to show him what seamanship is all about. We gave Fez some errands to run that night. He took a Synvaarna cloak and went off. He was instructed to go back to the magic shop and inform Wamiq that we would be coming back the next day. He was told to visit his cousin a dealer in gems and jewellery that we looking to trade some items and if he wished to drop by to value our wares. Late a night he returned to say that everything is arranged.

In the morning Grimwold Mindbreaker inquired with the priest about spell lists and if there were any to trade. The priest indicated that access to their library would only be granted to Serra Ibin Raaviat. We were informed that runners had been going between the two Temples and the Horselord and that someone would be coming this morning. Serra Ibin Raaviat and Grimwold Mindbreaker took the opportunity to write out some more spell lists as they would prove useful later for trading.

Later Fez's cousin arrived he looked over our wares and we settled on a price. We were to walk away with about 32,000 in gold dinars, most would be in the form of emeralds and sapphires, rubies which were now rare in Gorennibad, as well as a credit note with the seal of the Horselord. He went away to arrange things.

The next caller was from the Horselord. The man was bald and in robes. He was flanked by two guards. Serra Ibin Raaviat cast a couple of quick detect spells. She now saw that the man had an evil alignment and he had a pendant on the necklace about his neck was magical in nature. The delegate indicated that he was aware of the situation, this had been explained by the combined delegations from the Temples of Synvaarna and Nestor. He was aware that this all started because of the loss of a holy symbol so precious to a visiting dignitary. The man indicated that the Horselord was embarrassed by this incident and was agreeable to let the matter rest. He indicated that the perpetrator of this crime, Archem, would be found, handed over to the Temples to undergo due process in their hands. He said that Achmed's buildings were forfeit to the crown and would be sold, most likely to the Temples. The delegate indicated that the Horselord required our departure, by tomorrow evening, and that we were not to return for one year. This he said would bring this matter to a happy conclusion for all.

The delegate indicated that the appropriate paper of passage were being prepared at this moment. It would allow travel to Karmalier via the Capital City of Mughribakarnd. Please give me your names so that they may be recorded. We gave our names, Brother Hameth as Brother Hameth, Grimwold Mindbreaker as Grimwold Mindbreaker, Harry Mata as Harry Mata, Vernon Zarck as John Smith, Blue Bigfoot as Red Strongfellow, each of the sailors gave false names, and Fez and Serra Ibin Raaviat were not asked.

As the delegate turned to go Grimwold Mindbreaker asked, "Are you interested in expanding your arcane knowledge?". "What is on offer.". "Exchanges of spell list.". "I am not a great man for storing spell lists in written form, do you have maps?". "No. Then I see nothing to trade. Remember you have until sunset tomorrow to leave. The Horselord once he has made up his mind does not change it. Your papers will be here by sunset today.". He then left. Fez's cousin now returned for the exchange and we passed over our gems for his gems, both very happy with the deal. Later the travel paper arrived.

That night Grimwold Mindbreaker did dream. His dream centred around the Ibn-Fatwaani. He saw the port city of Karmalier and its central square. At the end of the square was the Temple of Agastar with the statue of Agastar staring down over the square. Grimwold Mindbreaker saw the docks and could see the Ibn-Fatwaani being loaded up, by slaves, with goods, barrels, sailing cloth, ropes, food and water for the journey it was about to embark upon. Grimwold Mindbreaker could make out about six crew watching the loading. The Easterner in charge had an eyepatch and watched over all. The dream ended.

We left the Temples and went through the maddening throngs down to the underground level and to Wamiq's Emporium, just next door to Akraam's Shop of Uniqueness. Wamiq was straight forward with what was on offer and its price. He guaranteed that any items purchased were not cursed. He indicated that his door was magical and would provide an indication of all cursed items that came through it. So by this means he could make this guarantee. Here we bought outright the following magical items.

Armour AC 7 no puncture critical

Grimwold Mindbreaker

Boots of Landing


Broadsword +15% Magical Unholy

Brother Hameth

Magical flying carpet 11' x 8'

Serra Ibin Raaviat

Shortsword +25%

Blue Bigfoot

Wand of Star Bursts (15 charges left)

Serra Ibin Raaviat

Spell lists - Barrier Law 1-50


Spell lists - Calm Spirits 1-30


Spell lists - Cont Songs Bard 1-25


Spell lists - Delving Ways 1-25


Spell lists - Liquid Manipulation 1-10


Spell lists - Matter Disruption 1-30


As this was the Street of Uniqueness we went and had a look also in the other shops just across the way, from these we bought the following magical items.

