Episode 18 : The Noble Warriors Of The Temple Of Wendinni, Goddess Of Justice

The party decided to move far away from the Temple to Wendinni because Grimwold Mindbreaker had determined from his mind typing spell that the White wyvern was 46th level. This gave the wyvern a range of nearly a mile. We headed back to the woods and set ourselves up in a clearing about 2 miles from the Temple.

That night a storm descended around the Temple. Lightning flashed and thunder roared. Rain bucketed down and the halfling lost his voice. Watches were set, this time in groups of four and three. The first watch was Garack, Vernon Zarck, Blue Bigfoot and Harry Mata. We set up in the clearing in the thick forest, a fire pit in the middle. The people that could fly set themselves up in the trees, others took up selected positions on the ground.

Crayg Rydorsson pulled out his mirror and called up the Demon Humzaar. They spoke briefly, the subject being where Crayg Rydorsson had acquired certain items now in the Demon Humzaar possession. When he was informed that the possessions came from the Temple of Wendinni, the Demon Humzaar went an even sicklier shade of pale green and said he didn't want to be anywhere near what was going to happen tonight. The mirror went dark.

Grimwold Mindbreaker cast dream. His dream centred upon the white wyvern, it stood in the centre of the central chamber to Wendinni talking to the statue of the Goddess of Justice. A female voice replied and he could also hear the words of two men talking as well in this conversation. The dream panned and Grimwold Mindbreaker could see down the corridor that was lined with the statues of the Knights of Wendinni. However there were only eight figures, four of the marble figures were missing, the dream ended abruptly with the sounds of alarm coming from the camp and the words, "Statues.", rang out more than once.

Coming from each direction of the compass was a 12' tall marble statue of a Knight of Wendinni. They walked through small trees and brush, there pace relentless, the wood did not present an obstacle to their path. They closed on the camp. The halfling fired his bow at the first to appear only to have the arrow bounce uselessly from the statue's chest. Bang went the Serpent Staff of Mahaaran and only slightly singed a statue, which did not slacken pace. Harry Mata tried to hide, slipped in the mud and fell flat on his face.

The first Knight reached Garack who stood to receive and chopped with his broadsword at its chest. Chips of marble flew of the Knight and the blow numbed his hand. The first Knight raised its own 10' tall sword and prepared to return the blow. Grimwold Mindbreaker cast mind invasion at another Knight and was repulsed. The two hothorogs of Vernon Zarck were instructed to bite the nearest Knight. The first bit down on the Knights arm and came away with a mouth full of shards of teeth were only moments before there had been a razor sharp set. The Knight raised his sword and brought it down upon the demon and with a pop sent it back to hell.

Serra Ibin Raaviat cast stone to earth at the next Knight, only to be resisted. Crayg Rydorsson cast shield on Garack and drew back his bow. Garack using most of his weapon skill parried the blow directed at him by the first Knight, his sword shuddering under the punishment. Crayg Rydorsson fired his arrow struck a Knight and chipped some marble off it but did not cause a moments pause as the arrow fell to the ground.

The second Knight walked straight past Harry Mata directly at Garack. Harry Mata stood up and swung his sword at the passing Knight. The blow glanced from the Knight's chest and the sword jarred in his hand. Serra Ibin Raaviat drew Hexgora's Wand of Fire Balls and sent a fire ball at the Knight, however she only blackening it slightly. This Knight approached behind the second demon. Garack stumbled and lost his footing on the muddy ground but quickly regained it again.

Grimwold Mindbreaker cast mind typing and the spell indicated that our opponents were human, level 26, Noble Warriors of Wendinni, Goddess of Justice. Vernon Zarck cast shock bolt at the Knight before his remaining demon and caused marble to chip and fly off. The halfling stabbed at the Knight attacking Harry Mata and did insignificant damage even when attacking from behind. The halfling shortsword quivered in his hand. The Knight did not even notice.

The first Knight brought his sword down on Garack who using his parry managed to avoid the blow. The third Knight brought his sword down on the remaining demon and also sent it straight to hell. Harry Mata struck the second Knight and slightly chipped it only, his sword quivered on contact. The Knight returned the blow but again Harry Mata parried. Harry Mata and the halfling struck it again for minor chips both their sword hands aching with the blows.

