Patent Information : Australian National Genomic Information Service

ANGIS is a service available to subscribers that offers a comprehensive system of software, databases, documentation, training and support for biologists. Features of the ANGIS system include:

Sequence analysis
Sequence Editing and Conversion
Database Searching
Restriction Mapping
Sequence Comparison
Multiple Sequence Alignment and Analysis
Pattern Recognition
Secondary and Tertiary Structure Prediction and Display

Genome Analysis
Gene Detection
Linkage analysis

Data collection and handling
Sequencing Project Management
PCR Planning

Sequence databases- e.g. GenBank, EMBL, SWISSPROT
The Ribosomal Database
GDB and OMIM Human Genome Databases
Organism Genome Databases
Motif databases- e.g. Prosite, Transcription Factor Database
Miscellaneous biological databases- e.g. enzyme catalogue, restriction enzymes
Phylogenetic Inference



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