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Rossco's WWW Corner. Alphabetical links to australian companies on the Internet as well as australian stock information, links to stockbrokers, stock exchanges and free information sites.
This page lists Australian Company Web addresses by ASX code. To find a company quickly use the CTRL-F Buttons or Edit-Find feature on your browser. If you spot any changes, just contact me and I will update this page. Back
AAC Australian Agricultural Company
AAI Alcoa
AAR Anglo Australian Resources NL
AAT Austron Corporation
AAU Adcorp Australia
ABC Adelaide Brighton
ABG Abigroup
ABI Ambri
ABK Asset Backed Holdings
ABS ABC Learning Centres
ACE Advanced Engine Components
ACV Aussie Cover
ACX Acma Engineering & Construction Group
ADA Adacel Technologies
ADB Adelaide Bank
ADG Adtrans Group
ADM Auridiam Consolidated NL
ADN Adelaide Resources NL
ADP AMP Diversified Property Trust
ADR Admiralty Resources
ADS Australian Development Capital Fund
ADT Advent
ADU Adamus Resources
ADV Australian Development Capital Fund
ADX Audax Resources NL
ADZ Adsteam Marine
AEC Ammtec
AEH Aerosonde Holdings
AEN Australian Energy
AES Advanced Energy Systems
AET Ausmelt
AEX Acclaim Exploration NL
AFF Australian Food & Fibre
AFI Australian Foundation Investment Company
AFL Australian Pure Fruits
AFM Afminex
AFU Australian Emerging Growth Fund
AGA Armourglass
AGG Anglogold
AGH Australian Growth Properties
AGL Australian Gas Light Company
AGM Allegiance Mining NL
AGP Anglo Pacific Group plc
AGS Alliance Energy
AGT Autogen
AGY Argosy Minerals Inc
AHA Ashanti Goldfields Company
AHD Amalgamated Holdings
AHH Agro Holdings
AHL Aboriginal Holdings
AHT Australian Heritage Group
AHX Australian Hospital Care
AIA Auckland International Airport
AIG Aircruising Australia
AIL Australian Innovation
AIP AMP Industrial Trust
AIS Automotive Industrial & Mining Supplies
AIX Australian Infrastructure Fund
AIZ Air New Zealand
AJL AJ Lucas Group
AJO Armstrong Jones Office Fund
ALK Alkane Exploration
ALL Aristocrat Leisure
ALN Alintagas
ALO Auto Group
ALR Aberdeen Leaders
ALS Alesco Corporation
ALT Analytica
ALU Altium
ALZ Australand Holdings
AMB Ambition Group
AMC Amcor
AMF Asia Multi-Foods & Oils (Australia)
AMG Alcaston Mining NL
AMH Amcil
AML Amrad Corporation
AMM Amcom Telecommunications
AMS Allied Mining & Processing
AMU Amadeus Energy
AMV Alamain Investments
ANC Angus & Coote (Holdings)
ANE Auspine
ANK Amlink Group
ANL Anaconda Nickel
ANM Australian Magnesium Corporation
ANX Anadis
ANY Australia
ANZ Australia & New Zealand Banking Group
AOE Arrow Energy
AOF AMP Office Trust
AOG Australian Oil & Gas Corporation
AOR Aurion Gold
AOV Australian Overseas Resources
APA Australian Pipeline Trust
APE AP Eagers
APG Austpac Resources NL
API Australian Pharmaceutical Industries
APL Australian Plantation Timber
APN APN News & Media
APX Apollo Group
APY Asia Pacific Specialty Chemicals
APZ Aspen Group
AQA Aquila Resources
AQL Aquacarotene
AQP Aquarius Platinum
AQT Aliquot Asset Management
ARA Ariadne Australia
ARC Amalg Resources NL
ARG Argo Investments
ARL Austrim Nylex
ARO Astro Mining NL
ARP ARB Corporation
ART AMP Shopping Centre Trust
ARX Austindo Resources Corporation NL
ASB Austal
ASK Amskan
ASL Ausdrill
ASP Aspermont
ASR Australian Rural Group
ASU Alpha Technologies
ASX Australian Stock Exchange
ATC Advantage Telecommunications
ATG Austin Group
ATH Atech Holdings
ATI Atlantic
ATL Auto Enterprises
ATM Aneka Tambang (Persero) Tbk (Pt)
ATN Ashburton Minerals NL
ATP Atlas Pacific
ATR Astron
ATT Amnet
