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National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) was established in November, 1988. Its mission is to develop new information technologies to aid in the understanding of fundamental molecular and genetic processes that control health and disease. Its mandate includes creating automated systems for storing and analyzing knowledge about molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics and facilitating the use of databases and software. The databases provided are,

Entrez Search System
3D structures
BLAST Sequence Similarity Searching
Cancer Genome Anatomy Project
Gene Map of the Human Genome
UniGene: Unique Gene Sequence Collection for Human and Mouse
HGSI: Human Genome Sequencing Index
Clusters of Orthologous Groups
OMIM: Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
dbEST: Database of Expressed Sequence Tags
dbGSS: Database of Genome Survey Sequences
dbSTS: Database of Sequence Tagged Sites
Electronic PCR
MMDB: Molecular Modelling Database
NCBI Taxonomy
ORF Finder
Human/Mouse Homology Maps
Malaria Genetics and Genomics



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