Joke : The Dancing Duck

A guy was visiting his country local pub and he was the only person there, so he started chatting to the landlord about the lack of trade. He said to the barman that for $50 he would fill up his bar with customers and the landlord agreed. The guy went away and came back 30 minutes later with a dancing duck. The duck was on top of a round flat biscuit tin and his little feet were tapping away constantly. Sure enough, all the word spread around the village and by Saturday evening the bar was totally filled. It seemed that everyone wanted to see this dancing duck.

On the Sunday the guy went back to the bar and asked for his money and was duly paid as per the agreement. But the landlord said: "Wonderful trade, bar was packed full over the whole weekend, but just one thing! How the hell do you stop him dancing? He was clattering on his biscuit tin all night long and I never got a wink of sleep!". The guy told him to take the lid off the tin and blow out the candle.



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