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Questel-Orbit is a subsidiary of France Telecom Multimedia and one of the world's leading providers of professional online information services. Specialising in the provision of patent, trademark, scientific, technical, chemical, business and news information online. Questel-Orbit's portfolio comprises 250 international online databases. QPAT-US offers unlimited access to 20 years of full text US patents on the WWW.

One of the latest enhancements to the QPAT-US patent database is to enable users to search full-text information using Questel-Orbit's remote server, and the retrieval of 100%-secured images from IBM's patent image server.

Questel-Orbit has announced a decision to combine its powerful Questel and Orbit service platforms. By merging these two servers via this initiative, known as Intellectual Property Gold, Questel-Orbit brings together the power of Questel technology and the Orbit service and creates a premier online intellectual property service. Users can now search Questel-Orbit's entire catalogue of databases. Questel-Orbit will offer its customers additional databases, innovative search features and new delivery solutions, as well as all key Orbit and Questel databases and search features.

QPAT-US has the full text of all US patents issued since 1/1/1974.

Coverage: US3789051+ Jan 1971
Full Text of US Patents since 1 January 1974

Cost: US $2,245 annually for full text
Free for abstracts



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