Garack slipped in the mud again and took time to regain any semblance of footing. The first Knight remained as sure footed as ever. Vernon Zarck cast bladeturn on Garack only to fumble and fry his brain again with this spell. He lost consciousness and fell from the sky landing behind the two advancing statues. He would not wake until the dawn and he again could not use magic for a period of three weeks.

Crayg Rydorsson fired his bow at the Knights, chips of marble came off and nothing more. Serra Ibin Raaviat sent a fire ball into the grouping of the two Knights who had just dispatched both demons. They emerged from the fire ball almost unscathed and advanced in the direction of Garack and Crayg Rydorsson. Garack tried stunned manoeuvres and parried the downward blow of the first Knight. Harry Mata brought his shortsword down upon the second Knight and watched as half of it sailed off the Knight's chest and the other half remained in his hand. The second Knight brought his sword down on Harry Mata who using his stub of a shortsword managed to fend off much of the damage, what went through almost knocked him from his feet and left him stunned.

At this point there were now two Knights on Garack, one on Harry Mata with a second rapidly approaching. Vernon Zarck lay on the ground unconscious, Crayg Rydorsson rushed towards Vernon Zarck, Serra Ibin Raaviat and Grimwold Mindbreaker floated in their appropriate trees. General consensus was to flee. The halfling bolted. Garack leaped up into Serra Ibin Raaviat's tree. Crayg Rydorsson put Vernon Zarck across his back. Harry Mata, using leaping, leaped over the firepit and between two trees and landed awkwardly.

The second Knight turned towards Blue Bigfoot and advanced. The halfling bolted off down the track back to the Temple of Wendinni and did not stop to look behind. He broke from the forest and veered off onto the grassland plains and finally stopped on the low hillock that they had first used to spy upon the trolls. He went to ground and watched and waited for more Knights to appear either from the forest or from the Temple.

Crayg Rydorsson ran into the trees carrying Vernon Zarck in a fireman's lift. The sound of crashing could be distinctly heard coming up behind. Grimwold Mindbreaker cast another spell only to again have it fizzled upon contact with the Knights. Garack climbed higher up the tree out of the range of the swords wielded by these giants. Harry Mata slipped in the mud and then righted himself to see the second Knight, that had been chasing the halfling, now turn and bear down upon him. Serra Ibin Raaviat again sent a fire ball at a Knight, magic flared around the Knight and it burst through the fire ball never slackening it's pace.

The first Knight stood under the tree that contained Serra Ibin Raaviat and Garack and began to chop at it. The first blow sent a shudder through the entire length of the tree. A third Knight came in and struck. This blow caused the tree to visibly shudder and develop a lean. Again the first Knight struck, Garack and Serra Ibin Raaviat clutched at branches to stop from falling out. The tree leaned precariously to one side cracking and groaning. Crayg Rydorsson cast leaping on Garack, who used it immediately to leap to another tree. Serra Ibin Raaviat cast leaping as well and jumped into a series of trees away from the clearing. The tree they had been in crashed to the ground. The Knights turned and followed them.

The fourth Knight pursued Crayg Rydorsson into the forest. Crayg Rydorsson came upon a fallen tree, that had rotted away inside and he tossed Vernon Zarck into its midst and sprinted on. The fourth Knight passed this tree and continued his chase. Crayg Rydorsson rushed headlong into a bramble bush and had to spend valuable time working his way through. The bramble bush burst apart as the fourth Knight came through and stood within arms length of Crayg Rydorsson.

The second Knight was likewise in pursuit of a target and Harry Mata sprinted into the forest as well. The third Knight reached the tree containing Serra Ibin Raaviat and began to chop. The first Knight chased Garack into the forest. The party was now fragmented with Crayg Rydorsson, Garack, Serra Ibin Raaviat, and Harry Mata each having a Knight in hot pursuit. Vernon Zarck lay unconscious, Blue Bigfoot was rushing back along the track to the Temple and Grimwold Mindbreaker floated unseen as yet in the trees above.

Grimwold Mindbreaker cast another spell and this time he is stunned by the backfire. Serra Ibin Raaviat continues to leap into the bushes and trees and out of sight of the third Knight. This Knight turns and returns to the campsite, it picks up the two handed sword Justice and proceeds to head back along the track to the Temple of Wendinni.