ATX Austminex
ATY Australian Technology Securities
AUA Australian Assets Corporation
AUD Ausdoc Group
AUG Aurora Gold
AUH Australian Healthcare Technology
AUI Australian United Investment Company
AUL Australian United Gold
AUM Australian Mining Investments
AUN Austar United Communications
AUO Austral Coal
AUR Australon
AUY Auiron Energy
AVA Aviva Corporation
AVC Australian Visual Communications
AVJ AV Jennings Homes
AVL Anvil Mining NL
AVN Avon Resources
AVR Avatar Industries
AVT AVT Holdings
AWE Australian Worldwide Exploration
AXA Axa Asia Pacific Holdings
AXH Adex Holdings
AXI Axiom Properties
AXL Aucxis
AXN Axon Instruments Inc
AYO Amity Oil NL
AZL Anzoil NL
AZR Aztec Resources
BAE Barron Entertainment
BAH Bains Harding
BAM British American Tobacco Australasia
BAR Barra Resources
BBB B Digital
BBG Billabong
BCA Baycorp Advantage
BCD Beaconsfield Gold NL
BCH Barton Capital Holdings
BDG Bendigo Mining NL
BDL Brandrill
BDS Bridgestone Australia
BEN Bendigo Bank
BGD Boulder Steel
BGF Ballarat Goldfields NL
BGN BresaGen
BHL Bidvest plc
BHP BHP Billiton
BIC Biron Capital
BIL Brambles Industries
BIR Burswood
BIT Biotron
BKA Buka Minerals
BKL Blackmores
BKM Blink Models
BKR Becker Group
BKS Burdekin Pacific
BKV Big Kev's
BKW Brickworks
BLD Boral
BLN Bullion Minerals
BLO Bligh Oil & Minerals NL
BLR Black Range Minerals NL
BLV Bligh Ventures
BLZ Blaze International
BMG Battle Mountain Gold Company
BMR Balmoral Corporation
BMS Basin Minerals
BMX Bemax Resources NL
BNO Bionomics
BNW Benwood Property Trust
BOC Bougainville Copper
BOQ Bank Of Queensland
BPC Burns, Philp & Company
BPO BioProspect
BPT Beach Petroleum NL
BRC Brain Resource Company
BRE Breathe Group
BRI Breakwater Island Trust
BRL Brl Hardy
BRS Bristile
BRY BIL International
BRZ Brazin
BSC Bliss Corporation
BSG Bolnisi Gold NL
BSN Bisan
BSO Bass Strait Oil Trust
BTA Biota Holdings
BTC Biotech Capital
BTE BT Australian Equity Management
BTG BT Global Asset Management
BTM BT Resources Management
BTO BT Office Trust
BUG Buderim Ginger
BUU Bambuu
BWA Bank Of Western Australia
BWI Beston Wine Industry Trust
BWP Bunnings Warehouse Property Trust
BWT Tony Barlow Australia
BYI Beyond International
BYO Beyond Online
CAA Capral Aluminium
CAB Cabcharge Australia
CAG Cape Range Wireless
CAT Catuity Inc
CBA Commonwealth Bank Of Australia.
CBC China Convergent Corporation
CBD CBD Online
CBH Consolidated Broken Hill
CBT Canbet
CCB Coca-Cola Beverages plc
CCH Club Crocodile Holdings
CCK CCK Financial Solutions
CCL Coca-Cola Amatil
CCO CircleCom
CCP Credit Corp Group
CCV Cash Converters International
CCW Carlovers Carwash
CDK CDK Tectonics
CDL Canada Land
CDO Colorado Group
CDP Carindale Property Trust
CDR Commander Communications
CDX Cds Technologies
CED Cendant Australasia
CEN Contact Energy
CEP Centro Properties Group
CEQ Central Equity
CEW Cranswick Premium Wines
CEY Centennial Coal Company
CFA Consolidated Foods Australia
CFR Cluff Resources Pacific NL
CFT Colonial First State Property Trust Group
CGB Chrome Global
CGC Consolidated Gaming Corporation
CGO CPT Global
CHF Charter Pacific Corporation
CHG Chieron Holdings
CHH Cottee Health
CHL CCI Holdings
CHO Choiseul Investments
CHP Chapmans
CHQ Chiquita Brands South Pacific
CHR Chalmers
CHS Chaos Group
CHV Cmg Ch China Investments
CHY Carter Holt Harvey
CID Citadel Pooled Development
CIH China Construction Holdings
CIM Cim Resources
CIN Carlton Investments
CIP Colonial First State Industrial Property Trust
CIR Circadian Technologies
CIY City Pacific
CKG Central Kalgoorlie Gold Mines NL
CKR Cockatoo Ridge Wines
