Episode 13 : The Ruins of Micah

Day 86. At daybreak Pecan changes into the form of an eagle and spots the ruins of Micah about five miles from the party camp. All that can be seen is a wide curving wall of white stone that encloses some ruined buildings, the wall and buildings disappear beneath a low hill that has formed over the bulk of the city.

By lunch the party arrive at the gates, in the form of a wolf Pecan inspects the gate area but is driven back by an intense repulsive odour. The party enter the ruins and discover that there are two entrances to the ruins below the hill, they choose the left entrance.

After a short tunnel they emerge into chamber that once held gardens but now is barren except for ghostly flickerings of the trees and plants that once were. They back out and try the right entrance.

Here a short tunnel leads to a large cavern enclosing the ruins of what once was a temple. As they approach they are attacked by creatures, Disir rogues, they are human sized but their flesh is covered with patchy chitinous armour and a layer of foul smelling slime. The slime poisons when it is touched, soon every member of the party has lost serious amounts of dexterity due to the toxic slime.

Pecan retreats to summon every sort of bestial animal to the fray, Shiloh makes himself popular by demonstrating his ability to cast fireball on party members - it seems to do very little damage to the Disir.

Eventually the Disir are overwhelmed and the party stagger from the cavern, Pecan collapses under the poisonous effects. The party retreat back to the forest glade where they spent the previous night.

Day 87. The party wake to cast restoration spells and then return to the gates of Micah. Moon is reluctant to join them so they enter without her. A pile of goblin bodies is found and searched; the amulet found is worn by Grog.

They enter the same entrance as before and are ambushed in similar fashion. This time it can be seen that the Disir are burrowing creatures able to move in and out of the earth with relative ease. This time the Disir have been reinforced with their Tyin beasts. The battle leaves them dead but the party is again forced to retreat with Grog and Shiloh bereft of any dexterity.

They return to the grove of trees to rest, heal and restore.

Day 88. A plan is hatched and spells of slow poison are cast before the party leave camp. By lunch they arrive at the gates of Micah again and head for the same entrance, again. Just outside the tunnel entrance however the party are ambushed by a large party of Disir and Tyin.

The party is quickly overwhelmed and a rout ensues. Grog and Hildegard flee, leaving Shiloh and Pecan unconscious and at the mercy of the Disir. Grog and Hildegard return to the grove of trees to meet with Moon.

Shiloh and Pecan wake in separate prisons of stone. Each is completely encased in white marble that quickly proves resistant to magic. Pecan manages to summon a thoqqua but it is unable to burrow through the stone; unable to escape or be unsummoned it quickly becomes cranky and makes life difficult for Pecan.

Shiloh and Pecan are separately interrogated by their Disir captors, the rest of the party rest peacefully at the forest grove several miles away.

Day 89. Hildegard and Grog convince Moon to accompany them on a rescue mission. They develop a plan and arrive at Micah around noon. Airwalk is cast to prevent their passage being telegraphed through the earth, and this time they approach the left entrance. Inside they are assaulted by a ghostly treant, but it is quickly turned and eliminated.

Using the find object spell for a piece of Pecan’s gear, they follow the passage further to a guarded alcove. Under the cover of a silence spell, Grog and Hildegard rush the two guards and dispatch them. On one wall of the alcove are several drawers, most are empty or contain dead bodies but two contain the forms of Pecan and Shiloh - their gear has been left nearby.

The party quickly leave and return to the grove of trees, Pecan is joined by her faithful thoqqua.

Day 90. After some healing and restoration the party ready themselves for Micah again, Shiloh is a little too traumatised to accompany them and stays behind to rest. Moon attempts to examine the thoqqua but merely gets a burnt bum for her troubles.

Using a similar method to the previous day the party again penetrate the chambers of Micah. Beyond the guarded alcove they discover a large chamber, several hundred feet across. In the centre is a ring of pillars reaching to the ceiling, to the left of this entrance to the chamber is a large crevice in the ground.

The party carefully approach the central pillars, within the ring of pillars they can make out a curtain of strange filmy material that encloses a small area. They carefully retreat back to the crevice and begin to explore it.

Using airwalk they move toward the bottom but become entangled in a web of sticky mucus. They hack their way through the web and continue to the bottom of the crevice. Here they can see piles of discarded rubbish, including rotting body parts and the husks of Disir shells. Grog begins to search through the piles of rubbish.

As Grog pokes through the garbage he disturbs a family of ochre jellies. Kindly he decides to use Ralph to make more of them before Pecan summons several thoqqua to tame the jellies. The party leave and return to their camp.

