Episode 2 : Boarding Of The Ibn-Fatwaani

We went down to the port and had a look at all the ships that were tied up at the seafaring docks. The first ship we came to stood very near the end of the dock, it was sleek and slender, and had upon its side "Ibn-Fatwaani.". On board there were two alert armed guards, one at each end of the ship watching the docks and the people going along all the time. The halfling waved to the guards as he went past and going along the rest of the docks would wave to the people on the other ships as well.

Grimwold Mindbreaker had cast presence and walked beside the dock talking to Thor Frekwaldson and Martin Astonsen. They came to the end of the dock and Grimwold Mindbreaker using the spell determined that there were 15 people on board the Ibn-Fatwaani at this moment. They headed to one of the many Inns that were strung along the seagoing docks. At the Buccaneer Inn grouping up with most of the party and sat drinking. We watched the Ibn-Fatwaani without much suspicion being drawn to us, as long as we kept drinking.

During the morning we saw no traffic go on board or come off the Ibn-Fatwaani. Crayg Rydorsson went over to one of the old salts in the Buccaneer Inn and having an extra tankard in hand put it down in front of him and sat down. "Mind if I join you?", "No, not at all, me lad, its a fine morning.". "I am interested in hearing tales of the sea and you look like a weathered sea farer with a few tales to tell.". "That be true, what tale would you like to hear, me lad.". "Well as it happens I am interested in Eastern ships, could you tell me a tale of say that one there?", motioning to the Ibn-Fatwaani. "Aye, I could, the Ibn-Fatwaani, now that's a bad ship, its a magical ship been in these here waters for hundreds of years, the ship sails with only a bare minimum crew and they do most of their real work at night.". "Yes, I was wondering about that, I haven't seen anyone getting off or on this morning.". "Aye, that be true, the work that the Ibn-Fatwaani crew does is best done at night, if you get my meaning, me lad.", slipping his ale, "There a bad lot on board, the Captain is the worst of them, he is not one to be messed with, so don't tangle with him, me lad.". The old salt finished his ale "Thirsty work this.". "Yes, indeed it is, I'll just get us another round.".

At this moment another figure appeared on deck, he was a tall Easterner in a nondescript cloak, he started down the gangplank and into the crowded dockside below. Crayg Rydorsson returned moments later with another round of ale. "See that Easterner there, me lad, that's the Captain, you better hurry if you want to keep an eye on him.", the old salt winked at Crayg Rydorsson and took both the ales from his hands, "Ta, I've got to go, err, see you round.". "I hope I do, me lad, I've got plenty more tales to tell, and such a parched throat.", the old salt chuckled to himself and sipped on one of the ales.

Crayg Rydorsson darted into the crowd and kept his eyes firmly on the Captain. The Captain of the Ibn-Fatwaani weaved in and out of the crowd and almost lost Crayg Rydorsson a couple of times. Vernon Zarck seeing Crayg Rydorsson jump up and head into the crowds followed Crayg Rydorsson at a distance but Vernon Zarck was to quickly lose him amongst the docks and alleys beyond. The Captain after much twisting and turning on his path lead Crayg Rydorsson down Apple Street and into Orchard Row. The Captain of the Ibn-Fatwaani came to a undistinguished house in the middle of the street and slipped in through the front door. Crayg Rydorsson walked along for a little way and ducked into a shop from where he watched for a few minutes, marking where the house was in his mind.

He later returned to the group and told them what he had seen and heard, and found out from Grimwold Mindbreaker the number of sailors aboard the Ibn-Fatwaani at the moment. This looked like it would be best if we were to board the Ibn-Fatwaani during the night while the crew were out doing their mysterious errands. We kept the house on Orchard Row in mind as it might be worth a midnight visit later just to see what was kept inside. We headed back from the docks, through the alleyways, side streets and the marketplaces, to the Restless Pig to get some sleep and rest before our midnight adventure.

At the central bazaar the halfling spied in the crowd an Easterner who looked like he had just stepped off the boat from the Eastern lands. He had a money pouch just dangling there waiting to be snatched. The Easterner was completely engrossed in the activities of the market before him, so much so that he failed to notice a halfling now very close at his side. The halfling pulled out his shortsword and swiftly cut the leather thong that held the money pouch to the Easterners belt and the halfling slipped into the crowd. A few minutes later the Easterner was making a fuss over how someone had just lifted his purse in the middle of the market. Blue Bigfoot looked around at the commotion, just like everyone was doing, then went on his way.