CKS Cordukes
CLA Clarity International
CLH Collection House
CLI Challenger International
CLK Cypress Lakes Group
CLL P Cleland Enterprises
CLO Clough
CLT Cellnet Telecommunications Group
CLV Clover Corporation
CLX CTI Logistics
CMF Colonial First State Retail Property Trust
CMK Cumnock Coal
CML Coles Myer
CMP Compumedics
CMQ Chemeq
CMR Compass Resources NL
CMS CommSecure
CMT Clements Marshall Consolidated
CMW Cromwell Corporation
CMX Climax Mining
CNA Coal & Allied Industries
CNB Canberra Investment Corporation
CND Candle Australia
CNE Canning Energy
CNF Continental Goldfields
CNM Carnegie Corporation
CNN Cardia Technologies
CNT Centamin Egypt
COA Coates Hire
COC Colonial First State Commercial Property Trust
COF Coffey International
COH Cochlear
COM ComOps
COU Count Financial
CPB Campbell Brothers
CPC Carpenter Pacific Resources NL
CPG Captech Group
CPG Captech Group
CPH CPH Investment Corp
CPN Carpathian Resources
CPU Computershare
CQT Conquest Mining NL
CRG Crane Group
CRL Comet Resources
CRM Carbon Minerals NL
CRS Croesus Mining NL
CRT Consolidated Rutile
CRU Catalyst Recruitment Systems
CSG Commsoft Group
CSI Concept Systems International
CSM Consolidated Minerals
CST Cellestis
CSX Citadel Securix
CSY CMC Power Systems
CTC CTI Communications
CTI Chariot Internet
CTL CI Technologies Group
CTO Charters Towers Gold Mines NL
CTR Centaur Mining & Exploration
CTX Caltex Australia
CTY Country Road
CUE Cue Energy Resources NL
CUL Cullen Resources NL
CUS Customers
CVC Continental Venture Capital
CVI Cityview Corporation
CVN Carnarvon Petroleum NL
CWG Central West Gold NL
CWL Commonwealth Securities & Mortgage Trust No.1
CWP Cedar Woods Properties
CXA CXA Communications
CXL Central Exchange
CXP Corporate Express Australia
CXR Coplex Resources NL
CYG Coventry Group
DAH David Garry Holdings
DAY daytraderHQ
DCL Data & Commerce
DCS DCS Technologies
DDF Deutsche Diversified Trust
DDV Diamond Ventures NL
DES Destra Corporation
DGM Deepgreen Minerals Corporation
DHB Dream Haven Bedding & Furniture
DID Didasko
DIO Dioro Exploration NL
DIT Deutsche Industrial Trust
DJS David Jones
DJW Djerriwarrh Investments
DKN Deakin Financial Services Group
DKS Danks Holdings
DLS Drillsearch Energy NL
DMX Dolomatrix International
DMY Dromana Estate
DNI Digital Now Inc
DNS Danae Resources NL
DOM Dominion Mining
DRA Dragon Mining NL
DRE Dalrymple Resources NL
DRI Deutsche Retail Infrastructure Trust
DRN Diamond Rose NL
DSF Deep Sea Fisheries
DTL Data#3
DUI Diversified United Investment
DVN Devine
DVT DVT Holdings
DWY Dwyka Diamonds
EAC East African Coffee Plantations
EBG Eumundi Brewing Group
EBT Ebet
ECL Ecat Development Capital
ECM East Coast Minerals NL
ECO E.Com Global
ECP Ecorp
ECU Eastern Corporation
EEI Earth Essence International
EEL Envirostar Energy
EFC eFinancial Capital
EGL Environmental Group
EGO Empire Oil & Gas NL
EHO Echo Technologies
EIF Eiffel Technologies
EIL Environmental Infrastructure
EKL Equitilink Elink
ELC Electrotech Investments
ELX Ellex Medical Lasers
EMB Embelton
EMI Emitch
EMM Electrometals Technologies
EMP Emperor Mines
ENE Energy Developments
ENV Envestra
EOS Electro Optic Systems Holdings
EPR Essential Petroleum Resources
EPT EpiTan
EQI Equigold NL
EQM Equatorial Mining
EQR Equinox Resources
EQS Equs
EQT Equity Trustees
ERA Energy Resources Of Australia
ERH Eromanga Hydrocarbons NL
ERS Environmental Recovery Services
ESG Eastern Star Gas
ESH e-Shares Corporation
ESI Environmental Solutions International
ESL Earth Sanctuaries
ESM Esperance Minerals NL
EST eStar Online Trading
ESV eservglobal