Composite Bow (+20%)


Short Bow (+20%)

Blue Bigfoot

Short Bow (+20%)

Harry Mata

Broadsword (+20%)


Medium Shield (+20%)


Sap - + A impact critical

Blue Bigfoot

A magical Elfin arrow from a set of three - lightning

Blue Bigfoot

A magical Elfin arrow from a set of three - fire

Vernon Zarck

A magical Elfin arrow from a set of three - cold

Harry Mata

While we were negotiating the deals for all of these magical items, Grimwold Mindbreaker noticed outside a person who passed by the shops in the street at least five times. Looking more closely at him this time as he went past, Grimwold Mindbreaker was able to say that his cloak did not suit him at all. Grimwold Mindbreaker cast mind typing and got his answer, Easterner, second level, Cleric of Agastar. Grimwold Mindbreaker then cast subjugation on the man had him walk toward one of the bridges that spanned the roof top. Once at the bridge the man, "Tripped.", and fell the four stories to the ground below. The cleric survive the landing, only to have his throat slit and his purse removed. Grimwold Mindbreaker was back in his own body and had a chuckle to himself.

Serra Ibin Raaviat also found out that the Earing of Understanding was actually cursed. It would allow the person wearing it to understand the language of the person talking completely. The only problem was that it would not be what the person had said. For example as Grimwold Mindbreaker pointed out, if we put it on the Wartroll and asked him "Do you want to join the party?", the Wartroll would hear, "Would you like to eat the halfling?", his reply would be an eager nodding of his head! The halfling was not amused.

We left the street of uniqueness, to see a group of three fellows unhappily standing on one of the bridges looking down at the small crowd that had gathered down below. We went back to the Temple to collect Brother Hameth. We were followed at a discreet distance by the fellows from the bridge. Once we entered the Temple the watched and waited at a further distance. Grimwold Mindbreaker instructed Fez to go out and find some information on the guy that had recently returned from raiding a long forgotten library. Fez said, "I need money to loosen tongues.", Grimwold Mindbreaker just indicated the halfling and left. The halfling coughed up five silver dinars. Fez returned some hours later with the knowledge that the guy and his hoard is in hiding under the Temple of Lumina. It seems that he had taken refuse here, striking a deal with the Temple seeing he was already a lay member of the Temple of Lumina. Serra Ibin Raaviat donated to the Temple of Nestor a unique spell list before we left.

We still had some time left in Gorennibad so we went to the Temple of Lumina seeking to find the merchant who had taken refuge in there. Fez, Harry Mata and Blue Bigfoot went up to the Temple of Lumina and walked in through the doors, the rest remained outside. Fez questioned the first priest we met but he denied all knowledge of there being a merchant in hiding in the Temple. Harry Mata came into the conversation saying that they wished to buy some of the property that the merchant had acquired and that we would not be leaving until we had talked to someone with a greater authority, who would negotiate. The priest indicated that he would check and went off to do so.

Another priest then approached, "I understand that you wish to buy something from an associate of our?". "Yes, that's right. We have some friends out there who are particularly after some spell lists.". "Well I am sorry but our associate is not selling anything at the present time. That is his final word, you will have to come back in a few weeks when he may be prepared to sell some items. I think you should also make an offering to our Lady Lumina on the way out.". The priest turns and leaves. Harry Mata enters the inner sanctum and sees on prominent display at the feet to the statue of Lumina, a dagger, and in her hands a large sapphire surrounded by twelve small eggs. Harry Mata approaches the pool and tosses in a gold dinar. "A gold dinar for the Lady. I hope I don't die in my sleep.". We left the Temple and reported back to the others.

Grimwold Mindbreaker's response is to mutter, "I should send Fez on an errand to tell everybody where this guy is.". Grimwold Mindbreaker casts intuition and tells Fez to throw this silver coin into the fountain and he will get a gold dinar when he gets back. Fez ducks through the doorway avoiding the priest and chucks the silver coin at the fountain. There is a flash of frosty light followed by blue light. The doors of the temple explode open. Fez comes flying through, and the priest grasping the door handles holds on as he is propelled sideways. Fez lands at Grimwold Mindbreaker's feet, he says with an outstretched hand, "Gold dinar please.". The intuition ends.

