Joke : Jazz Chord

An out of work musician decided to try his luck playing the piano in a Karaoke bar entertaining big spending Japanese businessmen. He asked for a request confident he play just about anything they asked for.

A very quiet voice whispered from the audience. "Please Sir, could you play some jazz chord"?

The musician thought to himself for a minute knowing that he was such a good jazz musician he'd have no problems playing any jazz at all, let alone a few simple chords.

So he started off with his best rendition of Louis Armstrong.

However the audience started muttering amongst themselves obviously not too happy with the entertainment.

A few more voices now cried out in unison. "Jazz chord. Jazz chord!"

The musician, by now more than a little puzzled, switched to a little Benny Goodman playing the chords extra loud. Still the audience was unhappy.

By now the entire front row was yelling "Jazz chord. Jazz chord!".

"What's wrong with these guys ?" the now very worried musician started thinking.

"I know. I'll give them some Bix Beiderbecke - they're sure to love that" But to no avail.

The entire audience was now screaming out at the top of their voice "Jazz chord !. Jazz chord"!

"OK that's it" he said angrily to one of the noisiest complainants.

"If you can play any better do it yourself".

So this dark suited Japanese businessman strides purposefully up onto the stage and hits the keyboard ...

"I jazz chord to say I ruv you. I jazz chord to say how much I care ..."



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