Episode 2 : Looking For Business

We returned to the Prickly Pair were Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt and Gunther Sturmritter were told in no uncertain terms that they needed a wash. The brown stain that covered their arms reeked badly, as did we all for that matter, having been down in that cellar for at least an hour.

The morning came and brought a knock on our common room door. Gweneth Stoffle said, "There are some people here to see all of you downstairs.". "Who are they?", cried Gunter Hiedricksson. "I don't know but they have the Sheriff colours on.". "We will be right down.". A few minutes later our group marched down the stairs to the common area below. In the center of the room were four people. Two were from the city guard, one was a Priest of Agastar and the last bore the Sheriffs colours.

"Gut Morgen, I am Gunter Holgät, the City Inspector.", said Gunter Holgät. "Gut Morgen.", replied the party. "I wish question you about the events of yesterday.". "We know nothing ...", murmured Hienz Meier. "I am not looking for comedians. You will answer my questions.", snapped Gunter Holgät. "Tell me of your visit to the guild hall yesterday?".

Hanz Josephson spoke up, "We were asked to deliver two barrels of wine to the Guild Hall as per Hans Strudel's instructions. Three of us were allowed into the kitchen area of the Guild Hall, during that time we saw the revellers in the main hall and Gunther Sturmritter noticed that the cloak of one of the revellers rise of it's own accord then fall. I pointed this out to the Cook but he seemed disinterested in the event. He gave us some pastries and sent us on our way.". A coughing arose from the kitchen.

"We decided to have a look around the building and saw tracks coming from the side wall next to one of the second storey windows. As it was snowing these tracks could only be fresh and we followed them as quickly as we could before they were covered by fresh snow. This took us through the tinker's market and to a tavern called 'The Pork Brawn'. That's were the tracks merged with others and entered the building. There was nothing that we could do from here so we returned home.". Gunter Holgät said, "Thank you for your information, I will continue my investigations elsewhere.", and with that the four left the Prickly Pair.

We took our breakfast and went off to the markets of Haarendorf. As per usual in the markets we noted that the yellow flags were out as they always are to signify, keep one hand on your purse as thieves are about. We went to the street of the gem merchants and Hanz Josephson going into one shop showed the owner the gem chippings we had found the other day and sold them for seven bronze coins.

We had heard a rumour that one, Edgar Muulen was looking for some hirelings to do some work for him. We sought him out and fronted up at his store and spoke with him. He looked us over and said, "I don't hire children.". "We are tough, damn tough.", spoke up Gunther Sturmritter. Edgar Muulen snickered slightly. "As I said I am not hiring but could I interest you in some of my fine wares. Take this copper bowl for example, superb workmanship, ...". "Err, not right now, sorry to have wasted your time.". We exited the shop and set off to follow up another rumour of work. We went to see Oskar Oppenheimer. Along the way we went via the Square of the Gods. In the center were some Priests of Nylonus, in full furore, engaged in some religious event. Gunther Sturmritter spotted that we were also being followed by a young boy as we crossed the Square and entered the Street of the Bookbinders.

Werner Faßenberg and Hanz Josephson entered the store of Oskar Oppenheimer, the Bookbinder, while the others loitered outside. Gunther Sturmritter called out to the boy, "Hey you, come here.", at which the boy scampered into the crowd. Inside Werner Faßenberg and Hanz Josephson saw that the shop was a hive of activity. There were old men and boys at the front, busily copying manuscripts, while those at the back were in the process of making paper. A fourteen year old came up, "Can I help you gents.". "Yes, we would like to see Oskar Oppenheimer.". "I'm sorry he rises after lunch, would you like to come back in the afternoon or leave a message.". "Does he have a son? Could we speak with him please?". "Yes, I'll get him for you.".

A man in his thirties came over, "I am Karl Oppenheimer, can I help you two?", "Yes, we had heard a rumour that Herr Oppenheimer was looking for people who could read and write Arcane Tongue for a delicate matter.". "You can both read and write.". "Yes, err, we have some friends too, just outside, who could help too.". "Can they read and write?", "No, but they can provide some muscle.". "I see, if you would all come back tonight after dinner I will explain the errand that needs to be done.". Hanz Josephson said, "Can you give us a general idea of what it involves.". "Yes, it involves going to a place, copying an item and bringing back the copy.". "I see, good day till tonight.". "Good day.", with that we left and Karl returned to his chores.

Hanz Josephson popped next door to, 'Jopbert Kordelling's Arcanaswinkel'. The shops interior was covered from floor to ceiling in all manner of red's. In the center was a long counter, red curtains hung from all the walls. A few moments later a youngish man, Armadas Kordelling, appeared, "Yea, what?", "I'm here to make a purchase.", "Got any money?". "Yes.", "What do you want?", "I'm looking for multipliers and adders.", "A pretend magician hey. Right I have two things that might interest you, but they are probably out of your price range.", eying Hanz Josephson, "This bracelet is a times three multiplier, with the brilliance spell list embodied. This golden ring is also a times three multiplier. Their prices are out of your price range, so there is little point telling you.". "That's very interesting, I will be back later.", "Yea, right.". A tinkle of the bell sounds as the door closes behind Hanz Josephson.

