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Canada has expanded their patent database to provide retrieval ability for patent applications going back to CA195677 January 1920. These applications are made availabe in one PDF file.

The Canadian Patent Office also provides the seachable text of the abstract and claims from CA 1036300 August 1978

CIPO's Canadian Patent Database provides access to over 75 years of patent descriptions and images. You can search and retrieve more than 1,300,000 patent documents. Coverage is for patent documents which are either laid-open applications or are patents granted since August 15, 1978. The database contains bibliographic data, text (title, abstract and all claims) and full document image data.

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For patents granted prior to August 15, 1978, the CIPO Canadian Patent Database contains bibliographic data, the text of titles only (no text of abstracts and claims) and image data.

The fields that are searchable are Number, Inventor, Owner, Title, Abstract, Claims, IPC, CPC. The Database allows the searching to be done in both English and French. Some documents in the database are in French.

The search facilities allow the use of the Boolean expressions 'OR", 'AND', 'NOT', 'NEAR', 'PARAGRAPH', 'SENTENCE', 'ORDER', and nested search terms (by using brackets). "Phrase searching" by using quotes, There is date ranging and Right Truncation ( ie tele*, or phone? {for one character})



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