Meanwhile Thor Frekwaldson's blink monkey had hopped onto his shoulder with a small purse in hand and had then vanished. An Easterner had seen the blink monkey vanish came over to Thor Frekwaldson saying "How much for the monkey? I want to buy your monkey.". Thor Frekwaldson looked at him and said, "What monkey?", the Easterner replied "The one that vanished after it hopped up onto your shoulder.". "Err, there is no monkey on my shoulder, you are mistaken, I don't know what are you talking about?". The Easterner was now becoming annoyed with Thor Frekwaldson and raising his voice, "I'll pay, I want to buy your invisible monkey, make him visible again.". Thor Frekwaldson gave the Easterner the same questioning look. The Easterner was now becoming very annoyed and was about to raise his voice even louder when Thor Frekwaldson said, "Friend, my friend, I have not seen you for such a long time.", as he said this he smothered the Easterner against his chest so that he could not say anything and could only struggle unsuccessfully against the Northman's bearhug embrace as he was patted on the back.

Thor Frekwaldson turned to Grimwold Mindbreaker, "Do something or I'm going to have to twist this fool's head off in public.". Grimwold Mindbreaker cast forget on the Easterner so that he would not remember events of the last 10 minutes, so forgetting he ever saw a vanishing monkey. The halfling approached the Easterner and tried to get a hold of his purse but it was too deep in the folds of his clothing. Blue Bigfoot did not have any more time to try further as the Northman was about to release the Easterner from his grip. The Easterner broke free and looked at Thor Frekwaldson "I do not know you.", Thor Frekwaldson said, "Wait, you are right you are not my friend Ali, my mistake, humble apologies I thought you were a friend of mine I had not seen for a long time. A thousand apologies.". The Easterner backed off into the crowd checking that his purse and possessions were all still on his person, satisfied he walked on.

Thor Frekwaldson turned to the weight on his shoulder and whispered "You don't go invisible in public or become visible either, you nearly got yourself caught.". The weight on his shoulder chattered back to him and chinked two coins together, the blink monkey had been successful in its pursuit of wealth.

The halfling back at the Restless Pig looked through the purse he had removed from the Easterner and removed what coins were inside and lost the purse itself. The halfling went to the markets while they were still open looking for a dagger to supplement his shortsword. The drawing of his shortsword while it had worked this time would raise trouble if it was spotted next time. Something smaller and sharper was now more appropriate. The first weapon shop the halfling came to held all manner of weapons all beautifully inlaid with gold and silver, but not in his price range and they seemed just for show anyway. Going deeper into the central market the halfling eventually came to a proper Weaponsmith.

The Weaponsmith inquired "So what type of dagger are you after? Are you after a working dagger or one for show?". "Err, a working dagger.". "We have all manner of working daggers, there are long, short, double bladed, single bladed, thrusting, cutting, stabbing, etc. It all depends on the use you want to put them to, here is one that is good for a quick stab in the night, interested?". "No, what I want is more one that is small, concealable and used for cutting.". "How about this one.", the Weaponsmith pulled forth a 4" long thin sharp dagger, "This is probably what you are after.", he slices through a piece of leather, "You try it.", giving the halfling the dagger and the leather, the dagger cuts the leather throng like it were butter. The halfling smiles, the Weaponsmith adds "Fine workmanship don't you think, its made from good steel so it won't loose that razor sharp edge.", "Yes, this is great, this is what I want, how much?". Blue Bigfoot pays the 4 silver for the dagger and leaves the Weaponsmiths, now there will be no more cutting purse thongs with a shortsword. He returned to the Restless Pig and slept the rest of the afternoon.

That evening Harpo Strongfellow came to our table while we were all at dinner and said, "I'm going to be needing another barrel of ale so I want you fellows to go down to the docks for me and buy a barrel of ale and bring it back here. Here is a gold coin to pay for the barrel, I want the change, if you could do it tonight that would be great.". Harpo Strongfellow handed the gold coin to Crayg Rydorsson who put it away for safe keeping. The halfling went over to Stinky and patted him. Hashem's eyes narrowed, as he looked at the halfling, and his claws became visible. The halfling quickly got the message and stopped patting. He went back to our table. Daisy Strongfellow commented to Blue Bigfoot as he went past, "Stinky is the best cat this Inn has ever had, isn't he? There is not a mouse or rat anywhere about. Mine you, its strange that there aren't a few more dogs and cats about as well. They all seem to shun the area as well.". She patted Stinky, who did not seem to mind. Blue Bigfoot said, "Strange that isn't it, I wonder why?", and looked at Stinky. Shortly after we went upstairs and slept till about 10 pm when we rose and headed to the seagoing docks.