ESX Esec
ETR Etrade Australia
ETT Electronic Transaction Technology
ETW Evans & Tate
EVF Evergreen Forests
EVM Enviromission
EWC Energy World Corporation
EWL Entertainment World
EXS Exco Resources NL
EZE Ezenet
EZI Ezyimage
EZL Euroz
EZY Easycall Group
FAN Fantastic Holdings
FAR First Australian Resources NL
FCL Futuris Corporation
FDL Flinders Diamonds
FDR Federation Group
FEA Forest Enterprises Australia
FFI FFI Holdings
FFL Freedom Group
FGL Foster's Group
FGR Fraser Range Granite NL
FHT Fortland Hotel Property Trust
FIF Franked Income Fund
FLC Fletcher Challenge
FLE Freight Links Express Holdings (Australia)
FLK Folkestone
FLO FlowCom
FLT Flight Centre
FNC Foundation Healthcare
FOA Foodland Associated
FOR Forestech
FPF Flexi Property Fund
FPG Forest Place Group
FPS Fiducian Portfolio Services
FRI Finbar International
FRM Farm Pride Foods
FRT Farnell & Thomas
FSL Fast Scout
FTR FTR Holdings
FUN Funtastic
FWD Fleetwood Corporation
FWF First Wine Fund
FXJ John Fairfax Holdings
GAN Gandel Retail Trust
GAP Gale Pacific
GBG Gindalbie Gold NL
GBL Genesis Biomedical
GBS Global Business Solutions
GCN GoConnect
GDL Guangdong Building Industries
GDM Goldstream Mining NL
GDN Golden State Resources NL
GDP Gradipore
GED Golden Deeps
GEL Geo2
GEN Genesis Research and Development Corporation
GEP General Publishers
GFD Green's Foods
GGL Gribbles Group
GGR General Gold Resources NL
GGY Glengarry Resources NL
GHG Grand Hotel Group
GHR Geographe Resources
GIL Gregory Industries
GIP Gippsland
GIR Giralia Resources NL
GKR Gutnick Resources NL
GLP Gold Partners NL
GME GME Resources
GMF Goodman Fielder
GML Gateway Mining NL
GMS Gold Mines Of Sardinia
GNC Graincorp
GNR Greenstone Resources NL
GNS Gunns
GOD Global Doctor
GOW Gowing Bros
GPA Greyhound Pioneer Australia
GPN Greater Pacific Gold
GPO GPS Online
GPT General Property Trust
GRN Grenfell Resources NL
GRO GroPep
GRR Grange Resources
GRT Garratt's
GRV Greenvale Mining NL
GSE Goldsearch
GSF Global Seafood Australia
GSP Guinness Peat Group plc
GST General Property Trust
GTG Genetic Technologies
GTI Globe Securities
GTM Giants Reef Mining NL
GTN Gtn Resources
GTP Great Southern Plantations
GUD GUD Holdings
GUL Gullewa
GUN Gunson Resources
GVM Golden Valley Mines NL
GWT GWA International
GYM Gympie Gold
GZL Gazal Corporation
HAK Keith Harris & Company
HAM Hamilton Island
HAN Hanson
HBC Hellenic Bottling Company
HBL Heggies Bulkhaul
HBN Huntley's Business Network
HBR Harbour Capital
HCD Huadu City Developments
HCL Helm Corporation
HCN Health Communication Network
HDN Haddington International Resources
HDR Hardman Resources
HEI Heat Exchangers International
HGL Hudson Investment Group
HHL Hunter Hall International
HHM Hampton Hill Mining NL
HIC Huntley Investment Company
HIG Highlands Pacific
HIL Hills Industries
HIT Hitech Group Australia
HJB HJ&B Group
HLM Hallmark Consolidated
HLT Healthpoint Technologies
HLY Hills Motorway Group
HMC Hydromet Corporation
HML Hamill Resources
HOM Homeloans
HPX Hpal
HRD Harvestroad
HRR Heron Resources NL
HRS Hudson Resources
HRT Hartec
HRZ Horizon Energy Investment Group
HSC Hudson Securities Corporation
HSL Harris Scarfe Holdings
HSN Hansen Technologies
HSP Healthscope
HTA Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia)
HTE Hitec Energy
HTL Hudson Timber & Hardware
HTM Heritage Gold Nz
HUG Hugall & Hoile
HVN Harvey Norman Holdings
HWE Henry Walker Eltin Group
HWI Housewares International
HWL Hotham Wines
HWT Harvey World Travel
HZA Hazelton Airlines
IAG Insurance Australia Group
IAL Investment Austasia
IAS Iasbet
