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IP Australia provides coverage of Australian Patents and Applications. Access is provided to the full patent specification (in image form) of OPI {Open To Public Inspection} Australian Patent Applications (AU-A), Accepted Australian Patents (AU-B) and Amended Australian Patents (AU-C).

AU-A, AU-B & AU-C Documents are provided in image form as PDF documents. The full document is supplied in one file without the need to view each page separately. AU-B, C Accepted Patent Specifications published from 17 December 1998 will be available although not all of the specifications will be available initially. AU-A coverage begins from documents OPI on 3 June 1999.


AU-B 699752 (199524611) is the first AU-B that is available and was published 7 January 1999.

AU-A 199662135 is the first AU-A that is available and became OPI on 3 June 1999.



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