We went through the side streets and alleyways until we came to the seagoing docks, it was here that the Ibn-Fatwaani rested at anchor and that we usually made purchases of ale for Harpo Strongfellow. Just before we entered the dock area proper Crayg Rydorsson called up at the roofs above, "Cat are you there?", there came an immediate cat yodelling from the rooves above. We at least had some back up firepower if this were to go wrong.

The first order of business was to go to the Buccaneer Inn and watch and wait awhile till we thought it was safe. Coming onto the docks from the south Grimwold Mindbreaker, Thor Frekwaldson and Martin Astonsen walked past the Ibn-Fatwaani. Grimwold Mindbreaker had cast presence and as he walked beside the dock talking with Thor Frekwaldson and Martin Astonsen. Grimwold Mindbreaker determined that there were now only 6 people on board the Ibn-Fatwaani. There were the two ever present guards on the top deck and there were two people below the main deck one at each end of the ship, and there were a further two on the next deck, just below the waterline, again one at each end of the ship. Grimwold Mindbreaker and company headed to the Buccaneer Inn.

At the Buccaneer Inn, Crayg Rydorsson spied a figure smoking a pipe under a light on the docks between the Ibn-Fatwaani and the next ship. He looked like our contact for our illicit ale purchases. While Serra Ibin Raaviat and Grimwold Mindbreaker waited at the Buccaneer Inn. Blue Bigfoot, Vernon Zarck, and Thor Frekwaldson went to a food bazaar just nearby to the contact to watch proceeding from a distance. Thor Frekwaldson bought some of the spicy kebabs being sold at the food stalls, and munched away. Crayg Rydorsson, and Martin Astonsen went over to where the contact stood to speak with him.

The contact looked up, "Evening, gents, how goes it.", "Fine, fine, err, we were interested in purchasing a barrel of ale, would you happen to know which ships are selling this night?". The contact responded, "That I do, that I do, just the one barrel was it?". "Yes, just the one.". "Well, it is going to cost you one gold piece for a barrel.". "One gold piece, I think I can do better elsewhere, they normally go for five silvers.". "Five silvers you say, well if you want cats piss, that is what you will get for that price. Now I will give you a barrel of fine ale for eight silvers, what do you say?". "I don't know we were still thinking of less than eight silvers.". "Well how about I say seven silvers, but no less, for you being valued customers and all.". "I think that sounds a fair price.". "We have a deal, its cash on delivery so come back here at 2 am and I will have your barrel ready and waiting.". Crayg Rydorsson and Martin Astonsen returned to the Buccaneer Inn to make our plans.

Our plan for the raid on the Ibn-Fatwaani was simple, just hide in plain view, we would walk on board as if we owned the Ibn-Fatwaani and nobody would be any wiser. Leaving the Buccaneer Inn we made our way to the dock edge and as Grimwold Mindbreaker came alongside the Ibn-Fatwaani he cast sleep at the two guards, they slumped where they had been standing onto the floor. To allay suspicion Serra Ibin Raaviat cast illusion and had the images of the two guards on watch appear where their slumped forms now were, however only one of her spells worked. Grimwold Mindbreaker walked aboard. In quick succession all the remainder of the party went up the loading ramp onto the Ibn-Fatwaani. We took up hidden positions under the stairs, so we would not be seen from shore.

Crayg Rydorsson said, "We had better knock the guards out we do not want them waking.". Crayg Rydorsson and Martin Astonsen moved to the guard at the stern, they went up the stairs onto the Poop deck. As they approached the guard stirred, they quickly cracked him across the back of the head with the hilt of a dagger. Vernon Zarck said, "I'll finish the other one.", and went across the main deck up the stairs and up onto the forecastle where he also cracked the guard over the head but then pulled out his viper familiar from around his waist, and had it bite the unconscious guard just above the guard's head's hairline. Vernon Zarck whispered to himself, "He's finished, he won't be waking up.".

We grouped together on the main deck. Crayg Rydorsson said, "We start at the stern and make our way up the ship, searching as we go, we do this quickly and quietly.". He pulled the stern door and entered, he was followed immediately by Thor Frekwaldson and Martin Astonsen. Blue Bigfoot and Serra Ibin Raaviat followed a moment after. Vernon Zarck went up to the Poop deck and again used his viper to send the Ibn-Fatwaani seaman on his way, before returning to the party.

