Episode 22 : The Temple Of Shaam

We discuss where we will go to next. We could turn back and signal the ship that is waiting outside or we could go forward into the Temple of Shaam and either fight or con our way past the Dragon. We elect to go forward into the Temple of Shaam. The tunnel leads further down and eventually comes to a set of double brass doors.

Stefan cast intuition. The doors are opened and Stefan steps into the cavern. The cavern is roughly an inverted hemisphere in shape. The stairs continue to run straight down to the chamber floor. On either side of the chamber stands a statue representing the God, Shaam. The eyes of each statue glow with a yellow light. Their legs stand apart and a blur like illusion shimmers there between the legs concealing whatever lies behind. The whole cavern itself glows with this yellow light. In the middle of the chamber is a pile of glittering gold and assorted other items. Beyond the gold mound near the back wall lies a Dragon asleep upon a pentagram. The Dragon is black and blue in colour and has four legs. There is a smirk upon its face.

Stefan says, "May I approach your Majesty?", the Dragon replies, "Certainly, breakfast, come closer.". "As you command your majesty. You outshine all things in this temple.". "Come closer, your bones will be toothpicks to remove your flesh from my teeth.". "Your majesty must be more bored than hungry.". "So true.". Stefan hears movement above him. He hears another voice, "Father, thinks you bore him now.", the spell is abruptly cut short.

Werner Faßenberg comments, "Wouldn't it be ironic if the key to the Dragon's release is in his own treasure, he just has to find and use it.". Heinz Meier replies, "I think that you might be right, wouldn't it be just like Shaam to play a joke like that. What a joke.".

Stefan cast intuition. The doors are opened and Stefan steps into the cavern. Stefan says, "Dragon, I think that the key to your release must be in this pile of treasure. Wouldn't it be just like Shaam to imprison you here, and all the time the key to your release is under your very nose amongst Shaam's treasure.", the Dragon raises its head, "I don't believe you.". "There you go then, wouldn't Shaam say that's what you would automatically say, instantly dismissing the idea out of hand. I think Shaam would be laughing till he cried. That must be why you are still here.". "Go ahead then and search.". "Can I bring in some friends?". "Yes, but only two.". "What about Aristotle?". "No, not till he apologizes.". From up the tunnel comes, "I will never apologize, you can forget that! It is the Dragon who must apologize to me!". Stefan searches for a little before the spell ends.

Stefan cast intuition. The doors are opened and Stefan steps into the cavern. Stefan says, "I have a message from Aristotle, he wishes to apologize for his past transgressions and he asks your forgiveness.", the Dragon raises its head, "Three times has Aristotle lied to me, tell him he's dead. You are free to go back but if you can lure him in here I will allow you to carry off all the gold you can carry.", again the conversation turns to the key to freedom. Stefan is again allowed to companions to help in his search. Stefan signals and Wilhelm Schults and Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt enter and advance down the stairs. They disperse amongst the treasure and start looking for items. Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt finds a silver quiver with a dozen arrows each with the images of Dragons carved into their shafts. Wilhelm Schults finds a two handed sword. The Dragon crosses the pile of coins. "Oh, no you don't.". Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt sends an arrow into the beast. It cries in pain and sends a bolt of lightning back. Again this sequence is repeated and Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt becomes toast upon the golden floor. Stefan ends the spell.

Stefan cast intuition. The doors are opened and Stefan steps into the cavern. He repeats the questioning about the key. Again Wilhelm Schults and Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt help Stefan search through the treasure. Wilhelm Schults finds a silver horned helmet with the shape of a Dragon's head. He puts the helm on, instantly the Dragon jumps up and rushes over the pile of gold. Wilhelm Schults snaps at the Dragon, "Sleep.". The Dragon crashes onto the pile of gold asleep. A squawk from above resounds through the air. Wilhelm Schults turns points at the younger Dragon above, again he snaps out, "Sleep.". The young Dragon wraps its wings about itself and sleeps. Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt again finds the arrows and firing one into the Dragon brings it awake and snarling. Wilhelm Schults again with a word sends it back to sleep. The intuition ends and Stefan relates the tale. Wilhelm Schults notices that Aristotle's eyes light up at the mention of the Helm of Dragon Control.

We make our plans and soon begin the real assault on the Dragon. We begin by casting spells. Aristotle cast on some of us the spells of lightning armour, vision, and fly. These spells are far more potent ones than our party is used to having cast by our magic users.


(c) 2000 Hammerstein Rolemaster Campaign Journal by Ross Stopford  
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