IBA IBA Health
IBI Infobank International
ICE ICE Corporation
ICH Infochoice
ICN Icon Energy NL
ICP International Concert Attractions
ICS Icsglobal
ICT Incitec
ICW Investment Company Of The West
IDE Ideas International
IDT Institute Of Drug Technology Australia
IEQ International Equities Corporation
IFM Infomedia
IGM Intercontinental
IGP Investor Group
IHG Intellect Holdings
IIF ING Industrial Fund
ILU Iluka Resources
IMD Imdex
IMF Insolvency Management Fund
IMM International Media Management (Holdings)
IMP Imperial One
IMW Insurance My Way
INO Innovonics
INV InvestorInfo
INX Inovax
IOC Interoil Corporation
IOF ING Office Fund
ION Iron Carbide Australia
IPG Investa Property Group
IPH Ipoh
IPW Ipworld
IRC Intermin Resources NL
IRE Iress Market Technology
IRI Integrated Research
ISE Isec
ISY IPT Systems
ITC Impress Ventures
IVN Ivanhoe Mines
IWF Integrated Workforce
IWI International Wine Investment Fund
JAM Jam Development Capital
JBM Jubilee Mines NL
JCM J B Were Capital Markets
JET Jetset Travelworld
JFC Jardine Fleming China Region
JLA Julia Corporation
JRR Julia Ross Recruitment
JRV Jervois Mining NL
JUM Jumbomall Corporation
JUP Jupiters
JWM Johnson's Well Mining NL
JYC Joyce Corporation
KAZ Kaz Group
KBO Kimberley Oil NL
KBS Kimberley Securities
KCG Kanowna Consolidated Gold Mines NL
KCN Kingsgate Consolidated NL
KGM Kidston Gold Mines
KIM Kimberley Diamond Company NL
KIT Kiwi Income Property Trust
KLA Koala Corporation Australia
KLS Kanowna Lights NL
KMN Kings Minerals NL
KOV Korvest
KRS Kresta Holdings
KRZ Kalrez Energy NL
KSC K & S Corporation
KSM Kingstream Steel
KZL Kagara Zinc
LAF Lafayette Mining NL
LAK Lake Technology
LAS Lasseters Corporation
LCE London City Equities
LCH Lifecare Health
LCL Lighting Corporation
LCO Legalco
LCP Loftus Capital Partners
LDN Linden & Conway
LDW Ludowici
LEG Legend Mining NL
LEI Leighton Holdings
LEL Lion Equities
LEV Lemvest
LGO Longreach Oil
LKE Lake Resources NL
LLC Lend Lease Corporation
LMC Lemarne Corporation
LNN Lion Nathan
LOC Local Telecom & Internet
LOK Looksmart
LON Lionore Australia (Nickel)
LRL Leyshon Resources
LSG Lion Selection Group
LVG Laverton Gold NL
LYC Lynas Corporation
MAC Macro Corporation
MAG Magellan Petroleum Australia
MAH Macmahon Holdings
MAQ Macquarie Corporate Telecommunications Holdings
MAY Mayne Group
MBF MBF Carpenters
MBG Marlborough Resources NL
MBH Musgrave Block Holdings
MBL Macquarie Bank
MBP Metabolic Pharmaceuticals
MBX mBox.Com
MCA Medica Holdings
MCC Macarthur Coal
MCH Murchison Holdings
MCL M2M Corporation
MCO Mount Conqueror Minerals NL
MCP McPherson's
MCR Mincor Resources NL
MCT Menzies Court Holdings
MDC McConnell Dowell Corporation
MDL Mineral Deposits
MDM Medical Monitors
MDR Midwest Radio
MEE Metex Resources NL
MEO Methanol Australia
MGE Magnetic Minerals
MGI Macquarie Goodman Industrial Trust
MGM Macquarie Goodman Management Trust
MGR Mirvac Group
MGU Magnum Gold NL
MGW Brian Mcguigan Wines
MGX Mount Gibson Iron
MHI Merchant House International
MIC Michelago
MIG Macquarie Infrastructure Group
MIK Mikoh Corporation
MIM MIM Holdings
MIR Mirrabooka Investments
MIW Midware
MJN Majestic Resources NL
MKP Markwell Pacific
MLB Melbourne IT
MLT Milton Corporation
MMD Micromedical Industries
MME MTM Entertainment Trust
MMN Macmin
MND Monadelphous Group
MNR Minotaur Resources
MNS Milnes Holdings
MOB Mobile Innovations
MOD Medical Corporation Australasia
MOO Monto Minerals NL
MOS Mosaic Oil NL
MPB Mackay Permanent Building Society
MPD Millepede International
MPH Magna Pacific (Holdings)
MPI Mark Sensing