Crayg Rydorsson and the fourth Knight now begin a ten minute chase through the forest. It is only punctuated by Crayg Rydorsson managing to get a little way ahead try to hide and then the fourth Knight spot his hiding place and rush at him. So beginning the pursuit again. The statue having the one advantage that it does not tire, and Crayg Rydorsson was becoming exhausted from his flight.

Harry Mata faired better in this field he managed to open a gap between himself, and the second Knight and then change course and hide. The second Knight searched momentarily but could not locate Harry Mata again. The second Knight continued his pursuit but away from Harry Mata, much to his relief.

Garack faired worse, no matter how he turned or what tricks he tried to pull he could not lose the first Knight. Garack too began to tire, the first Knight kept on, always now only second behind. Serra Ibin Raaviat flying overhead could see the pursuit of Garack by the first Knight and began preparations for the casting of fly on Garack as well. The third dimension would put Garack out of reach of the pursing statue.

Crayg Rydorsson burst into the clearing and was followed shortly afterwards by the fourth Knight. Grimwold Mindbreaker cast subjugation and having had time to prepare thought he had a fair chance of this working. The spell bounced off the first Knight who continued after Crayg Rydorsson.

Serra Ibin Raaviat rose above the forest and began to move in the direction of the Temple of Wendinni. In the distance she could see the Temple of Wendinni softly glowing. In the courtyard out the front of the Temple of Wendinni, she could make out that under the garden domed roof there now stood a 12' tall statue that also softly glowed in the night.

Crayg Rydorsson rushed across the clearing and charged down the path that lead to the Temple of Wendinni. Now out of the thick woods and onto a track his pace quickened and he began to put some distance between himself and the fourth statue. Grimwold Mindbreaker cast subjugation on this statue and again was unsuccessful. The spell misfired and knocked Grimwold Mindbreaker from the sky, he hovered in his stunned state down to the ground below. Crayg Rydorsson leaped into a large tree just off the path and hid. The fourth statue continued on and past him.

Serra Ibin Raaviat cast leaving on the third statue that was returning to the Temple of Wendinni having just walked past the halfling. Her spell fizzled and the statue continued into the grounds proper. Grimwold Mindbreaker floated upwards into the air again as the first statue continued its relentless pursuit of Garack. Garack jogged toward the bridge over the river by the Temple of Wendinni.

The second statue came forth from the woods and headed for the Temple of Wendinni. Serra Ibin Raaviat flew past this one onto where Garack was running. Garack saw a dark figure fly at him from out of the night and said, "Hold still, I'm going to cast fly on you.". Garack floated into the air as the first statue began to catch up to him and stood waving its sword at him from below. Garack could now catch his breath and rest awhile. Garack headed toward the river, he floated over and then back only to find that the first statue waded into the river crossed along the bottom and back again.

Crayg Rydorsson, entered the clearing after ten minutes had pasted to find that Serra Ibin Raaviat and Harry Mata joined him a few minutes later. Garack flew back towards the wood and spying the halfling from the air dropped down and joined up with him. They entered the woods and headed back to the campsite.

The second statue burst into the clearing. Grimwold Mindbreaker released his prepared spell subjugation and succeeded. For an instant Grimwold Mindbreaker had control of the statue and could direct it but this faded as quickly as control was achieved. The second statue stood frozen in place. Crayg Rydorsson and Harry Mata walked up to it and turned the statue into the male Venus de Milo, then pulverized it to lumps of marble.

Garack and the halfling entered the clearing and they said that the first statue was still on their tail. So the group decided to set up an ambush along the lines of the tiger and the goat. Here Garack acted as the goat. Serra Ibin Raaviat created a pit of mud before Garack for the statue to fall into and then covered it with an illusion of grass. Garack stood still he could not pick where the pit had been and only knew that it was in front of him, so he stood his ground.

The first statue entered the clearing and advanced upon Garack. Grimwold Mindbreaker cast his spell which only misfired and left him stunned momentarily. The first statue approached the illusion which vanished when he entered 10' range and it started to manoeuvre around the pit. The halfling struck from behind, his shortsword chipping the statue and jarring his hand. Harry Mata attacked, Crayg Rydorsson attacked and the halfling attacked again while Garack used his skill to parry the blows coming at him from the statue and returned them blow for blow.