Day 91. Pecan seems troubled and distant; she decides not to join the party in the morning. Unperturbed, the rest leave for Micah – after much planning they decide to forgo a plan and attempt a full frontal assault.

Using airwalk and entering via the left entrance they approach the curtain of filmy material. Behind it they disturb the queen disir protecting a nest of larvae. She calls for her elite guard who attack the party, eventually they are killed but by then they have been reinforced by a disir/dragon hybrid and some disir shaman.

The party run away.

When the party return to their camp they discover that Pecan has gone, leaving no trace of her whereabouts. They rest for the night.

Day 92. The party rest and recover from their beating. Moon casts a divination to discover if the disir queen holds the missing dragon eggs. The reply she gets is that “the queen is but one of many that must be overcome to recover the dragon eggs”.

Day 93. By midmorning the party return to Micah, Pecan is still nowhere to be found. This time they enter with a plan; protecting themselves with delay poison, hiding the fighters with invisibility, silencing their footsteps with airwalk, and blinding their enemies with daylight.

Hildegard and Grog are able to close quickly with the elite guards surrounding the queens tent and slay them. The disir fighters are hampered by the bright light as Moon and Shiloh close the distance to join the fight. The guards are reinforced by a dragon hybrid that does not seem to be bothered by the light.

Shiloh is knocked unconscious and very nearly bleeds to death. Finally the dragon hybrid and the guards are slain and the party take a breather. Only the queens tent remains in their sight.

At around midday the party (healed as best they could) resume their attack, this time on the Disir Queen. She fights viciously but eventually is forced to run screaming to a side tunnel behind her nest.

In her nest the party find hundreds of squirming Disir larvae, but no dragon eggs. They follow the queen through the side tunnel, finding her being attended to by several Disir Shaman. Here the fight resumes until one of the shaman casts a blade barrier to dissuade the party from penetrating further into the side tunnel.

Grog is badly hurt by the barrier and retreats to the queens nest. Here he uses oil and fire to set the larvae alight. Their screams send the Queen into a frenzy and she rushes to their aid, knocking aside all who stand in her way. As she rushes out (followed by her shaman), Shiloh is able to use the remaining daylight spell to daze the remaining guards, enter the room at the end of the side tunnel, and find the missing dragon eggs.

As the rest of the party distract the disir shaman and guards at various points, Shiloh collects the dragon eggs and makes a hasty exit, the rest follow. They arrive back at their camp, cast what healing is left to them, and proceed with haste to Flotsam.

Day 94. After camping for the night they resume their hasty trek. By evening they arrive at the gates of Flotsam and proceed directly to Lord Toede’s mansion. Here they regale the Lord with tales of their adventure.

Toede is relieved that his precious eggs are back safe, but is a little perturbed by the news that a veritable army of Disir is camped on his border, that they obviously value dragon eggs very highly, that their queen is alive and fairly cranky, and that the tracks of the party lead straight to Flotsam and his house.

As Toede makes plans for the defence of Flotsam, the party rest the night at his mansion.

Day 95. In the morning Toede makes good his promise and assists the party find the information they require. By midday they have learned of Dereg, Knight of the Sword, who fought and defeated the great evil of Sylvyana. Ghoul-Queen of the Silvanesti. So upset was Dereg with the resulting sticky foulness that had stained him and his god-given blade that he sought out the Fountain of Renewal.

Legend has it that the fountain was situated in the far North, beyond the cities of the now lost Istar. Dereg found the fountain and was able to overcome the challenges of its guardians before plunging his sword and arm into the water. With the blessing of the gods he withdrew his shining sword, the stain of evil swept from both the sword and his heart.

Further research finds that the Fountain of Renewal is rumoured to be situated somewhere in the lands now known as Nordmaar, far to the North of Flotsam across the Blood Sea.

The party decide to leave immediately (despite the offers from Toede for them to stay and join his army against the coming invasion), after considering the options they decide to travel by boat across the sea, rather than travel along the coastline by land. Toede recommends Captain Vanyth Swift of the Lucky Maiden as being reliable and solid. The party take their leave and search out the Lucky Maiden. Captain Swift is amenable to their request for passage (especially after hearing of the personal recommendation from Lord Toede), and after some haggling over price informs them of the departure on tomorrow’s dawn. Captain Swift introduces them to Roger the cabin boy who takes them to their tiny cabin where they rest for the night.


(c) 2007 Dragonlance Roleplaying Campaign Journal by Chris Burton  
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