Episode 0 : The Hammerstein Characters
CraigasGunter Hiedricksson - A Mentalist
asStefan - A Healer
JohnasHanz Josephson - A Rogue
as{He who goes unnamed} - An Illusionist of the Highest Order
MurrayasGabriel Von Hendlebrodt - A Fighter in plate
RossasWerner Faßenberg - A Mage of the Highest Order and Chronicler
SteveasBrother Otto - A Cleric of Oxell
asWilhelm Schults - A Rogue working as a Guard at the Temple of Lumina
Stuart asGunther Sturmritter - A Fighter in Maxamillian plate
asYaeger - A Fighter in Maxamillian plate who strikingly resembles Gunther Sturmritter
asYiros Fetta Uzo - A Mage of an Unknown Order
WarrickasHeinz Meier - A Fighter
DominicasAll The Rest Of The World Of Hammerstein
NPCasWeldon Greenears - the Pysk and A Mage of the Highest Order

And Their Favourite Saying

Gunter HiedrickssonLet me roll the crystal dice
StefanMy friend, how are you? {Did my charm person work?}
Hanz JosephsonLet me roll the crystal dice
{He who goes unnamed}I'm thinking of a name, ok, just give me some more time ...
Gabriel Von HendlebrodtI am a Warrior that wears plate and they still call me a thief!
Werner FaßenbergCould you just spell that name for me ...
Brother OttoCleric of Oxell NOT Cleric of Oxfam
Giant rats as big as pussy cats!
Wilhelm Schults Sorry about that
I think I'm going to pass out
Gunther SturmritterThat 100 hurt!
YaegerI should have worn my armour, I should have worn my armour, I ...
Yiros Fetta UzoBugger, just blown my brains out again!
Heinz Meier Oh no! The dungeon master is out to get me!
Weldon Greenears - the PyskEveryone makes fun of me, except for one person in this group, only he knows my plight
I am a Mage of the highest order!
GodWarrick, roll dice!


(c) 2000 Hammerstein Rolemaster Campaign Journal by Ross Stopford  
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