MPO Molopo Australia NL
MPT Mirvac Property Trust
MRC Mineral Commodities
MRL Miller's Retail
MRM Mermaid Marine Australia
MRV Mirvac
MRX Matrix Metals
MRY Monteray Group
MSC Minerals Corporation
MSF Maryborough Sugar Factory
MSG Multispares Holdings
MSH Morning Star Holdings (Australia)
MSI Multistack International
MST Metal Storm
MTB Mount Burgess Gold Mining Company NL
MTD Metroland Australia
MTR Meditech Research
MTT Metcash Trading
MUL Multiemedia
MUR Murchison United NL
MXA Maxe-Tec Australia
MXI Maxitrans Industries
MXO Matrix Oil NL
MXS Maxis Corporation
NAB National Australia Bank
NAL Norwood Abbey
NAM Namoi Cotton Co-Operative
NAU Nautilus Australia
NBL Noni B
NCA Neighborhood Cable
NCE Norgard Clohessy Equity
NCI National Can Industries
NCM Newcrest Mining
NCP News Corporation
NDC Namakwa Diamond Company NL
NDO Nido Petroleum
NDY Normandy Mining
NEV Neverfail Springwater
NFD National Foods
NFM Normandy Nfm
NFO Network Foods
NFR Nonferral Recyclers
NHM New Holland Mining
NHR National Hire Group
NIX Nautronix
NLB Nullarbor Holdings
NNG Northern Gold NL
NOL National 1
NPH New Privateer Holdings
NPX Nuplex Industries
NRL Newland Resources
NRT Novogen
NSL NSL Health
NTC NetComm
NTG National Telecoms Group
NUF Nufarm
NVS Novus Petroleum
NWE Norwest Energy NL
NWL New Tel
NXS Nexus Energy
NYY Normandy Yandal Operations
NZO New Zealand Oil & Gas
OBJ Objectif Telecommunications
OCA Oil Company Of Australia
OCL Objective Corporation
OCO Oriel Communications
OCR Oriental Crystal (International)
ODD Oddsoft
OEC Orbital Engine Corporation
OFT Oceanfast
OGL Overseas & General
OHL Omnitech Holdings
OIL Optiscan Imaging
OKN Oakton
OLE Olea Australis
OLH Oldfields Holdings
OLP Olympus Resources
OMH OM Holdings
OMI Occupational & Medical Innovations
OMP Oamps
OPI Optima ICM
OPM Optum Group
ORG Origin Energy
ORI Orica
ORL Oroton International
ORP Oropa
OSH Oil Search
OST OneSteel
OTI Oriental Technologies Investment
OTR Otter Gold Mines
OTS Online Trading Systems
OTT Open Telecommunications
OXR Oxiana Resources NL
PAH Pahth Telecommunications
PAL Pima Mining NL
PAS Pasminco
PAY Payce Consolidated
PBB Pacifica Group
PBL Publishing & Broadcasting
PBO PanBio
PBT Prana Biotechnology
PBV Pipers Brook Vineyard
PCE Pinnacle Vrb
PCL Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL
PCO Pracom
PDG Placer Dome Inc
PDN Paladin Resources
PDP Pacific Dunlop
PDR Port Douglas Reef Resorts
PEA Pacific Energy
PEM Perilya
PEP Peplin Biotech
PFM Pacific Mining
PFP WC Penfold
PGL Progen Industries
PHA Public Holdings (Australia)
PHI Phileo Australia
PHO Phoneware
PHR P & H Rural
PHY Pacific Hydro
PIA Prudential Investment Company Of Australia
PIE Pienetworks
PIL Pilbara Mines NL
PKT Pocketmail Group
PLA Platinum Australia
PLF Prime Life Corporation
PLL Poltech International
PLN Planar Semiconductor
PLR Pearl River Tyre (Holdings)
PLT Polartechnics
PLW Peter Lehmann Wines
PLX Plexus International
PMC Platinum Capital
PMD POS Media Online
PME Pro Medicus
PMH Pacific Magnesium Corporation
PMM Portman Mining
PMO Philip Morris Companies Inc
PMT Permanent Trustee Company
PMV Premier Investments
PMX Palamedia
PNA Pan Australian Resources NL
PNH Pineapplehead
PNO Pharmanet Online
POT Technologies
PPH Pan Pharmaceuticals
PPK Plaspak Group
PPP Pan Pacific Petroleum NL
PPR Penfold Buscombe
PPT Perpetual Trustees Australia
PPX Paperlinx
PRE Pacrim Energy
PRK Patrick Corporation
PRM Plenty River Corporation
PRN Pelsart Resources NL
PRO Prophecy International Holdings
PRR Prima Biomed
PRT Prime Television
PRX Prime Retail Group
PRY Primary Health Care
