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MicroPatent is a global leader in the production and distribution of patent and trademark information, providing Internet, Intranet, and CD-ROM database solutions. MicroPatent provides patent and trademark information access and retrieval.

MicroPatent is able to build custom database tools, designed to your specifications, using today's technology. These custom offerings are available for delivery using CD-ROM, Internet and Intranet technologies. The creation and installation of a custom product will be smooth, and the operating environment secure.

An increasingly popular choice for today's industry leaders are custom Intranet patent databases which extend the value and accessibility of patent data among varying and dispersed user groups. Using standard Internet browsers like Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, MicroPatent Intranet solutions balance the common obstacles to patent sharing through "real time" and wide-spread accessibility to documents. Best of all an Intranet database usage eliminates the security concerns commonly associated with today's Internet information exchanges.


US Patents 7/1/1964 - 30/6/1998
Patent Numbers 3116487 - 5774888

EP-A Documents 20/12/1978 - 1/7/1998
Patent Application 0000001 - 0851728

EP-B Documents 9/1/1980 - 1/7/1998
Patent Numbers 0000004 - 0811086

PCT Applications 19/10/1978 - 18/6/1998
Patent Application 7800001 - 9826641

Cost: US $2,500 annually + download costs
US $35 daily + download costs



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