Episode 12 : Dragon Highlord Toede

Day 82. Moon wakes feeling much less healthy. She has taken three blows to her constitution and is affected by sunlight such that in it she afflicted by minus one to all her abilities, attacks and saves. She feels that the blight of the elves of Passion has finally caught her.

Pecan takes the form of an eagle and scouts the mansion of Lord Toede. She finds little to report other than it is well defended by guards and dogs. There is no sign of the Lord or his library.

In the early afternoon Pecan examines her map of the Goblin tunnels and discovers the hint of a branch passage that may lead near to Lord Toede’s mansion. The party decide to chance it and return to the tunnels.

They find the obscure branch and follow it until it enters some natural limestone caves; here they decide to rest for the night.

The party travel all day through the limestone caves, being forced to backtrack on several occasions as they reach dead ends. Finally late in the day they find an exit that appears to be a well hidden cistern on the grounds of Lord Toede’s estate, about 300 feet from the mansion itself. Despite further searching they are unable to find any closer exit.

Day 83. As Shiloh begins to finally come to his senses, the party rest for the evening in the limestone caverns.

Day 84. Pecan converts to eagle form to reconnoitre the mansion further, she uses stone sight to peer through the walls but is unable to penetrate the internal wood panelling.

By mid-afternoon the party decide to wait no longer and attempt to enter the mansion. Spells of invisibility and air-walk are thrown and the party attempt to surreptitiously enter the mansion at the second level. Unheard by the party, distant alarms sound as Shiloh tempts fate by casting a third level mage spell.

Unable to find an open window, silence is cast and a window broken to gain access. As the party rush into a large hall a hidden voice booms to the party to freeze. Pecan immediately moves and receives a number of crossbow bolts for her transgression. The spells surrounding the party are forcibly removed and Lord Toede reveals himself, along with about twenty soldiers and his chamberlain Berrak Blistergold.

Lord Toede appears as a greatly aged hobgoblin, he reveals that the party have been watched since entering the limestone caverns. He is angry at the intrusion but intrigued that the party has tried such extreme, unconventional methods to meet him, he invites the party to speak their request before he then kills them.

Moon quickly outlines their predicament, showing Lord Toede the corrupted Tear and offering the leather-bound journal containing the history of the Shattered Temple and the Night of Betrayal as payment for use of the library. Lord Toede is interested and takes the journal, he reveals that he owns a tome that could help the party with the corrupted Tear, but he is far too busy trying to retrieve his dragon eggs to help them.

Moon offers to assist in exchange for use of the library and Toede agrees. Intelligence he has retrieved indicates that the six stolen dragon eggs are in the ruins of Micah, a city that is a day’s ride to the west of Flotsam. He agrees that if the party can retrieve the six dragon eggs from the bandits he will allow them use of his library.

The party leave with a signed note granting them permission to enter the mansion if the are accompanied by Lord Toede’s six dragon eggs and return to town (via the conventional route through the gate).

Day 85. After resting the party set out in the morning to travel to Micah, Shiloh purchases a dragon egg suitcase before leaving Flotsam. At nightfall Shiloh magically creates a tiny green hut for the party to rest.


(c) 2007 Dragonlance Roleplaying Campaign Journal by Chris Burton  
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