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The Delphion Intellectual Property Network is a company created by IBM and Internet Capital Group. It is an upgrade of the IBM Patent Server and became available for use on 1 November 1998. The Delphion World Wide Web Server lets you access over 27 years of US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) patent descriptions and over 1.4 million European Patent Office and World Intellectual Property Office patents and applications. The site also makes available the images of nearly all the US patents over the last 24 years and the images of EPO and WIPO documents. The first US entries date back to January 5, 1971. The site covers nearly four million patents and applications currently.

Additional changes allow the searching in the following fields,

US Titles & Abstracts, US Front Pages, US Front Pages & Claims, US Full Text, US Inventors and Companies, Espace-A (EA), Espace-B (EB), Japanese (PAJ), WIPO PCT Publications (WO). As well as the Patent Number, US and IPC Classes, Inventor, Assignee, Title, Abstract, Claims, or Agent. Searches can now be limited by year also.

Keyword searching
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EP1+ (images only)

US Text/Database 1/1971
US Images 1/1974
EP-A Text/Database/Images 1/1979
EP-B Text/Database/Images 1/1980
JP Text/Database/Images 8/1977
PCT Text/Database 1/1997
PCT Images 1/1990

Searching and viewing of patents on the Web site is charged. The Delphion Intellectual Property Web site currently receives 500,000 hits each day. IBM initially made the network available to the public on the Internet in January 1997, allowing patent viewing and searches free-of-charge to anyone with a desktop computer and Internet access.

Further the site provides hypertexted listing of the prior art patents and non-patent literature that are referenced by the patent in question, and also a hypertexted listing of those patents which reference the patent in question as prior art.

Delphion continues to provide further enhancements of the Delphion Intellectual Property Network. Delphion indicates that Derwent's WPI will be online at their website before July 2000.

Delphion has added Inpadoc family member data to their database. Inpadoc is one of the most comprehensive patent collections in the world. It contains patent family documents and legal status information from 65 and 22 patent offices, respectively. The Intellectual Property Network brings together both of these pieces of information into a single searchable database and makes available 30 million patent family documents and 45 million legal status actions. Family and legal status data are displayed in the patent detail view.



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