Joke : Wabbit Season

A rabbit walks into the butchers and asks "Do you have any lettuce?"

The butcher says "No I'm sorry this is a butchers not a greengrocers, try next door!"

The rabbit turns around dejected and walks out.

The next day the rabbit returns and asks "Got any lettuce?"

Butcher: "Look I told you yesterday we don't sell lettuce, but I can do you a nice leg of lamb."

Again the rabbit looks sad, his ears flop and he hops slowly out of the shop.

The next day he tries his luck again "Got any lettuce?"

And the butcher replies "Look you little shit, I've told you before, we don't sell lettuce, and if you come in here again I'm gonna nail your ears to the floor."

Dejected and hungry the rabbit hops out of the shop feeling very sorry for himself.

The next day the rabbit bounds into the shop and asks the butcher, "Got any nails?"

And the butcher replies, "No."

"Got any lettuce?"



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