Episode 15 : Prisoners of the Kuo-toa

Day 102. Melmanas disappears underwater but a boarding party of Dargonesti elves have invaded the Lucky Maiden. The party is unprepared for battle but Shiloh still manages to dredge up a couple of fireballs which wreck havoc on the wooden ship, knocking himself and Moon unconscious at the same time. Sensing imminent victory Grog promptly surrenders, Hildegard challenges any to single combat but the elves don't seem to want to play. The party is soon disarmed and bound along with the surviving crew.

Melmanas reappears and the captives are forced to enter the undead whales' mouth and soon after they are rendered unconscious by the foul gases within. As the whale and the elves leave, the Lucky Maiden finally succumbs to her injuries and sinks slowly to the bottom.

Day 103. The party wake scattered and imprisoned in cells. The door is a translucent gel-like material that at the moment is rock hard, preventing anyone from leaving their cell. The party has been stripped of all weapons, armour and other possessions. Shiloh however has been crafty enough to secrete some basic spell components around his person and manages to exit his cell in gaseous form, he is able to explore the immediate surroundings of the prison cells and meet other members of the party.

During the evening the party can hear members of the ships crew being taken away by Kuo-toa guards, they do not return.

Day 104. Using gaseous form, Shiloh is able to escape with the rest of the party from their cells. They quickly subdue the Kuo-toa guards, finding out at the same time that electricity spells are remarkably ineffective against them. The captain and remaining members of the ships crew are located. Captain Swift believes that they are currently underwater in a Dargonesti village, transported there in the mouth of Melmanas the whale. He believes that the elves are acting very strangely, but the Kuo-toa guards are true to form. Members of his crew have been taken by them for 'experiments' but none have returned.

The party try to open the remaining doors in the prison but are stumped by the design. Eventually Shiloh casts a rope trick to hide the party and watches closely at the changing of the guard. The (remarkably simple) secret to the doors operation is revealed, the new guards taken care of and a plan of action is developed.

The party leave the cells area, - touching a panel to the side of the gel-doors turns them temporarily to a softer form through which a person can push her way through. They enter an area to find some basic stores, but nothing is magical and there is no sign of the artefacts that the party have collected. They gather what crude arms and armour they can find and press on.

The next room is a mud-floored chamber; several Kuo-toa guards are fought and disposed of in here before moving on. The chamber beyond is revealed to be a large chimney-shaped tunnel full of water, a strong current moves vertically through the chimney and several other doors can be seen around the periphery.

After some discussion the party rope themselves together and enter the chimney. One door is found to contain stores in boxes with some Kuo-toa guards, the party is not spotted and the room is left alone. Another door leads to a room that appears to be almost identical, the party enter and fight the Kuo-toa guards. The boxes are found to contain valuable paintings, probably looted from a passing vessel.

Leading from this room they soon find a Kuo-toa barracks containing troops and spellcasters. A fierce battle ensues, leaving many in the party badly injured and deeply missing their normal arms and armour.


(c) 2008 Dragonlance Roleplaying Campaign Journal by Chris Burton  
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