The stern entrance lead to a corridor, to the left three rooms, one a pantry, the next the kitchen, the next lead to stairs going down. To the right was the main dining area, ahead were the Captain's quarters. We paused to look in each room, but made a beeline to the Captain's quarters. Inside we found, two bookcases on either side of the room, a desk with maps piled up, and a chair. Grimwold Mindbreaker and Serra Ibin Raaviat began to look at the books in the bookcases. Blue Bigfoot made a beeline for the desk, looking through it, all he could find was a book with coded entries. Crayg Rydorsson looking at the far bookcase said, "That's at an odd angle, I wonder what the room behind it is shaped like?". He went down the other corridor leading off, to the right was the dining area again and to his left a dormitory for about six people, it was a rectangular room, the wall flush, that meant that there was a space between the back of the bookcase and this wall.

Crayg Rydorsson looking carefully could see scrap marks on the floor, he could not make out the join or how to open it. He called the halfling over, "See those scrap marks, this is a secret door, open it.". The halfling paused looked at the secret door, looked about the room, saw how each bunk was bolted to the floor. He pushed a slight depression in the corner post of the nearest bunk, the door swung partially open and the halfling walked into the room. Crayg Rydorsson and Vernon Zarck followed moments later. The room was completely empty. Vernon Zarck and Crayg Rydorsson had a look about then left. Blue Bigfoot was leaving when his foot hit a rise in the planking. The halfling pulled out his dagger and pied a floor plank up, then the next six, below was another cavity, which also was empty, this cavity did however reek with the smell of Hashish.

Meanwhile back in the Captain's cabin, Serra Ibin Raaviat came to a book that she thought was interesting. Serra Ibin Raaviat pulled out the book, "The Log of Halaana - The Sea Witch.", from the shelf. From behind the book a metal ball dropped to the decking and resounded, the next ball Serra Ibin Raaviat managed to catch, the third and final ball was caught by Grimwold Mindbreaker just before it hit the decking. Grimwold Mindbreaker using his presence spell determined that the person on the deck below had moved in the direction of the sound of the ball, he stopped, waited and listened. This person headed to where the stairs would be on the opposite side of the ship. Our party also rushed in that direction and some took up firing positions facing the access door. The person down below did not come upstairs.

We went down the stairs to see what was there. The stairs lead down to the deck below. Beside the stairs were a row of barrels which the halfling slipped behind. In front of us was a curtain concealing the remainder of the room. Grimwold Mindbreaker using his presence spell detected a single form behind the curtain. Grimwold Mindbreaker cast sleep on this person, thereby dropping him to the floor. The Ibn-Fatwaani sailor was bound and gagged. Vernon Zarck and his viper spent a few moments alone with him. We looked quickly about the rooms and areas here, the only thing of interest being a cupboard which the halfling quickly opened. Inside the cupboard were Easterner clothes and a large cutlass with small gems inlaid. The halfling noted this for swiping on our way out. We moved to the next set of stairs going down to the main hold.

Serra Ibin Raaviat, Vernon Zarck and Blue Bigfoot quietly moved down the stairs to the main hold. We could make out the form of a Ibn-Fatwaani seaman lying asleep on a pile of hessian bags, an empty bottle of wine at his feet. Serra Ibin Raaviat walked up to him, placed a dagger at his throat and coughed. The seaman woke and on seeing the dagger did not move. Serra Ibin Raaviat began, "Where is the Captain's booty?", "I don't know, he does not tell the common crew these things.". "Turn around.", he did so and was cuffed on the back of the head rendering him unconscious. Serra Ibin Raaviat bound and gagged him.

The halfling had gone beyond the pile of hessian bags the sailor had been lying on to have a look at the far end of the chamber. Here he could see boxes, in the process of being made from planks. Along one wall there were completed boxes having had their lids nailed shut. Blue Bigfoot went over picked up a crowbar and opened one up, he pulled out a swapped bundle. The halfling undid the hessian bundle and found in his hands a dinner set of six knives, forks and spoons. The cutlery had on its end the crest of one of the Noble Houses of Middleburg, which one he was not sure but he had seen a pendent bearing the same design flying over the Pitt at the tossing's. Blue Bigfoot took six sets of bundles, stuffing them into his clothing.

