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Inventure Place, The National Inventors Hall of Fame celebrates the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of great inventors. The creative genius of invention is showcased through exhibits and presentations which allow visitors to experience the excitement of discovery, creativity, and imagination.

The Hall of Fame was established in 1973 by the National Council of Intellectual Property Law Associations, and the Patent and Trademark Office.

The Index of Inventors includes such names as,

Alexander Graham Bell
Rudolf Diesel
George Eastman
Thomas Alva Edison
John Ericsson
Henry Ford
Charles Goodyear
William R. Hewlett
Guglielmo Marconi
Samuel F. B. Morse
Alfred Nobel
Elisha Graves Otis
Louis Pasteur
William Bradford Shockley
Nikola Tesla
George Westinghouse, Jr.
Orville Wright
Wilbur Wright

It also lists there inventions at



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