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Optipat is now a part of MicroPatent. They provide full text searching of US patents from US 3552244 January 1971 to the current week.

OptiSearch/Online FULL TEXT is their online service accessed via the Internet. The full text system provides the power to search over 2.3 million US patents.

OptiSearch/Online QUICK SEARCH allows fast searching by patent number, issued class, or issue date.

The database holds over two terabytes (2,000,000 megabytes) of information, which is stored on advanced magneto-optical storage devices, optical platters, and magnetic disk arrays. They provide patent images as multi-page graphic TIFF image files. The image files of patents are 300 dot per inch resolution (this is laser quality). They also supply patents in PDF format used by Acrobat Reader.

They are located in close proximity to US Patent and Trademark office in Arlington. All information, including account information, ordering information, phone conversations, facsimile messages and letters are kept in the strictest confidence.



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