PSA Petsec Energy
PSG Palm Springs
PSI Pacific Strategic Investments
PSN Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company
PSR Preston Resources
PSV Perseverance Corporation
PSX Psiron
PTD Peptech
PTS Platsearch NL
PTX Pacific Matrix
PUL Pulsat Communications
PVL Provalis plc
PWR Powerlan
PWT Powertel
PXI Prospex Interactive
QAD Quadrant Iridium
QAN Qantas Airways
QBE Qbe Insurance Group
QCH Queensland Cotton Holdings
QED Qed Corporation
QGC Queensland Gas Company
QIL Quoin (Int)
QML Qmastor
QMM Q Multimedium
QOP Queensland Opals NL
QST Quest Investments
QTI Queensland Tourism Industries
QTK Quiktrak Networks
QTL Quadtel
QUE Queste Communications
QUR Quantum Resources
RAC Reinsurance Australia Corporation
RAL Recruiters Australia
RBK Red Back Mining NL
RBL Rib Loc Group
RBS Roberts
RBT Rambora Technologies
RCDCA Record Investments
RCR RCR Tomlinson
RCT Reef Casino Trust
RDF Redflex Holdings
REA Realestate.Com.Au
REB Rebel Sport
REC Recruitment Solutions
REG RG Capital Radio
REH Reece Australia
REL Renewable Energy Corporation
RGL Revesco Group
RGS Ranger Minerals
RHC Ramsay Health Care
RHL Ruralco Holdings
RIC Ridley Corporation
RIL Renewable Investments
RIM Rimfire Pacific Mining NL
RIO Rio Tinto
RKN Reckon
RLD Relode
RMD Resmed Inc
RML Rusina Mining
RMW RM Williams Holdings
RND Rand Mining NL
ROC Roc Oil Company
ROK Rock Building Society
RPG Raptis Group
RPM Roma Petroleum NL
RPT Redport
RRS Range Resources
RSG Resolute
RTM Reefton Mining NL
RTS Retail Technology & Services
RUP Rural Press
SAP Sabina Corporation
SAQ Sydney Aquarium
SAR Saracen Mineral Holdings
SAX Stadium Australia Group
SBC Southern Cross Broadcasting (Australia)
SBE Sabre Group
SBM St Barbara Mines
SBP Solbec Pharmaceuticals
SBR Sabre Resources
SCD Scantech
SCE Sun Consolidated Enterprises
SCN Star Mining Corporation NL
SCP Spicers Paper
SCX Southern Cross Exploration NL
SDG Sunland Group
SDI Southern Dental Industries
SDR Sundowner Group
SDS SDS Corporation
SED Sedimentary Holdings NL
SEE Sun Capital Group
SEN Senetas Corporation
SEQ Southern Equity Holdings
SES Solar Energy Systems
SEV Seven Network
SFC Schaffer Corporation
SFD Sanford
SFG St Francis Group
SFL Snack Foods
SFO Seafood Online.Com
SGB St George Bank
SGC Sydney Gas Company NL
SGF Spencer Gulf Telecasters
SGN STW Communications Group
SGO SME Growth
SGP Stockland Trust Group
SGS Stargames
SGV Simon Gilbert Wines
SGW Sons Of Gwalia
SHL Sonic Healthcare
SHM Sapphire Mines
SHR John Shearer Holdings
SHV Select Harvests
SIG Sigma Company
SIU Sirius Telecommunications
SKC Sky City Entertainment Group
SKD Stockford
SKE Skilled Engineering
SKG SkyNetGlobal
SKN Skansen Holdings
SKR Striker Resources NL
SKS Stokes (Australasia)
SKY Skydome Holdings
SLN Selwyn Mines
SLT Select-Tel
SLV Sylvania Resources
SLX Silex Systems
SMA Smartrans Holdings
SMC Strategic Minerals Corporation NL
SML Synergy Metals
SMM Summit Resources NL
SMS Simsmetal
SMX SMS Management & Technology
SMY Sally Malay Mining
SNC Sonacom
SNF So Natural Foods Australia
SNO Snowball Group
SNT Sky Network Television
SNX Securenet
SOA Solace
SOF Software Communication Group
SOH Solution 6 Holdings
SOL Washington H Soul Pattinson & Company
SOT SP Telecommunications
SOU Southpointe
SOX Scanbox Asia Pacific
SPD Strategic Pooled Development
SPH Sphere Investments
SPK Spike Networks
SPL Starpharma Pooled Development
SPP Southern Pacific Petroleum NL
SPT Spotless Group
SPX Spinifex Gold
SRA Strathfield Group
SRI Sipa Resources International NL
SRL Straits Resources
SRO Sirocco Resources NL