Serra Ibin Raaviat now came over and had a look in the boxes also, "So they steal from Middleburg and sell in another port.". Meanwhile as Vernon Zarck had been left by the unconscious form of the sailor, he resolved that this sailor had seen to much and Vernon Zarck let his viper do its job. He then joined Serra Ibin Raaviat and Blue Bigfoot looking at the loot stolen from the Noble Houses of Middleburg.

Going to the stern hold we examined the area, it was divided up into two chambers, one each side of the ship, they contained sacks of grain and flour. We searched the first compartment for a secret door but were unsuccessful. Then we turned to look in the next compartment, here the halfling found a secret door in the middle of the stern hold rear wall. We opened the door revealing a 3' wide corridor that ran 10' into a room beyond which would be 10' by 10' In the room beyond we could see a number of boxes and sacks. Looking for traps Thor Frekwaldson could see that at about two thirds of the way along the corridor the plank that ran widthwise was sunken fractionally more than the remaining planks. To overcome this trap we got out a large plank from the main hold and ran it along the length of the corridor. They sent the halfling along to see what was down there, he gingerly stepped over the trigger plank to the other side.

Blue Bigfoot advanced along the plank and came to the very edge of the room. At eye height for the halfling, or about 3', he could see a thin wire running across the entrance. Looking carefully he made out some five more thin wires at various heights along the entrance length. The halfling backed off and told of what he had found. They decided that they would set them off from a distance, so Thor Frekwaldson grabbed another length of plank and forced it into one of the wires. The wire broke but nothing appeared to happen, there were no darts, arrows, gases or other killing devices going off. Upstairs in the Captain's cabin one of a series of twelve bells started ringing. The halfling returned to the entrance way and snipped the rest of the wires, at least all the ones he could reach. A further four bells rang in the Captain's cabin.

Inside the room at the end of the corridor the halfling found a box, that had satisfied the description that Hashem had given of his box with the demon's blood inside. The halfling walked back down the plank to just before the trigger plank and passed out Hashem's box to Grimwold Mindbreaker who took it and went upstairs. There were another two boxes again the halfling picked these up and passed them out to a waiting Martin Astonsen, who took them both upstairs. There was a small sack, the halfling opened this up and had a look inside. The sack contained a ivory case, the halfling passed this to Serra Ibin Raaviat who put it in the folds of her robes. Serra Ibin Raaviat said, "We should check again next door they probably have the same situation, but now we know what to look for and where to look.".

Meanwhile Martin Astonsen stood upon the stern deck with the two largish boxes he had brought from the concealed chambers in the stern. He opened the first and saw two gold goblets, one having black pearls about it the other with red. He closed this case and opened the next. In the case was a disassembled crossbow having black pearls along its main shaft, there were five black bolts in the chest as well. "I am going to have some fun with this!", thought Martin Astonsen. He removed the main part of the crossbow from the case, it assembled itself in the next moment and stood waiting with the black bolt ready in the bolt slot. Martin Astonsen heard the soft whisper, "Use me.", coming from the demon crossbow. "What a good idea.", said Martin Astonsen "Now where is a target?". Martin Astonsen looked about him and at the end of the pier stood a man between the lamps relieving himself of the ale bought earlier that night, smoking on a pipe. Twang, Thunk, Splash. "Well, that works really well.", said Martin Astonsen, "I am going to hold onto this.". Then he heard the soft whisper "Sigh, thanks.". So began an almost perfect match made in hell of man and machination.

Below deck we had reached the previous chamber and having removed some sacks from the rear wall, we did indeed find another concealed door, this one too leading into a 10' by 10' room. Using the same procedure as last time the halfling walked along the plank, cut the wires, so setting off the bells upstairs, and entered the room. Here there was a large 3' by 3' by 4' high box, which the halfling opened using a crowbar. After pulling some of the planks aside and removing the hessian stuffing the halfling could make out a 3' tall solid silver statue of a dwarf. The halfling whistled, this would be worth a fortune, the pity was we would have great difficulty moving it off the ship. Concealing it would also present a problem, it would come up real easy on any and all the scrying devices in town. There were also two sacks on the floor, the halfling lifted them and heard the familiar jingle of coins, they weighted a lot. The halfling evened out the weight in both sacks and passed them across the trigger plank. One sack went to the halfling and the other went to Serra Ibin Raaviat.

The time had now come to leave the Ibn-Fatwaani post haste. We had what we had come for and more to boot, time to head back to the Restless Pig before the remainder of the crew of the Ibn-Fatwaani returned. Serra Ibin Raaviat returned to the unconscious form of the sailor we found in the main hold. She had decided he had seen her face and so knew too much. She slit his throat, little knowing that Vernon Zarck had already dispatched him half an hour before. The halfling passing by the cupboard, on the middle deck, swiped the large cutlass with small gems inlaid and also took a couple of the Easterner silk shirts clothes on his way past. We were now headed out to the main deck proper.

