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Chemical Directories : The largest database of Chemical Manufacturers available in any media. We have compiled this data from all possible sources and we will keep on updating it from time to time. We are sure that even print media, will not be in a position to offer such an exhaustive, well categorized and updated database.

B2B : All registered members can post offers for their requirement of either buying or selling a particular chemical. Besides Fixed Price Deals sellers can set up auctions to sell their products & get maximum profit out of it. Reverse Auction enables buyers to buy products at lowest possible price.

Discussion Boards : Share technical knowhow, problems and solutions with others. Seek on expert's advice. Talk about Technology or Research. Throw light on happenings in the industry or find out what's going on in your neighborhood Chemical giant. This section will allow you to interact with industry experts as well as your own paternity. Select any option of discussion board from the menu on your left side and start the dialog.

Virtual Trade Shows : This paid section provides a Virtual market. will offer you a highly targeted and focused exposure at very economical rates.

Online Resources : Links to News, Associations, Standards, E-journals, Patents, Technology, R&D, and Academic Institutions.



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