SRP Southcorp
SRT Startrack Communications
SRX Sirtex Medical
SSE Scientific Services
SSH SSH Medical
SSI Sino Securities International
SSL Sietel
SSN Samson Exploration NL
SSR Southern Star Group
SST Steamships Trading Company
SSX Smorgon Steel Group
STE Stratatel
STH Strarch International
STN Southern Titanium
STO Santos
STP Stericorp
STS Structural Systems
STT Strata Mining Corporation
STU Stuart Petroleum NL
STV Sunraysia Television
SUA Suan Australia
SUB Sunbase China
SUN Suncorp-Metway
SUP Supersorb Environmental NL
SUR Sun Resources NL
SVP Servicepoint
SVS Sunvest Corporation
SWD Sea World Property Trust
SWG Swish Group
SWS Simeon Wines
SWT Swiftel
SYL Sylvastate
SYM Symex Holdings
SYN St Synergy
TAB Sportsbet
TAG Tag Pacific
TAH Tabcorp Holdings
TAI Taipan Resources NL
TAM Tanami Gold NL
TAN Tandou
TAP Tap Oil NL
TAW Tawana Resources NL
TAW Tawana Resources NL
TCL Transurban Group
TCO Transmetro Corporation
TEH Techniche
TEL Telecom Corporation Of New Zealand
TEM Tempo Services
TEN Ten Network Holdings
TER Terrain Australia
TGL Trans-Global Interactive
TGS Tiger Resources
THG Thakral Holdings Group
THL Tradehouse International
TIF Technology Investment Fund
TIM Timbercorp
TIR Titan Resources NL
TKG Takoradi Gold NL
TKR Triako Resources
TLE Tele2000
TLO Telco Australia
TMO Tomato Technologies
TMS Television & Media Services
TMT Tyndall Meridian Trust
TNE Technology One
TNL Tolhurst Noall Group
TNY Tennyson Networks
TOL Toll Holdings
TOR Ticor
TOX Tox Free Solutions
TPX Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees
TQL Tab Queensland
TRU Trust Company of Australia
TRY Troy Resources NL
TSE Transfield
TSG Total Sport & Entertainment Group
TSR Techstar
TSS Tassal
TST Trysoft Corporation
TTH Tooth & Company
TTL Thin Technologies
TTR Tectonic Resources NL
TVL Travel.Com.Au
TVS Travelshop
TWD Tamawood
TWR Tower
TXT Text Media Group
UCL Union Capital
UEC Uecomm
UEL United Energy
UGL United Group
UOS United Overseas Australia
USC Utility Services Corporation
USH US Masters Holdings
VCM VeCommerce
VEL Vealls
VGL Volante Group
VHL Virax Holdings
VIA Viagold Capital
VIT Vital Capital
VKI Viking Industries
VLS Vita Life Sciences
VNA Voicenet (Aust)
VOS VOS Industries
VOY Voyager Energy
VPE Victoria Petroleum NL
VRE View Resources
VRI VRI Biomedical
VRL Village Roadshow
VSL Vision Systems
VTI Virotec International
VWD Villa World
VXS Voxson
WAL Wavenet International
WAM Wam Capital
WAN West Australian Newspapers Holdings
WAT Waterco
WAV Waivcom Worldwide
WBA Webster
WBB Wide Bay Capricorn Building Society
WBC Westpac Banking Corporation
WDP Wadepack
WEA Westfield America Inc
WEB Webjet
WEG George Weston Foods
WER Werrie Gold
WES Wesfarmers
WFA Westfield America Trust
WFL Willmott Forests
WFT Westfield Trust
WGR Westgold Resources NL
WHF Whitefield
WHL Willhart
WHS Warehouse Group
WIF Wine Investment Fund
WIT Wilson Investments Taurine Fund
WJM Joe White Maltings
WME West Australian Metals
WMG Westmag
WMM West Musgrave Mining
WMT Western Metals
WON West Oil NL
WOW Woolworths
WPL Woodside Petroleum
WPO Winepros
WRF WRF Securities
WSA Western Areas
WSF Westfield Holdings
WSG Westel Group
WSS Working Systems Solutions
WSX Worldschool
WSY Webspy
WTE Wedgetail Exploration NL
WTH Wellworth China Investments
WTP Watpac
WWA Wridgways Australia
WWH Water Wheel Holdings
WYL Wattyl
XEL Xcell Diagnostics
XEN Xenolith Gold
YAM Yamarna Goldfields
YTS Arthur Yates & Company
ZAL Zicom Australia
ZEL Zeolite Australia
ZIM Zimbabwe Platinum Mines
ZYL Zylotech
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