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Thomson Derwent Information is a division of Thomson Scientific. The services Derwent provides are, in part, part of ongoing efforts to maintain access through one service provider [Derwent] to the information services which are available from the all the other divisions of Thomson Corporation

The Derwent Innovations Index (DII) is a web-accessible database that merges patent information from the Derwent World Patents Index with the patent citation information from the Derwent Patents Citation Index This unique data set is accessed through an interface, giving the ability to browse between patent records, without having to learn and remember search commands. DII is the first collaboration between Derwent and its sister company, the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) As well as being able to review citations associated with a particular patent, it is also possible to extend the search of scientific information through non-patent citation links to the ISI Web of Science.

A copy of the presentation on the Derwent Innovations Index (DII) is available for download at

"Classic" which is Derwent Classic which is a service which provides command line based functionality to enable searching of DWPI through the World Wide Web.

Axiom is Institute of Physics Publishing's innovative Web-based online research service. It features the INSPEC Database from the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE), and Compendex and PageOne from Elsevier Engineering Information Inc. More databases will be added in the future. Derwent Information announced the launch of its flagship product, Derwent World Patents Index on Axiom. Available from November 2000, users will be able to utilise the latest web technology to access and retrieve information from the world's largest value-add patent database. There is a brochure available at The search results indicated use of relevance rankings {as per web search engines} and included a thumbnail picture for the results of a search.



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