Episode 10 : The Lady Sabritee Jafnari

That afternoon Thor Frekwaldson returning from the Courthouse entered the Restless Pig and advanced up the stairs, on the third floor he came to the rooms of Graham the big mouth and seeing the door ajar pushed it open further. Inside the room he could see on the floor the remains of Graham, his head smashed open and brains sprayed across the floor. What he also noticed was that part of Graham was ripped from him and could not be seen about the room. Thor Frekwaldson decided to advance on, up the stairs, to the common dormitory of the party. Inside he found that the door had been smashed open and hung ajar.

Thor Frekwaldson slowly pushed open the door and surveyed the room. The room was a shambles, furniture was strewn about and shattered. Thor Frekwaldson entered further and began to look about the room. He advanced on the small curtained off area were Serra Ibin Raaviat slept and was about to pull the curtain back when it flew back. Inside stood a Eastern woman. The Eastern woman looked exactly like the elderly woman who was in the Inn this morning only 50 years younger. The Eastern woman's right hand was all of silver, she slammed her silver fist into the chest of Thor Frekwaldson. Thor Frekwaldson was sent spinning, there was more power behind that fist than met the eye. Sabritee Jafnari cast leaving to position herself behind Thor Frekwaldson and as he started to spin around drawing his sword she brought her hand down upon his skull and smashed it open.

Sabritee Jafnari lifted the brain out and tossed it against a wall, then she licked the fingers of her hand clean. Thor Frekwaldson's blink monkey jumped at her and tried to scratch and bite her face. The silver hand wrapped around the monkey's tail and propelled it against the floor. Dazed the blink monkey looked up and the silver hand descended upon its skull smashing it's contents across the floor. Sabritee Jafnari again licked her fingers clean and ripped a piece of flesh from the body of Thor Frekwaldson which she ate as she walked towards the door. No one kills her sister and lives. Now there was one less to be smashed.

Later that day Sabritee Jafnari walked into the birthing centre of the Temple of Zuuchi. The Temple of Zuuchi was one of the places where Serra Ibin Raaviat worked under an alias. However Sabritee Jafnari cast phantasm again over herself giving her the illusion of her appearing as Serra Ibin Raaviat. So Sabritee Jafnari walked into the Temple of Zuuchi and came across one of the acolytes that served under Serra Ibin Raaviat. Sabritee Jafnari brought her silver hand down upon Tara's head, smashing her skull open. She reached in and drew out the brain and flung it against the wall. Licking her fingers Sabritee Jafnari walked through the Temple of Zuuchi, bashing women and babies, and always licking her fingers clean. Sabritee Jafnari left behind enough people living or maimed to tell the tale of how Serra Ibin Raaviat went mad this day and did all this unspeakable carnage.

Crayg Rydorsson awoke just as the watch shouted out that it was Midnight and that all is well in Middleburg. Crayg Rydorsson found himself on a grave in the graveyard just outside of Middleburg. Looking around he saw that he was not all that far outside. He could see the glittering lights of Middleburg, they outlined the buildings, towers, docks and the three bridges across from the mainland. Looking at the first bridge he saw that the tower in which Hexgora resided and surrounding area had bright flashes going off, to be followed by the booming sound as each fire ball impacted and went off. It was this area in which he would make his entrance back into Middleburg. Crayg Rydorsson managed to get in without any problems, using the fire ball boomings and the general confusion caused to slip by the city guards.

Crayg Rydorsson made his way through the side streets of Middleburg to where the rest of the group had agreed would be the meeting place if things went wrong. This meeting place was in the sewers just below a blind alley. When questioned about his miraculous escape all Crayg Rydorsson would say was that, "Sometimes it is who you know and not what you know that will get you out of being tossed! Lets just say I had a lot of help from a friend of mine. I owe him and he's not going to let me forget it.". People talked on what they were going to do next because most would be "Wanted.", in one way or another. Going into hiding until things settled might not be a bad idea. There were still something's left at the Restless Pig that should be collected and neither Thor Frekwaldson or his blink monkey had been seen since Crayg Rydorsson's trial this morning, they might still be at the Restless Pig Inn and should be brought here. The obvious choice for this particular mission is Blue Bigfoot. Vernon Zarck also went along to add some firepower when, not if, the halfling got himself into trouble.

So later that night at about 2 am Blue Bigfoot approached the Restless Pig via a side alleyway. At the back door stood two of the cities finest, the city militia. The halfling advanced and began to enter. The militia stopped him and spoke up, "So, who are you?", "I'm Red Strongfellow, I live here, what's happened?". "The Innkeeper will tell you, there's been some trouble, go inside.", waving him on. Blue Bigfoot advanced in and saw that Harpo and Daisy Strongfellow were there inside by the fireplace. Harpo Strongfellow rushed over to Blue, saying "Red, its been horrible, there have been two murders! I'm sorry to say but one of your friends has been horribly killed.". "What happened father?". "We don't quite know but a woman came down the stairs from your room, she had a silver hand that dripped blood, and she had murder in her eyes.", he paused. "We went upstairs to find out what had happened when she left and we saw the body of Graham lying in his room and further up the body of Thor Frekwaldson upon your dormitory floor. We didn't touch anything, go see for yourself.". All the while Daisy Strongfellow could be heard softly weeping in the background.

Blue Bigfoot went up the stairs and found Thor Frekwaldson splattered on the floor and his beloved blink monkey similarly expired. The halfling looked about the room and gathered some of the more precious belongings that were still left here and also came across a pile of jewels the blink monkey had gathered for his master. He took this stuff down stairs, he probably would not be coming back here in a hurry. Downstairs Harpo Strongfellow took Blue Bigfoot aside and into the cellar, Harpo Strongfellow pressed on a board in the cellar and it popped out. "Here put what you will in here, it will be safe.". So the halfling put the monkeys jewels in here and closed the secret hiding hole. They returned up stairs and Blue Bigfoot said his goodbyes and told them he would come back but things looked as if they were too hot at the moment.


(c) 1997 One Night in Middleburg Rolemaster Campaign Journal by Ross Stopford  
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