Joke : Little Johnny At The Circus

A Little Johnny and his parents are at the circus. The elephant show starts and Little Johnny points to one of the elephants and asks his mother "Mommy, what's that?"

To which his mother replies. "That's an elephant, dear."

Little Johnny says "I know that. I mean that."

And the mother says "That's his trunk, dear."

And Little Johnny again says "I know that, I mean that.", pointing between the elephant's legs.

The mother looks again to where he is pointing and says "That's its tail, dear."

But Little Johnny is not happy with that answer either. He points again and says "No Mommy, that."

The mother looks again and understands. "Oh that, that's nothing."

The father leans back in his seat and sighs a bit and says, "Don't worry son, your mother is just spoilt."



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