Episode 7 : Freddy's Corner

In the morning we were accompanied by two priests of Lumina and two woodsmen as we went into the woods in search of the three remaining werewolves. The woodsmen brought us to Freddy's corner of the wood, they indicate there are three gullies down which he could be. We took the middle gully and the two woodsmen concealed themselves at the entrance to the other two. Advancing up our gully Heinz Meier says, "Watch for the pit trap over here.", as he skirts around the concealed pit. Gunther Sturmritter finds two pairs of human tracks in the light snow, he follows them and spies two men around the bend. Both disappear up the trail, one turning into a wolf as he moves.

Hanz Josephson quickly looks about the bend where this gully forks, he sees above at the top of one of the forks a wolf, paw resting on a kick stick which will release a spiked log to swing down the gully to the corner of the bend. Into the werewolf Hanz Josephson sends a magical sling slug. He hits its chest, stunning the beast, blood gushes from the wound. We hear the sound of movement, a charge, Gunther Sturmritter and Hanz Josephson race back down the gully to where the others stand. The first wolf rounds the bend and heads straight into the party. Hanz Josephson slings the wolf causing a bleeding wound to its leg. Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt and Werner Faßenberg move onto the gully top for a better view. Heinz Meier, Gunther Sturmritter and Brother Otto engage the wolf in melee. The wolf is hurt and so is Brother Otto, a bleeding slash to his thigh. The second wolf appears over the top of the gully and fights Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt. Werner Faßenberg cast shock bolt and hitting the second wolf and causes it to collapse unconscious. Werner Faßenberg and Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt bind the unconscious form of Oscar Schew. Below Gunter Hiedricksson goes into a frenzy and with a whirl of his sword splits the head of the wolf in twain. Freddy Geezel is no more.

Twenty meters up the gully we see the cave. Gunther Sturmritter spies a trip wire concealed before the cave entrance. We go up onto the gully sides and advance past the trip wire and are close to the cave entrance. The gully is steep at this point. Gunther Sturmritter climbs down, in the darkness of the cave he sees a wolf with silvery fur and red eyes quickly advancing on him. Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt and Gunter Hiedricksson jump down. The wolf slashes at Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt only bruising him beneath his full plate. The blows returned by our group glance off or miss completely. Gunther Sturmritter does some damage. The wolf bites into Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt's chest causing massive damage and leaving him stunned and bleeding. Werner Faßenberg cast leaping on Heinz Meier who leaps down, lands by the wolf's side and slams the hilt of his sword hard into the side of the wolf's head. The wolf collapses unconscious. He returns to human form and is tightly bound.

Gunther Sturmritter decides to disarm the trip wire, and finds himself straddling the wire with that practiced embarrassed look. Werner Faßenberg cast leaping and he leaps to safety. We set the trap off to be safe. A search of the cave reveals three cots, lots of food, more pendants dedicated to Furaam, an altar to Furaam, a staff which acts as a times four mentalism multiplier, and a chest containing 250 gold. The gold is divided out. Gunter Hiedricksson cast question on our prisoners, they reveal little that we do not already know, except that there is one more werewolf. This werewolf being the most powerful werewolf known to Leo the Hermit and he is Herr Sharman the Chief Scribe at the Capital. We return to the village with our prisoners and the body.

Lord Helmet Kolst is delighted with our efforts to stop the spread of the werewolf menace in his village. He indicates that he appreciates our efforts and we are each given a pouch containing six gold, to our delight. Lord Helmet Kolst provides Brother Otto with a letter to be given to the priest of Lumina in Haarendorf. We are also provided with a letter of commendation. He also puts on a party, free food, and drink at the Inn. The festivities continue well into the night.

Meanwhile Gunter Hiedricksson visits Hilda Rupell, Hahndorf's resident Herbalist. He cast friend as he introduces himself and shakes her hand. The spell succeeds and Gunter Hiedricksson inquires of his good friend what she has to sell that would sell for a larger profit in Haarendorf. He is able to buy some healing herbs Abaas and Fiss {chewable leaves that have healing properties}, Cathaana {a flaked nut that brings on feelings of euphoria}, and Bladehemlock {a resin applied to blades which induces death quickly upon entering a cut}. The Bladehemlock is illegal and would only be sought by those whose trade is sudden and violent death. Gunter Hiedricksson spends all our gold on these herbs, which we will transport in the morrow to Haarendorf. Our plate clad fighters, Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt and Gunther Sturmritter buy warhorses for themselves and to trade in Haarendorf.

We take our leave of the village of Hahndorf and begin our journey to Haarendorf. In our cart we have chained the six werewolves, Gurmuntt Bakker, and Oscar Schew {Haarendorf's city watch deserters}, Olga Schurnbalm {Hahndorf's resident healer}, Lynford van Müller {Hahndorf's miller}, Rutgar Hausberg {Hahndorf's Lord's Adjutant}, and Leo The Hermit {a woodman}. We also bear the news of the deaths of the two werewolf brothers, Willy Geezel {Hahndorf's Sheriff}, and Freddy Geezel {a woodsman}. As well as news of the presence of the werewolf Helmut in Haarendorf {a deputy city watchman} and that Herr Sharman {the Chief Scribe of Hammersdorf} is a werewolf too. Our journey to Haarendorf is uneventful.

We arrived just after night fall in the town of Haarendorf with our prisoners. The gates are opened for us and Walter Strobe, City Sheriff of Haarendorf is called for. Our prisoners are shown to their cells. At the arrival of Walter Strobe, we show our letter from Lord Helmet Kolst and explain the delicate matter that one, "Helmut a deputy city watchman.", is a werewolf. The Sheriff informs us that Helmut deserted a day or two ago, last seen headed for the capital. He then asks us if we require accommodation. We say that we still have our rooms at the Prickly Pair paid up till the end of the month. Walter Strobe dismisses us and indicates that we should return to his offices in the morning for our reward in the apprehension of the werewolves of Hahndorf. We take our leave and return to his Office in the morning.


(c) 1998 Hammerstein Rolemaster Campaign Journal by Ross Stopford  
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