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USPTO has just enhanced their on line full text patent database. They now provide retrieval of the full text of US patents from US 3930271+ January 1976 onwards. Further the USPTO now provides images of US patents from US 1+ 1790 onwards..

The database consists of the full text of US patents (including utility, design, reissue, plant and SIR patents). The database is updated every Tuesday. Full text includes all bibliographic data, such as the inventor's name, the patent's title, and the assignee's name, as well as the abstract, the full description of the invention, and the claims. All of the words (text) in the patent are searchable.

Full Text Boolean Search
Full Text Advanced Search
Full Text Number Search
Patent Images
Classification Index
US Computer-Related Invention Guidelines
USPTO country code listing
US Document Kind Codes
US Manual of Patent Examining Procedure

The search facilities allow the use of the Boolean expressions 'AND', 'OR', 'ANDNOT' and nested search terms (by using brackets). "Phrase searching" by using quotes, Date Ranging 11/13/1997->5/23/1998 and Right Truncation (ie tele$)

The USPTO does not record or log the parameters of search requests submitted. Such uncollected information has thus never been disclosed through sale or FOIA request, intentionally or otherwise, to any third parties. PTO does not have any plan to change this operational policy.

Further the site provides hypertexted listing of the prior art patents that are referenced by the patent in question, and also a hypertexted listing of those patents which reference the patent in question as prior art.

USPTO Application Searching Database
The USPTO, from 15 March 2001, provided an additional database in which one can search publish US patent applications before they are granted.

Full Text Boolean Search
Full Text Advanced Search
Full Text Number Search
Application Images

US Computer-Related Invention Guidelines

Computer-Related Invention Guidelines
Slide Presentation
Examination Worksheet and Hints
Claim Examples - Machine, Process, Manufacture, and Descriptive Material
Claim Examples - Compression and Encryption
Claim Examples - Benson, Warmerdam, Schrader
Utility Examination Guidelines

US Manual of Patent Examining Procedure
USPTO manual site,



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