We head as a group to the cloth markets across the way. Above a corner store is the sign, 'Rumstoffel Linen Fabriek'. This must be the shop of Enid Rumstoffel reputed to be an Evil Mage. Hanz Josephson spots in the shadows at a second storey window, an archer with long bow at the ready. We trudge through the snow and Gunter Hiedricksson enters the store. "Gut Arben, I have some cloth which I wish to sell.". "Let me have a look at your wares, young man.". Gunter Hiedricksson pulls out the roll of silk, "Hmmm, there is not much call for purple silk, these days, but how about 20 silvers for it as I can guess the merchant who imported this.". "How about 25 and we call it a deal.". "So be it, 25 silvers for this roll of purple silk, done.". We now have some money in our pockets.

Gunther Sturmritter feels a tapping on his shoulder, "What is dis, why are you in full plate? And dressed for war. Explain yourself.", says the city guard. Gunther Sturmritter replies, "Well, I'm a warrior, you know warrior, just like gity guard what you'se are, got to look the part.". "Well, be warned we have our eyes on you, so keep out of trouble.", they wander further into the markets. "Lunch?", says Gunter Hiedricksson, we all agree and head across the road to the nearest tavern. After lunch we go to the weapon's market again in search of work.

As we approach, the weapon's market, we see a crowd centred on a brawl in progress between a fighter with a two handed sword and a small man in leather armour. The fighter brought down his sword and felled the smaller man. "That's got to hurt.", whispered a watching city guard to his partner. The fighter nodded to the city guard and marched off leaving the fallen man were he lay. The crowd dispersed. The party moved over to the fallen man and Werner Faßenberg administered some first aid. Gunter Hiedricksson said, "We had better get him to the healing temple.", the two city guard nod in agreement and our two fighters lifted the man and we head off to the Temple of Zuuchi. Along the way Gunter Hiedricksson took the man's shield and he was also lightened of his purse. We dropped the fallen man off at the Temple of Zuuchi, the priest check if he has money and then told us to put him in one of the beds. We did so and left the Temple of Zuuchi and headed back to the weapon's market.

We sat down and Brother Otto looked about for a cup of tea trying to spy a hawker with a kettle. The men opposite us snickered. The largest fighter of the five looked across at Hienz Meier and spoke, "Hey, pussbucket, that's me chair. I'm talking to you, I said that's me chair, get out of it, now. Listen kid ...", to which Hienz Meier replied, "We don't want no trouble Mister!", as he stood up, picking up his morning star and shield in the process. Hanz Josephson rubbed his hands together and moved closer to the fire, his hand fell onto his sword.

Three warriors drew their weapons, Hanz Josephson drew first and slammed his morning star into the back of one of the fighters that was only just drawing his weapon. The largest fighter parried the blow from Hienz Meier. Brother Otto cast a protection spell on Hienz Meier and withdrew as one of the fighters advanced on him. The fighters paired off against our group, one came for Werner Faßenberg but was blocked by Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt, who sent his longsword deep into the man's calf. Hienz Meier strikes at his fighter but is parried. Werner Faßenberg cast sleep but has the spell fail. Hanz Josephson sends his morning star again into the stunned man by the fire. A fighter advances on Brother Otto but stumbles and stuns himself. Hienz Meier strikes at the largest fighter and stuns the man. Gunther Sturmritter is hit for minor damage, Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt parries the next blow at him, Gunther Sturmritter returns his blow at his fighter, sends him down on to the snow.

Another blow is parried by Hienz Meier. Hanz Josephson strikes another fighter with his morning star knocking him out. A blow glances from Gunther Sturmritter's armour. Hanz Josephson swings again, this time at another fighter standing with his flank exposed, again dropping the man. Quickly Hanz Josephson spins around and with his full force connects with a third fighter, slashing his leg. Hienz Meier brings his morning star down onto this fighter, who tries to block but the morning star slams into his shield arm, gashing a vein and sending him down. Gabriel Von Hendlebrodt strikes his opponent a unhealthy blow, closely followed by Gunther Sturmritter, this man drops his weapons, turns and bolts away across the square.

Hienz Meier approaches the chair, sits and a grin covers his face from ear to ear. Four city guard come over and survey the scene. Hienz Meier says, "Sorry for causing a disturbance officers, but its just a minor fracas about who owns this 'er seat.". The city guard instruct some of the other mercenaries to grab the losers and take them to the Temple of Zuuchi. Just then the Edgar Muulen, the antiques dealer we met earlier in the day sits next to Hienz Meier and he smiles saying, "Not bad lad, I think I might have something that could be of interest to you. Interested?". Hienz Meier nodded his interest.


(c) 1998 Hammerstein Rolemaster Campaign Journal by Ross Stopford  
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