Harry Mata struck the statue a mighty blow that knocked it off balance and sent it falling forward to the ground. A crack had appeared in the statues side. The halfling thrust his shortsword into the crack as the statue moved to stand. The shortsword snapped off at the hilt and the halfling was now defenceless. Grimwold Mindbreaker cast subjugation and bounced off the statues magic resistance. Garack again parried the statues blow and returned a blow. Crayg Rydorsson sent an arrow into the statues side slightly chipping it.

Blue Bigfoot began a rapid retreat away from the statue pulling out his 4" dagger as he went. Harry Mata delivered another mighty blow again another crack appeared in the statues side. Harry Mata chopped again widening the crack. The statue was now fully up and swung at Garack who again dodged the blow and returned the favour. Serra Ibin Raaviat cast powder stone at the first statue only to see the spell fizzle in midair.

Harry Mata chopped again slowly widening the cracks that had started to appear in the statue. Crayg Rydorsson shot wide with his next arrow and Garack again parried first. Grimwold Mindbreaker cast a spell that fizzled. The Harry Mata drew back his sword and thrust it into the ever widening crack in the first statue. The statue broke in half then shattered to a thousand pieces of marble. The fight was ended.

We began to wonder about Vernon Zarck. Crayg Rydorsson supplied the answer that he had shoved him into a fallen tree at shoulder height. We investigated to find that the area around Vernon Zarck hissed with snakes of all types and varieties. Best left undisturbed till morning was the general consensus.

Crayg Rydorsson pulled forth his mirror and the Demon Humzaar appeared. They talked momentarily Crayg Rydorsson said, "Humzaar, put the silver hand on me.". "And what do I get this for?". "We've already paid your price, remember!". "Oh yes, quite so, I forgot.", and he chuckled. "Now I don't want to be left debilitated by this as you did with Harry Mata and Garack, ok.", the Demon Humzaar paid no attention and snatched Crayg Rydorsson hand and pulled it into the mirror. Moments passed, Crayg Rydorsson pulled forth his right hand, a silver hand. He looked paler than before but that was to be expected. Far below on the Pillar of Damned Souls the name Crayg Rydorsson became inlaid with silver. Damned once, damned twice.

Crayg Rydorsson flexed the fingers of his right hand. All the sensations of touch were there, as were the spell lists for evil clerics necromancy and evil magicians matter disruption. Crayg Rydorsson tried these spells out on the ring that would not come off Garack's finger. He failed. Eventually he fumbled and took a double misfire critical, minor only but enough for him to cease. People now rested. Grimwold Mindbreaker cast dream. His dream told him that the herbs taken from Temple of Wendinni were blood clotting herbs and could reduce pain. Morning came and Vernon Zarck drank from our cup of healing but still did not improve.

General consensus was to get off the Pentyce Island as soon as possible. We headed back to the first village that we had found on Pentyce Island. Here Serra Ibin Raaviat and Crayg Rydorsson flew across to the mainland and approached the village where we had fought the wyvern. The village was totally destroyed. The huts had been shredded and put to the torch, bones of the villagers could be seen scattered about and the fishing fleet was nothing more than splinters. So much for getting a boat here.

Serra Ibin Raaviat decided that she could ferry people across but it would take time using the fly spell. So three days later we all stood back upon the mainland. We headed for Tornburg, further up the coast. Grimwold Mindbreaker had time to dream. His first dream was of this shattered village. He saw himself standing upon the altar looking up at the sky. A wyvern sailed across the moon and swept down upon the village it began by picking off any villages out in the open. A second wyvern landed on a hut and smashed through its roof. The third and oldest wyvern landed and sent a fire ball into each of the huts in turn. The dream ended, a dream named wyvern kill, not because any died but because of what they did.

Grimwold Mindbreaker's next dream was of the nearest mentalist. Grimwold Mindbreaker however saw a repeat of the dream of the night before. The next night Grimwold Mindbreaker again did dream. He saw a wealthy robed man leading a donkey up to the gates of Tornburg, handing the guard a silver coin from a gloved hand and enter the town. The dream ended.

Walking up the coast these three days we came to a village. The village was about half the size of the one that is now no more. The village had only 15 ships beached. On our approach people went indoors rapidly and only one man came forth to greet us. The old man approached and eyed Crayg Rydorsson and Serra Ibin Raaviat up and down, their reputations proceeding them. He focussed on the newly acquired silver hand of Crayg Rydorsson.