Crayg Rydorsson and Martin Astonsen who were on the top deck heard the sound of the forecastle door opening. They saw in the semidarkness the figures of two Ibn-Fatwaani sailors appear on the deck. Martin Astonsen opened the box with his demon crossbow and pulled out the main part of the demon crossbow. The demon crossbow immediately assembled itself and stood waiting with a black bolt ready in the bolt slot. "Use me, you know you want to.", were the words that came to Martin Astonsen's ears. Martin Astonsen said softly to the demon crossbow, "Right at this moment that's not a bad idea!". He raised the demon crossbow and sent the black bolt into the first sailor, the man crumpled to the deck, motionless. Martin Astonsen heard the soft whisper, "That felt good, its been so long.".

Crayg Rydorsson seeing what just happened, drew back his own bow and sent an arrow into the second sailor, his shot only glancing the sailor. The man charged across the deck at Crayg Rydorsson and Martin Astonsen. Thor Frekwaldson drew his sword and prepared to receive the charge. Crayg Rydorsson and Martin Astonsen had one more chance to shoot him at point blank range just before he closed. Twang, Twang, Thunk, Thunk. The man staggered under the arrows and as he swayed Thor Frekwaldson struck him on the shoulder with his sword sending him to the decking. The man moaned then drew silent.

Martin Astonsen went up to the poop deck and looked across the docks. He could see the start of a brawl erupting at one of the taverns. He spoke softly to the demon crossbow, "I wonder how far you can shoot?", the reply was, "Use me, use me.". Martin Astonsen said, "Well, I guess I should know how far you can shoot. It might come in handy later. Lets try a ranging shot.". He pulled the crossbow up, aimed at the brawl down the docks and pulled the trigger. The black bolt flew straight and true and slammed into the back of one of the brawlers, who immediately dropped. "Sigh, thanks again.". Martin Astonsen said, "Yep, that's pretty good if I do say so myself.".

Crayg Rydorsson was now up on the poop deck, "Put that away, we want to leave now, and you might draw attention to us.". "Sure, I suppose your right.", said Martin Astonsen. Martin Astonsen returned to the main deck and with momentary reluctance put his demon crossbow back into its box and closed the lid. Vernon Zarck now stood on deck as well and administered the last rites to the two Ibn-Fatwaani sailors, using his viper.

We were now all on the main deck. Crayg Rydorsson said, "Right, we will have to split up, I need to stay here to collect that barrel of ale we ordered so that we don't look suspicious. I will need Thor Frekwaldson to come with me to help roll the barrel back to the Restless Pig. The rest of you make your way back to the Restless Pig as a group, I'm sure Hashem will watch you all the way. Let's go.". All the group left the Ibn-Fatwaani via the gangplank and walked to the very end of the dock, we split, Crayg Rydorsson and Thor Frekwaldson went to the Buccaneer Inn and the rest returned to the Restless Pig.

It came time to collect the barrel of ale. Crayg Rydorsson and Thor Frekwaldson returned to the light on the docks between the Ibn-Fatwaani and the next ship looking for our contact. He however was nowhere to be found. Little did they know that the contact had come to an unfortunate end earlier that evening when he had been reliving himself at the end of the docks. The two of them waited for 15 minutes before they moved along the dockside. They saw one of the ships ahead hoisting a barrel from below decks onto their main deck. Crayg Rydorsson called up, "Is that barrel ours?", "It might be for you, I don't know. We cannot give it to you anyway until our contact returns.". Crayg Rydorsson called up "I have the money here.", and he showed a small purse. "We don't sell direct to anyone, only to our contact, he has gone missing at the moment, so you will have to wait.". Crayg Rydorsson called up again. "I'm a busy man, I cannot wait all night.", the reply was, "You'll have to, mate.". Crayg Rydorsson called back up, "I'll be back another night when you have your act together.". Crayg Rydorsson and Thor Frekwaldson now returned to the Restless Pig, as they left they heard the sound of a barrel come crashing down and the words, "Something's got my purse, there it goes.". Thor Frekwaldson just shook his head, he knew what creature was responsible.


(c) 1997 One Night in Middleburg Rolemaster Campaign Journal by Ross Stopford  
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