We head into an alleyway. Serra Ibin Raaviat unfurls the carpet and sits on it. Grimwold Mindbreaker says, "Karmalier Ashee.", a portal opens. Serra Ibin Raaviat tries to get the carpet to advance but is unable to, we drag the carpet through as we ourselves enter the portal. We are standing on a hillock overlooking the port city of Karmalier. The hillock has the remains of an old fort, the walls are three foot high. It is exactly one mile from Karmalier. The sailors smell the air and can taste the salt water in the air, there is a chorus of "Hip, hip, hoorah!". They might finally see a ship. Serra Ibin Raaviat has been studying the carpet meanwhile and sees that there is writing interweaved in the mesh of the carpet. Using this insight she is now able to get the carpet into motion and doing some testing we were able to clock the carpet as going fast enough to cover 300 miles in a day.

During the night Grimwold Mindbreaker did cast item vision. The first item was the Elfin arrow inscribed with the Elvish script lightning or lightning. Grimwold Mindbreaker found himself in a rainforest, a wounded Dragon, half its wing gone, rushes by him deeper into the rainforest. A horn sounds through the woods, an Elf on horseback appears. The Elf carries in one hand the horn which he sounds again. The Elf is dressed in silver chain with a white breast plate carrying the symbol of Agastar. He pulls out the arrow and nocks it in his fantastic Elfin bow. The Dragon quivers, the arrow hits the Dragon and it staggers back from the blow. A lightning bolt flashes from the sky and slays the Dragon. The item vision ends.

Again Grimwold Mindbreaker casts item vision, this time on the arrow with the Elvish script fire or fire. The environment is desolate, it is the edge of an active volcano, nothing grow here. There are boulder strewn about, behind these a group of Elves crouch. A great fire Dragon appears, three Elves break and run. Only one Elf stands his ground, he draws his bow and sends the arrow into the Dragon. He hits the creature in the wing and out of nowhere a fire ball appears and engulfs it. The Dragon is unscathed, it advances on the Elf, the Elf screams and raises his arms in defence. The item vision ends. The last arrow with the Elfin script cold or cold remained untried.

Grimwold Mindbreaker now cast intuition and trust all three arrow into the Wartroll. Its body convulsed, but there was no lightning bolt or fire ball, but there was also no life. Also all three arrows were gone. The intuition ends. Grimwold Mindbreaker cast presence and detected that the arrows each have a presence. He then cast mind typing on the arrows and determined that each was an Elfin Mage of the 35th level. He also determined that they were not holy items.

Grimwold Mindbreaker casts intuition then fires the lightning arrow into the Wartroll. The Wartroll is hurt exceptionally badly and the arrow is gone. Using the Wand of the Elfin Sorcerer Fyndarenöl he opens a portal to the lightning arrow and leaps through. The portal appears in a cave which has a blizzard just outside. The arrow is just lying on the floor, he picks it up and jumps back through the portal. Grimwold Mindbreaker then stabs the Wartroll dead with the lightning arrow which vanishes. Grimwold Mindbreaker jumps through the portal again, this time there is no arrow to be seen anywhere in the cave, he does however hear trumpeting and sees a great woolly mass coming toward him. The intuition ends.

Grimwold Mindbreaker now casts item vision on the shortsword that we found in the Dragon's hoard. He determines from the vision that the shortsword is +25% that does not fumble and when in the hands of a mystic it doubles the bonus.

Grimwold Mindbreaker now casts item vision on the pouch that we got from the Dragon's hoard. He sees two women, one an Elf, but exceptionally dark, the other a Negro human with dreadlocks. Both women are cackling over a cauldron which is bubbling away. They scope out of the cauldron a pair of dice. These they hand to a very wealthy Easterner. In return the Easterner has six slaves, each carrying two pots of diamonds set them down on the floor. He leaves delighted. The item vision ends.

Grimwold Mindbreaker did dream. His dream was meant to be of the Ibn-Fatwaani but it was instead of the Elvish arrows. The dream showed him what they could do and how they worked. When the first of the three was shot, it would teleport itself to a random plane and place. The remaining arrows two would follow the first after they too were shot.

The night passed uneventfully in Karmalier and at our outpost, however in a small village about an hours south an incident occurred. This incident involved the deaths of several people and left behind the tell tale signs of a vampire. Vernon Zarck and Brother Hameth awoke that morning a little more tied than usual.


(c) 1997 One Night in Middleburg Rolemaster Campaign Journal by Ross Stopford  
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