The old man spoke "We have cholera in the village, you can't come in.". Crayg Rydorsson ignored this and entered the village proper. "We want shortswords do you have any?". "No, none, we only have spears and axes here.". "Don't mind if I check for myself, do you?". Crayg Rydorsson began to enter the first house. Women run from this house. A bow raises from the doorway of another. Serra Ibin Raaviat cast a spell and the bow snaps. No further resistance is offered by the village. A search reveals only spears, axes, bows and harpoons. It also reveals an altar to the wyverns. The food set out has withered and a goat looking unhappy remains tied to the altar. We moved on.

Grimwold Mindbreaker did dream again of the mentalist, this time having tried some of the herb from the Temple of Wendinni the dream came through in intimate detail. Grimwold Mindbreaker walked along a cobbled street to a tavern, he looked up and saw the sign above was the "Green Griffin.". He entered and took a table. A moment later the mentalist of the earlier dreams entered the tavern and beckons to Grimwold Mindbreaker. "Hi Grimwold Mindbreaker, long time no see.", he pulls up a chair and sits down beside Grimwold Mindbreaker. The mentalist Axel Rohansson is young and powerful, a Northman who is dressed in good clothes. Around his neck Grimwold Mindbreaker can see three necklaces, each with beads carrying the spell lists of mentalism. Grimwold Mindbreaker looks down at his solitary necklace, this man has acquired two more from other mentalists. Axel chats away about how he has just come from the Lawn Republic way down south, how he was going to go through Middleburg but that is not a town for a bard at the moment. He intends to carry on his travels to the Kingdom of the Black Rose, further maybe. The dream ends.

Grimwold Mindbreaker in this nights dream wanted to know who is searching for our group? The image of Easter Island appears, only it is not it is Pentyce Island. There upon a cliff overlooking the sea, with the mainland in the distance, stand nine statues of the Knights of the Temple of Wendinni. Waiting, waiting as only rocks can. The dream ends.

Grimwold Mindbreaker did dream of the dagger that Serra Ibin Raaviat acquired long ago, the one that belonged to Lord Escot. The dream was nothing more than Grimwold Mindbreaker standing upon a mountain peak, the wind howling in his ears. The dream ended.

The next day Grimwold Mindbreaker cast item vision and saw the following significant event in the daggers history. There was a bearded man wearing a leather apron looking down at a dagger similar to Serra Ibin Raaviat's dagger, its twin. He turns to his work bench. Grimwold Mindbreaker sees hands softly lift the lid of a box to the side of the Alchemist and remove from it Lord Escot's dagger. The hand lifts the dagger out and plunges it into the back of the Alchemist. The vision is complete. Again Grimwold Mindbreaker cast item vision. There is a building, the building is on fire. A man, a thief rushes from the flames. He tries to escape, kills two guards with the dagger he holds, more guards appear and he takes a mortal wound. The thief jumps back into the fire. The vision is complete.

Again Grimwold Mindbreaker cast item vision. The Alchemist walks out of the building. The building is a small keep in the mountains. The wind blows in his face and from a parapet high above, he shouts out "Hawkwind, come forth.", a hawk in midflight materializes in the air and lands on the dagger. The dagger and hawk are one, the dagger is named and the hawk fly's off and vanishes. The vision ends. Serra Ibin Raaviat smiles she knows that the dagger is now attuned to her. Hawkwind sparkles slightly and losses its cursed nature while she lives and breathes. Serra Ibin Raaviat can now wield it as it was meant to be wielded and she knows it will also aid her when she parries.

Grimwold Mindbreaker did dream of Justice. He walked down the steps to the cellar and saw the young girl lying in the velvet coffin. The lid closed as he went past and headed down the stairs. In the Temple of Wendinni on the side were the Knights resided there were two spaces occupied by marble piles, nine are vacant and two still occupied. The dream ended.

Grimwold Mindbreaker did dream of the giant wolf at the castle on Pentyce Island. A very large wolf sat at its masters side slowly being stoked by a mummified hand. The dream ends.

Grimwold Mindbreaker did dream of the owner of the mummified hand. The dream was as before but now Grimwold Mindbreaker stood in front of the chair. In the chair he saw a man, mummified and with burn scarring upon his face, he had long stingy white hair and there was an expression of curiosity on his mummified face. He saw this figure in his next dream standing upon the top of the castles keep.


(c) 1997 One Night in Middleburg Rolemaster Campaign Journal by Ross Stopford  
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